It is only when…….

May 15, 2012

It is only when we can step out of the hard protective shell of our ego and pride, can we begin to see the endless fields of possibilities before us – as when we are still trapped in our delusions of granduer along with how others may regard us – then it is very difficult for us to experiment in life. When this happens, the educated will only aspire to be salaried men; they will never see the wisdom of branching out – and as time goes by, our ego and pride will shape so much of our being that it’s impossible to do anything other than what we have always done to get by in life.

When we can step out and see the world without ego and pride, then actions will acquire speed and thoughts precision – meaningful things will be meaningful, useless things will be useless – along with knowing how much of ourselves, we should invest in the meaningful and why it is so important to discard the useless – as useless things that can only fill our minds with nonsense. And no good has ever come from pursuing nonsense – when we see the world clearly and understand where we stand in it and why we are even standing – then it wouldn’t matter what our family, friends, colleagues and neighbors may even think of us when we decide to do something that they consider “beneath” us, be it turning the life as a hawker or farmer.

As it is ONLY when a man is free from the affectations of this world, only then can he begin to live an organically balanced life – such a life is centered on REAL beliefs, not the mumbo jumbo of turning water into wine or walking on water. It is only when a man has centered his life around REAL beliefs can he begin to harvest the goodness of what life has to offer.

Darkness 2012

“When nobody wants to be a hawker, you should be a hawker. As you are really buying into a very good thing when it’s dead cheap. When hawkers start buying ferraris and crashing them all over the place in Singapore, then I don’t think it’s possible to be a hawker any more, as by then the cost of buying in to be a hawker would be impossibly high. But if supposing you decide to be a hawker. You must be your own man – and here clarification is required, because many people these days like to call themselves their own man, when infact, they are no better than remote control toys. Being your own man means if people don’t respect you just because you happen to be a hawker, that really just bounces off you like a shell striking a tiger tank – it has no effect; no impact; it is like mosquito bite. That is because you know who you are and most importantly everyone in your family knows why you are doing the things you do. That if you must know is the only thing that matters, the rest you can throw into the dustbin. So don’t sweat the small stuff.

It is the same if you wish to be a farmer – there is land all over the world – most of it is taken up, but there is still free land in places where people like to carry guns and from time to time shoot at you – but if you are the sort who likes to live dangerously, then you can be farmer in any part of the world. Sure many people will say it is dangerous. As there are alot of dangerous people in those countries that offer free land to anyone who wants to be a farmer. If it is not risky, it would be worth USD$50,000 per hectare. But remember what I mentioned earlier abt going into something when it’s at rock bottom prices that no one even one’s to touch it with a barge pole. In these countries there are also no laws – so a man has to be very clear abt what he’s going into. You may end up dead or worse still decapitated and your execution broadcasted in YouTube. But at least you have a chance to make it big. Not a very secure proposition some many say. But I am one of those who believe firmly that security is relative. After all even brigands do their risk assessment – they aren’t bloody fools who will rush to eat a boney fish even if the flesh taste great. They might say, this will be hard to swallow, things can get very complicated, I may end up in the morgue – so as you can see it is not as bad as it seems, there is always an opportunity to make peace and live and let live. Besides why should dying be an issue, you can also die very easily in Singapore as well when a Ferarri ploughs into you or when a diplomat can’t get it up and decides to run down a few innocent people just to prove that he is a real man – so you can really die anywhere. But I think the risk is acceptable, as usually conflict and risk can both be managed.

But the most important thing when you decide to commit your mind, body and spirit to these things is to know why you are doing it – this is the secret recipe for having the right attitude and stamina to see a thing from beginning to end – it is to know what it means to “lor tak hei, fong tak lok” – to pick up a thing and set it down.”

Extracted from The Way of the Farmer – proudly brought to you by the Brotherhood Press 2012

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