How Pettiness makes you stupid.

May 23, 2012

When we are unhurried and the direct opposite of faster, fasterer and fasterest only then can we allow wisdom to step before a clear and calm mind – only then can we make out the ant hill from the Everest; never ever confuse the two. One is the insignificant. The other is the real thing. Be mindful of others and yourself whenever you find yourself slipping unconsciously into a petty state of mind. Usually it comes when you start fashioning a mountain out of an anthill. But so what, if you really win the argument or get your way. As even if you declared an anthill a Republic and stuck a flag on it – it is still an ant hill and very low and humble when compared to a real mountain. That is the reason why whenever you see petty people playing their games of intrigue; all they really doing is demonstrating their unworthiness and relentless belief that evil always pay out’s better than good thoughts, deeds and actions – these petty people will try their best to sell you their version of the worthy, when they know full well, all they are really doing is playing with your sense and sensibilities – but a man who is unhurried and the direct opposite of faster, fasterer and fasterest will never even have time to hear out petty people who are trying to sell an anthill for a molehill.

Darkness 2012


“Having a sense of scale is very important. If you can put a problem in a context, but you lack the scale. That is no good. Scale is very important otherwise you will end up doing very stupid things like trying to kill roaches with atomic bombs – keeping things in scale is really just another way of saying: one should always strive for balance in all things in life. But beware of petty people. Some times it is easy to make out petty people in your office, void deck, hawker center or even circle of friends – at other times it is not so easy to make out petty people; as these people aren’t petty, at all. They are just very cunning. What they are trying to do is appeal to our pettiness. Our petty fears and dreams. And all of us are petty in our own way very much in the way Tolstoy began his epic paramour Anna Karenina by describing how: Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way. That famous cryptic line is just a very long winded way of saying, if you do all the right things then you will be happy; if you get it dead wrong on the key things in life, then you will end up bald, fat and probably someone no one wants to fuck – in other words. You are screwed beyond all hope of economic repair. That’s why you should avoid petty people at all cost. As they can only rob you of wisdom by trying to seduce you into get rich schemes and try to sell you the idea, you should trade in the short term instead of waiting out the long term. Petty people can’t be farmers – because when they see a mosquito infested swamp that maybe the Ugandan Govt decided to give away for the cost of a pair of slippers for one hectare – they never figured out that men could drain that swamp. Neither would they ever imagine, men would even supervised the work day and night. Often at great risk to themselves as there are always warring factions shooting at each other wherever any government want’s to give away land for the price of one slipper per hectare. But these men pressed on often enduring great hardship of perpetual dysentery, relentless rains, crushing loneliness and now they all have a spanking plantation. If you take a petty man to your plantation he is will just tell you this is a very beautiful estate. You must be a very rich man. Take a wise man to your estate and he will make out with his eye the lines on your land, he will seek out the ravine that used to be there, the boulder spot where a wall of granite once stood and much more only to probably say, “You are indeed a serious man, you are this plantation.” My point is to do big things; one needs to think big. And that is the opposite of petty. As when we are petty, we will work ourselves up over the small stuff – and every time we do this, we diffuse our precious life force. Over what? The small stuff. But if we are in the moment of the big; even if we are poor, unemployed or feel that we have sold ourselves short in the game of life. We can still race ahead, as to think big, is just another way of saying, if you want to get ahead in life, then don’t be petty or be taken in by the petty games people play. And once you can walk that fine balance – it can only be a self fulling prophecy for some many of our Brothers who once set foot on a continent called Africa – all these men really had in their hearts was a world. Not even a real world. A world that’s large enough by present day technology accounts to fit into a drawer. And in this game where good and evil was waged – these men had no choice but to think big – so they had to rid themselves of pettiness to play the game well – if the cost of prosecuting a war proved protracted and threatened to bankrupt the exchequer; these men had to parlay for possibilities, through threats, intimidation and what I can only describe as the Medici dynasty motto: power to protect money; money to protect power. This was how our game was played. One had enemies standing outside our gates and in every darkened corridor of sanctuary – to thrive a man had to think at two levels – strategic and tactical. But most importantly, he cannot succumb to the petty – if you are petty, you will never even make it to level 1 of this game. Some people have been stuck there for over 10 years! 

Now do you see how life at times does seem to be able to do a pretty decent job of mirroring art. I admit it, it doesn’t do a good job all the time. But in the case of those 4 guildsmen who headed off to Africa to find their fortune – you could say the illusion has become real. 

Tell me could it be Gentlemen, Kafka’s doll is really married to that ridiculous Prince from Translavania? 

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