Learn from the Elephant – never forget

May 25, 2012

There are many people out there in this world who like to capitalize on our collective ability to FORGET. Forgetting is a natural process of living; you could even say, as human beings we are all hardwired to forget unpleasant episodes throughout our lives – it’s nature’s way of keeping us sane. But sometimes when we are not MINDFUL of what others say or do; then it is very difficult for us to hold them to account. Neither can we hold them to fulfill the promises they have made. I remember many years ago when Mini Lee said that he was going to increase GST to help the poor – till today, nothing has really been done for them. As for the monies raised by the GST increment, that also has gone into a black hole (if I am wrong, please correct me). Then very recently we had eight ball, that millionaire comedian who proclaimed that inflation is not going to affect the “average” Singaporean. After he was given the rotten tomatoes treatment by the netizens, this was changed to politically correct, “only the minority will be affected.” Well, maybe eight ball and his spin doctor’s should check this out: http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052702304707604577421520969453072.html

Who is telling the truth? I have absolutely no idea. But the entire suggestion that stratospheric prices for cars and real estate is NOT going to impact the ordinary Joe in Singapore is hard to swallow even under the most forgiving standards – for one products don’t just walk from the warehouse to the supermarket shelf – someone needs to drive it from A to B. As for real estate hikes, it’s simple, if rental is going up, then the cost of living and even doing business is going to shot right through the roof – so to suggest for one moment, these things will not translate into higher inflation and affect ordinary Singaporeans and residents is simply criminally disengineous (if he wants to sue, please drop a line in my comment box, we will take it from there. I stand by what I say)

Now that the battle for Hougang is set to unfold – some politicians are hopping that people will be forgetful again – hence, it’s best for people to be mindful of the Tao of the elephant – never ever forget unless you want to be taken for a ride again.

Darkness 2012


“I am a very simple man. I do not believe in the idea of grace. I happen to believe it is a stupid idea that is based on mumbo jumbo. If you slap me for no apparent reason, then I will probably give karate chop followed by a Kung Fu Panda kick. If it escalates then, it escalates. If you run my name through mud just for the fun of it, then I will probably hunt you down, it may even take 10 to 20 years, but trust me, I am by nature a very persistent, meticolous and determined man so one day I will probably get you in my sights and we will just take it from there. Please understand this is NEVER personal. It’s strictly business. You need to understand, the accounts need to be squared. Beside I hate messy accounts – I like to see the in’s and out’s clearly lined up like a row of picket fences. You could say this is the way I was brought up – that is why whenever politicians or used car salesmen promise me something; usually I will try to make good their promises. If most people want to be graceful and forget abt it, that is really their prerogative, but it is very unlikely I will ever forget about it – I have a memory like an elephant and some people have even described me as a sticky sort of character, but I believe in the long run – this is really the sort of attitude that one needs to develop, if one is really serious about the whole business of getting ahead in life. I remember one time in my neighborhood when I was growing up. I had a Raleigh chopper bicycle which I bought with my own money washing cars – I was very proud of this bicycle. One day some pocket battleship gangster came along and said that I should give it to him as a tribute – I said, “no.” So one night, they poured petrol over me and threatened to set me on fire. So I had to give him the bicycle. 18 years latter, fate and destiny crossed and this same man was sitting right before for a technicians job in a factory – he didn’t recognize me, I was a manager. You got to understand everyone in my neighborhood either ended up taking drugs or became a gangster,  but I knew who he was, so I hired him. It was sad that he did not last very long in the job, one day he went in to clean a steel drum the size of bus, the machine suddenly kicked to life as it wasn’t properly isolated. Maybe he didn’t know the procedure  – maybe someone got careless – I really don’t know – we all had to put his remains in a plastic bag. I felt sad for this man, sad because he had come all this way to Singapore to work and probably put food on the table for his family – but then again accidents happen all the time – yes, it is unfortunate fact of life, accidents happen all the time. These are just some of the things I have lost that I cannot seem to forget very easily. I mean the lost of my Raleigh Chopper that is.”

Captured very recently in a thread in Ekunaba.

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