The Never Ending Stupidity of Xiaxue

May 25, 2012

Let’s just dive into the deep end, as I only have 5 minutes. The Tao of Xiaxue is really something you need like a hole in your head – that is really all I can say about that ridicolous woman who is now trying to fashion herself as a party political promoter (only she seems to have taken the cue from the beer aunties). Not to mention her latest character assasination attempts on so many innocent netizens (many have even written and complained to me). I will be perfectly frank and honest with all of you. Don’t know much about her and from the looks of it don’t want to know either, like Syphillis. I dowan lah. I have only visited her blog twice in my entire life, the last was many moons ago circa 2003 – if you are trying to grasp the higher meaning of nothingness cum vapidness, then please go and visit her blog – by the time you leave, you will either be a new creation, as your brain will be probably have shrunk to the size of a pea and you will definitely be brand new – or you will end up so open minded abt politics, nail polish and silver hairbrushes that your brains will start to ooze out like jelly. Either you are fucked! Just remember, if you can buy into the idea, you are want you eat. Then it’s conceivable reading follows the same logic.

From what I understand, that peroxide dwarf has posted the image of people who made “offensive” comments on someone elses blog (not even her blog…wow talk about taking it personally….talk about ultra sensitive.. huh!) – so what siaow charbor short cake has done is try to name and shame them a la Philip Yeo style by revealing photos of these innocent commentators with their family members, kids et al. What do I think about all this? Well first of all, I have quiet alot of sympathy for those people who had to put up with her irritating rants along with how she has publicized their private lives without their permission – I am sure it was all innocent tongue and cheek comments any reasonable netizen would associate with the lighter side of social media banter – so why was there even a need to blow the matter up into a mushroom cloud – after all if a girl decides to doll herself up and dresses like a $50 low class prostitute; then how can you blame any sane thinking man for drawing that conclusion? If you don’t want to be called a prostitute Xiaxue, then try not to doll up and behave like one lah. Life is so simple. Avoid trouble and trouble will avoid you. No need to get nasty and try to embarrass other people just because your husband doesn’t even know how to make you into a real respectable woman. If it was me, it would be very different, but then you would have to stand on a stool and that is just no good. No good, I am afraid.

Darkness 2012

“If you want to support PAP. That is your business lah. You can even tatoo a bolt of lightning on both cheeks of your ass and paint it bright red. The sight would be a success, but the smell would be another thing. No one in Singapore will disturb you wot! Millions of Singaporeans do it every year, so what makes her so special! Hey! I got news for you. You are not the center of the universe! The world does not revolve around you lah! I am more concerned about next week’s rainfall. This occupies only 0.00001% of my brain slightly more processing power than it takes to tie my shoelaces – But let us be crystal clear! let us understand a few lighthouse rules about the whole business of life – if you go around like a cheap $20 blow job specialist. Then of course lah, people are going to get seriously confused and mistake you for a working girl.Come on, let us be reasonable, what else are they supposed to think when that is exactly what you have marketed yourself as? I am sorry if this stings, but that is exactly what you come across as! That my dear ladies of the erudite Siglap Club is after all is what she is doing whether she knows it or not! So don’t say, I am getting personal, everyone knows it’s strictly business with me. Come on ladies stop your fainting spells, let me put it another way ladies, I mean if you show me a spade and ask me what it is. I am probably going to call it a spade. I am not going to call it a manual powered earth transporter or even a frying pan. Now you are telling me the spade is something other than a spade like one of those regular looking cars that can transform into a giant robot, but that doesn’t change the fact that to me at least, that object still looks like a spade – and that was why I and others will probably call it a spade. As a spade is an agricultural instrument I know very well, as I happen to be a farmer, so I see thousands of spades, short, medium, long, tipped, flanged, squared, Imperial, rotunda, scallet, freinshemier – every fucking conceivable variation, you care to name. I can even write a book on spades! I kid you not. You name it I know it. Now it is the same with ANY woman. If she carries herself in a particular way, then people can do very little else except draw a particular conclusion about her, very much in the way I have formed a understanding of what a spade is in my brain – I may be wrong, but I am not wrong that it LOOKS like a spade, see my point Ladies – why is it so difficult for you people in Ekunaba to understand this whole idea of projecting an image? Be it positive or negative. I mean, if I walked into one of your regular tea sessions wearing my tightest trousers what will you people do? Of course lah, everyone will pretend to pengsan, but after that the story may continue in Hotel 81 -see my point? Maybe not, as I am too diplomatic – I have noticed one thing abt you ladies, what you want to understand, you don’t seem to have any trouble understanding. What you MUST understand, suddenly you all refuse to understand. Especially when it comes from, me. And then you blame me for been parochial and narrow-minded and destroying my life by going into commercial farming instead of being like all the good decent men you have all known. Let me try to explain again. Have you noticed Ladies, no one ever calls me gay. That is because I never touch people, don’t like to be touched either, neither do I intrude into their private space. But let’s say one day, I start talking with a shrill twang and start wearing scarfs and make up and walk around my plantation as if a carrot is stuck in my ass – then my workers will probably say, “boss is a homosexual.” Now whose fault is it when that happens? Hello Ladies, please don’t run away and hide behind the mysterious power of sisterhood. Remember, you are all here to rehabilitate me from living a life of dissipation. Remember? Some of you can even call your 20,000 readers to come down here and give me a bollocking. But surprise…surprise, it’s still a fucking spade? Or at least,  it looks like one! That’s my point – so tell me, what is this ridicolous woman trying to do by naming and shaming every male in the way Philip Yeo went all out for those bond breakers who didn’t want to have anything to do with his crazy Byzantine plans to remake Singapore. I think that is very immature. As what she is doing is trying to blame others for exactly the image she has projected in their minds. Now she is just immature and incredibly dumb. With friends like this, PAP doesn’t need any enemies, they are their worst enemy. Now she thinks, she is a peroxide and shorter version of LKY. She is trying to show the empire can strike back. Could it be she is single handedly trying to kick off Yacob’s version of the Internet code of conduct. Well take a closer look at my hairy ass lah! Maybe the answer is there.”

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