Making Peace with the things that cause you Grief

May 23, 2012

Life is really too short to wake up in the morning with thoughts that do very little except hold you back. So cherish the people who treat you right, think about them often and make sure the relationship is always nourished to grow that special something. Never take for granted, not for even God. He can stand in line – as for those who you rather forget, consign them to the dustbin of life, forget them in the way you set fire to something that you want to obliterate from the face of this planet – it is very easy and extremely liberating. I once stepped right out of a church about 8 years ago. Never ever looked back and since then my life has improved by leaps and bounds – as I no longer put my faith in mumbo jumbo or have to deal with people that I would rather prefer to give a solid kick to the stomach. Instead I put all my energy these days into real things that hold out the promise of real value and if everything goes according to plan, they will keep me in good shape somewhere down the uncertain road of the future. Never try to live your life to please others, if you do that, it’s lose / lose either way, either you lose big or small that’s really all there is to life – forgive those who don’t believe in you; understand them for who they really are; as usually they can’t even believe in themselves without relying on massive doses of the narcotic of mumbo jumbo just to get through a day, so why even bother working your ass off to get their approval – what they think about you alters absolutely nothing in your life. But what your wife and kids think about you matters today and probably forever. Above all remember that for everything that once went wrong in your life, it happened for a reason. It didn’t just happen – and whenever things don’t go your way. Maybe it’s like a man trying to pour water into a bucket with a hole – many will say what is the bloody point? But I say, at least the effort you put it to keep your spirits up and to push on endures – that effort doesn’t just go into the drawer like a hammer once grief has left you standing there all alone as you look at it’s departing wake – that thing is you and you are part of that thing – and it’s called character. Trust me,  if you are going through financial, health or even challenges in your relationship, you are probably going to look back at all these bad things that has passed your way – and you probably be very grateful. I don’t just mean grateful, but really really grateful that these things have happened to you – as you probably wouldn’t be where you are today or even one tenth of the person you are today, if not for them.

So thanks for nothing Jesus & Co. life has never been better, infact it’s great. Mother nature sends her regards to you.

Darkness 2012

“Sometimes no matter what you do, some trees just don’t seem to want to produce. When that happens, it best to go right down to that sector and take a real close look at the trees instead of trying to find the solution by looking for patterns in the weather report, soil analysis and historical yield – try if you can to even spend some time in the field, camp in that troubled sector for a few days, live off the land and just take in the whole scenery of the area. As you do this, you will begin to notice very small things; the ants, bees and worms all have something important to tell you, if only you are prepared to listen. I think it is the same with people, trees and even animals whenever we met someone who rubs us the wrong way. It’s normal for us to turn away or avoid that person – in other words it’s a defense mechanism on our part – we don’t know how to deal with it, so we rather avoid it – that’s perfectly natural. But if you just take the trouble to be there with the thing or person that is causing you grief, you will find that they will begin to open up slowly and that is really the time to listen – and even when you do this to someone who is hurt like a wounded animal it can be tremendously edifying, as it can often change their lives dramatically for the better. This is what I have learnt as a farmer – when something gives you trouble, take the time to understand it, be patient and observant, try to see what others just glimpse at, look with a perceptive eye and be attentive, it’s really only a matter of time before the solution will reveal itself – and when it does, you will probably smack your head and wonder why you didn’t pick it up earlier – that’s because you are so focused on the doing, that you have forgotten to slow down and still your mind.”

This has been extracted from the popular series the way of the farmer – proudly brought to you by the Brotherhood Press 2012.

“Guildsmen who have worked as planters in Africa are a very different breed of men from all of us who run plantations in Malaysia, Indonesia and Burma – just two weeks ago, a flash flood hit us smack like a tsunami of water in the middle of jungle – 2 completely submerged two four wheel drives – at that time, we had two of them here on a plantation visit. They knew exactly what to do. We don’t know Gentlemen, remember, we were all squatting down and sucking our thumbs. They organized the men, barked orders and winched the stricken four wheelers up. We don’t even know how to operate those sort of equipment. The two of those fucking guildsmen worked throughout the night. We walking around like zombies. Two of them stripped those four wheelers right down to the chassis, rewired the electronics established com with Primus. We didn’t even know how to make ourselves useful. We just watched. Then two of those fucking Guildsmen put everything back like a Lego set and all this was done within 24 hours. In the morning I was able to step into a brand new spanking car and drive away like any other day – this may seem nothing to you, if you are Singapore. But over here. I think we think we might have grown flabby and somewhat complacent with good living. Here if we lose a car. We can just pick up the phone and get someone to sweat it out for us to put it all right. But lose your wheels in the middle of the Congo, don’t know how to duck bullets and even give a bit bit of lead back and I can guarantee you, you are toasted. The fact that these Guildsmen can do this with such remarkable ease tells me there is much to be learnt from hardship and strive. Gentlemen, we must play this game cunningly, if we are to win the race. There remains no doubt in my mind within this year alone. The Guilds will supersede us to the point of rendering us irrelevant. The Guilds are so advanced in the game. They no longer share their designs with us, preferring to parlay with the other houses directly – in time the balance of power will shift. Moral rectitude unfortunately is not a forte of the mercantile class in our game – they will back the fastest house in the stable. They don’t give a shit about what we used to be. And what we were before we all became soft? We were not like that in the very beginning. I still remember the early days when we were always wet because the camp was leaking. Do you remember how we even had to ration our batteries? Then we had to all learn to something none of us had ever done before – grow trees. But this regularity in being able to see our plans pass from the realm of theory to reality breeds complacency. For the Guildsmen they did not have it that easy . Frequently they were forced to improvise, adapt and overcome with cunningness – it is conceivable they may even have organized themselves to do the things we are supposed to do. We know for a fact, they are going into mining. In a small way – they seem to going deeper into the Niger right down to Togo – to places where you can still get a hectare for a price of a Braun electric toothbrush. They are prepared to take the risk. We however have already to much to risk it all. I think Gentlemen the game is truly over. We should at least have the grace to take our hats off to the best man. They after all are winning the race and will probably cream us at it – so I suggest we engineer an face saving exit. Alternatively, we can do what they do. You see I have been thinking, the most fertile plains up the Irriwady is Shan state. Now that Burma is trying to plan Parliament and rule of law – how long do you think Opium production is going to go on – now tea is not sustainable. But there are a multitude of other crops that can grow in that region – maybe not oil palm, but commercial teak and perfumed wood – so who ever goes there right now and strike a deal with these warlords can maybe also get a hectare of land for a pair of slippers – now if you are going to wait till, the big boys see this opportunity, then it’s going to be USD$50,000 per hectare plus GST. Because by then Burma would probably be like Vietnam or at least Cambodia. Now it’s a pariah state. A country that is no different from what China used to be when every Chinese just wore dark grey curtains and commuted to work in bicycles. But look at them now. So the question there is who is going to volunteer to sail up the Iriwaddy, ride an elephant and sell the idea of growing exotic slimming tea in the Shan state?”Tzestrive.”

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