The best joke in Town – Warren Fernandez, the man who reached a new low for ST

May 31, 2012

“As professional journalists, we do not see ourselves as cheerleaders for any political party. Our aim is simply to report the news dispassionately and objectively, so that our readers can decide for themselves.”

Source unknown as this hopeless fellow didn’t have the balls to sign off under his name.

Response: hahahahahahahahhohohohoohoh…my hairy ass……hahahahahhohohoohohoh…that really hits the spot…..hahahahahhhohohohohoh….burp!


“I have changed my mind abt what once in 50 years Yacoob said. There should really be a code of conduct. I also agree with what Teo Ser Luck has to say about the necessity of having a minimum baseline for behavior. Only this COC should apply to newspapers and not the Internet. As the recent coverage of the by elections in Hougang in May 2012 has shown without a shadow of doubt, the press could certainly benefit from an instructional guideline on how to conduct themselves like a world class outfit instead of the North Korean Daily Post – as it is, they were really bias and unprofessional in their reportage. All this it should be emphasized occurred under Yacoob’s watch. He should be held to account by the tax paying public. The question is WHY was this circus show allowed to happen? Not HOW did it happen. That everyone in Singapore already knows. As the intended beneficiaries are very obvious. But WHY is still a great mystery. Who exactly signed off on the dotted line? Since the allegations are so serious. We should ALL ask WHO signed off this smear campaign? As the problem we have here is NOT so different from a dog that keeps jumping over the wall and bitting kids and seniors. So tell me, if you have this problem in your neighborhood will you reason with the dog or the owner of this dog? If you do not go directly to the source i.e confront the owner of this animal, then even if this psycho dog is taken away and put down. This problem my friends will NEVER go away. As once the owner gets another dog. The same thing is likely to happen again – this is precisely the situation we are all dealing with today. That is why newspapers in Singapore can still do the things they do and terrorize so many innocent people who are really just asking for a level playing field – gentlemen, this is not too much to ask. I do not think we should just walk away from this and pretend that this problem will go away or that we do not even have any equity in this matter. You can ONLY believe this is NOT a problem that can affect you IF the newspapers do not regularly hold itself out as the gold standard of journalism. But since they do, then there is obviously a lag between what is often represented and what really exist – as the by elections in Hougang has clearly shown things are not getting better with the press. They have really gone back to their pre 2011 position and possibly even regressed to their position in the early 80’s – otherwise how can you possibly explain how the press can still come up with such incredulous statements like this after their bias reportage of the by elections in Hougang:  “As professional journalists, we do not see ourselves as cheerleaders for any political party. Our aim is simply to report the news dispassionately and objectively, so that our readers can decide for themselves.”

I don’t think it is productive to put the blame on the dog any longer. We really have to knock on the door of the owner of this dog and get the person who is really responsible for this shit that they are trying to pass off as journalism. Most bloggers have FAILED to do this for 10 to at least 12 years. They have more or less grown accustomed to a newspaper that likes to play second fiddle to the PAP. This is really a problem to anyone who genuine interested in rights. As if this is the case, then its not so different from an owner who even encourages the crazy and dangerous acts of his dog – if this is the case, then that crazy dog can only bite anyone it wants without having to account to anyone. Now gentlemen this is gangsterism – I think the best way to resolve this matter is to sit down and reason with the owner of this dog. And to ask him directly, what are you really trying to prove? Send a third stage Guild navigator to the Four houses inform to capture the entire Hougang coverage and send it to D’ni for an impartial and objective assessment – tell him to inform the others that this is priority. Send this message across all channels!”

Recently broadcasted throughout all known channels.

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