The Lessons to be learnt from Hougang

May 27, 2012

Never be arrogant. When one is arrogant, one can only be like a delusional man sitting somewhere in some high mountain yanking at levers of power that are connected to really nothing – all one can do is watch the best conceived plans turn to mud. When one is arrogant. Everything is possible including embellishing the truth, exaggerating it and even using nefarious means such as recruiting our beloved rag to do the dirty work of trying to fix the opposition – but all this will backfire – as these days, we don’t live in a society where we even need to get news from newspapers – people these days have a choice and they have plenty of avenues to flesh out their opinions concerning their objects of interest. When it comes to Hougang – they have already decided, it seems long before the by elections. I wonder why?

And that really says alot about the future of PAP in Singaporean politics. Darkness 2012


“Tactics and strategy is very hard thing to master – if it was me, I would have held a snap by elections to show my good faith. I wouldn’t even try for a decisive win – either way, it would be lose/lose. Lose big or small that is all – so my goal would be to reclaim some voters, at least 20%. So I will probably try to lessen the pain of the defeat – by trying to sell the idea that I am a honest and fair and square outfit. I wouldn’t even have even waited. I would deploy blitzkrieg. As I don’t want others to believe I am squeezing their balls by using time as a weapon. But these arrogant people decided to wait and wait and wait and when people asked them, when are you going to hold a by elections, they think, they are the Aga Khan, so they never even bothered to supply an intelligent answer; they even behaved in such a manner suggeting perhaps, they have every RIGHT to keep people waiting – is it the birth right for politicians to keep the electorate waiting for what is basically their elemental right? The right to choose someone to represent them in their ward? And when asked when are you going to hold a by elections again? They even behaved as if they have a right to gauge how important or unimportant it is to relative scheme of things – these arrogant people just brushed the subject aside like some Prima Donna – and when they finally decided, the by elections is going to be staged – again they resorted to their usual character assasination techniques; this time by using the Strait Times as their big stick to try to whip out controversy and all kinds of delightful distractions – they tried many times to make a mountain out of a molehill – but none of this managed to alter the outcome. I think you can blame many people for this setback, but the biggest blame has to go directly to Mini Lee, as strategically and tactically, I think, he fucked it right and proper from the word go, fucked it all up, right up to the hilt. This is what happens when you are arrogant – you eat humble pie lah – you will simply have to learn the meaning of what it means to repent. But always bear in mind, when the serious men of this world see all this – they can only draw the logical conclusion, you can’t strategize or even execute a game plan for shit! You had all the resources and reserves of power at your disposal and you used it all and yet your return on energy is only 3 percentile points? You’re kidding me right! This is what the serious men will be thinking now. So Hougang is not just Hougang, it could well be Stalingrad – the one that reverses the tide. Do you see my point. Please do not get angry with me – I am not trying to be malicious or naughty – really I am not. Besides you should all try your best to rehabilitate me – so really, I am just giving them some feedback. Please try to take it constructively, even if you cannot do so, you should at least try to pretend to do so – as we are after all living in the new normal – so they really they have no choice, but to live with the facts of life.”

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