worthless from worthwhile

May 22, 2012

If we observe the world carefully, we will notice much suffering. And suffering leads to anger. Anger to frustration. And frustration leads to pain. And pain to self destruction. It is natural for us all to seek an end to these distressing thoughts that continually bug us – so naturally we seek for refuge just as a traveller caught in a storm seeks shelter. Some seek in mumbo jumbo, turning water to wine, walking on water, rising from the dead – hey, if it works for you, go ahead. Only remember this when push comes to shove and you find yourself going crazy and suffering from X files type ailments – your job, your perpetual worry abt the rising cost of living, your crummy boss, the kids or the in laws – if you put your faith in the FAKE instead of the REAL, the worthless instead of the WORTHWHILE, then you are going to be let down big time. As ONLY real things can really save you and put you on the right track of living an organically balanced life. And the first rule in this path is that you will continuously say NO! to the worthless and only YES to that which is truly worthy.

To invest in the worthwhile and to do it as often as you can. Can only mean you’re cutting all the right moves. You are prudent with money not because you are stingy, but you know the real value of a thing – give you a choice between eua de cologne or perfume, you will go for the latter even if it cost 10 times – that is because you know what is worthwhile and what deserves to be thrown out. The reason why we are even having this conversation in the first place is because when you look all around you NOT many people seem to know the difference between real and fake, worthless and worthwhile. And politicians and big corporations know this only too well. They all like to dangle treats in a way a man holds out dog biscuits to a slobbering terrier. Unfortunately most people go for it; they get sucked into the worthless when the fail to make good decisions like holding back on second best in the hope of getting the best. Most of the time politicians and marketeers win – if you don’t believe me, just look around your room and ask yourself how the hell did you end up with so many things that you didn’t need in the first place? My point is simply this: it is only when we can really distinguish between the worthless from the worthwhile can be begin to know what real QUALITY means. Quality time, quality of life, quality job, quality marriage, quality golden years, quality friends, quality significant moments in your life and above all quality in enjoying an organically driven life that always fills you to the brim with energy.

It is only when we begin to cultivate this habit of winnowing things that are of value and useless, worthy and worthwhile on a daily basis with people we come across, article we read in the newspapers or watch on TV- through time as you practice this like breathing it will become second nature to you. You might even begin to see is slight in your demeanor; it seems as if, you are much more streetwise. Suddenly thoughts acquire speed and precision – you can even do things that you couldn’t before like hold back on something good and wait for the better one to come your way. You know the better one was meant for you, the very moment, you said no to only something good. The reason why your powers of perception has improved is no accident either. As since you have trained your mind to see the worthless from the worthy. And this you do diligently – then you have acquired PERFECT UNDERSTANDING – and that is just another way of saying: You see all things as they really ARE, rather than what appear to be.

Darkness 2012

Apprentice: Master,who is my greatest enemy?

Master: Yourself.

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