Cars & Woman

May 28, 2012

Cars and the jungle get along as well as cats and dogs in a tin box – usually the jungle wins. During the rainy season cars have it especially tough as moisture seems to get into every nook and cranny fouling out performance – in the dry season, the dust clogs up even the best filters, requiring us often to fabricate our own heavy duty filter for not only the air intake, but also for the fuel transmission lines. Recently two of our cars were swept away by flash floods and ended up impersonating submarines. This is what we had to do.

What you are looking at is the dashboard where the steering wheel used to be – all this had to be stripped down and dried out. Some of the electronics had to be rewired and even re-routed. Fortunately nothing was damaged. So we were able to put it all back without too much fuss.

In a few days we are up and running again. Thanks to the Guildsmen.

Darkness 2012


“When you are forced to operate in very harsh conditions – it is not how good your kit is – but rather how dedicated you are in keeping it in tip top running condition. A woman is not so different. You can have a very fine woman, but if you do not know how to service her, she will go wonky and out of synch and probably malfunction and go crazy on you. If you have a woman who is not so fine, but you know how to service her – then she can only get better with the years. As you know how to service her and bring out the very best aspects of her character. Cars and women have alot in common brothers. As when you are deep in the jungle you can’t just call the AA when something goes wrong – if that happens, you probably have to radio for a USD$5,000 per hour heavy lift helicopter to fish you out of trouble – but sometimes, there is no support, there is just your team, your car and the long road ahead of you. That is also how it usually is in the long journey in life with a man and woman – there are times, when they can only rely on each other to see them through a challenge – it could be dealing with a financial crisis, facing the challenge of juggling work and parenthood or raising a troubled child. Under those conditions, a man must know his woman like his car – he must know when to push her hard and when to hold back and even when to stop and sayang (love) her. Above all he must know how to service his woman along with his car to keep both of them humming happily so that his mind is at peace and he can dedicate himself to living an organically balanced life. A finicky car just like a siaow charbor (mad woman) can often rob a man of peace of mind and harmony and distract him from his life mission – if this man is derellict in servicing the things that need regularly servicing, then the car or woman will probably explode like a neglected gear box one day and he may end up dead in the bottom of a ravine – worst still strangers will come along and start servicing the things that belong to you – I think, the analogy of a woman resembling a car. Or a car bearing similarities with a woman is a very apt microcosm of what it means to have a symbiotic relationship. As when you look at the mind of a woman, it is not so different from peering into the mess of wires and co-axial cables and you really don’t know where to get a handle on this chaos – but nonetheless, you have to be patient and work through the mess to find some sort of resolution – with this new attitude complete UNDERSTANDING of a thing can only come to you. To me there is nothing as satisfying as watching a man who knows exactly what he is doing – it may be planting, hunting, car maintenance or just tending his family – but if it is done well; then it is really a not so different from La Dolce Vita – life will mirror art Gnetlemen – like the tea ceremony; every action is purposeful, there is no fidgetting or hit or misses – it’s done right the first time, no corrections, no reworking needed. Every action is purposeful – the right tools are brought in, the right pressure is applied along with the right number of strokes to complete the job like a professional bank robber – everything is meticolously taken apart, stripped down and cleaned and put back the way the manufacturer or nothernature intended it and it is done without too much fuss – this is what I call a no nonsense attitude – Gentlemen please do not take this advisory as forward. But women should also be regularly serviced in the same manner. I realize this is a sensitive subject amongst married men, but let us be honest, one doesn’t really have a choice but to speak about it – so it’s best to be professional when it comes to servicing cars and women. If a man fails to service the things that need servicing, then there is always be disharmony with either his car or in his household and since he cannot trust either his car or wife; there is no way for man to be united with either machine or woman – and the worst part is since the man does not know how to service things – he can never aspire to bring out the best in either his car or his woman – he will always have to live with the capricious nature of a car or woman who will always hold him to ransom – when that happens then he has to choice but to abandon his car or wife and settle for walking. And walking is no good, as you cannot go very far – research and study this well. As it applies to most things in life. Especially the harmony of a household.”

Extracted from the Way of the Farmer – proudly brought to you by the Brotherhood Press 2012

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