Social Clubs and Jamban (Toilet) money – why they SHOULD never mix

May 29, 2012

Every gentlemen knows there are certain unwritten rules and conventions that are as timeless as the hills – it’s virtually a truism in gentle circles that certain subjects should NEVER be openly discussed in a black tie setting – the first is politics – the second is bankrolling political agendas and the third is always to love and serve all and not just one political hegemony. These people must be confusing themselves with the MILF weekend club.

Darkness 2012


“Who you decide to rub shoulders with can often make or break you in life. But when the leadership over steps the remit of the clubs constitution in such a brazen manner, then it is very difficult for a man to square this off with his conscience – so now you see why, it is better if we all leave quietly and have nothing to do with them any longer. These people are not true to the spirit of brotherhood, they are too easily seduced by power and it’s conceivable they may have even confused this with an old boy’s club in Harrow – so this frightens not only me. But also Vollariane and Kadjal as well. As this incident has led many to question both their judgement and sensibilities. Let us not make a fuss over this matter – after all there are so many of us and we must be careful – let us infact do this quietly like a man leaving town in the dead of night – this is the sensible thing to do. This is the only way. This is the Gentlemen’s way.”

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