Lee Wei Hoon, Pang Chor Mui, Goh Tok Mui photos revealed in the flesh!

June 9, 2012







“I don’t know whether you have seen a cobra in the flesh before. But I can assure you, it is a majestic sight. I understand completely if some here are uncomfortable with the idea of trying to find beauty in reptiles. But paradoxically that is how it is in life – as a cobra is just not any reptile. It is the perfect killing machine. It’s form combines both hard and soft seamlessly as if it intuitively knows only this symmetry is capable of delivering a blow of finality. You will not find any waste in a cobra, everything about it is streamlined for one purpose: to kill. There is a purity of purpose. A completeness of will. An almost singlemindedness. As a student of warcraft one cannot be but humbled before the cobra – as she is the very expression of the sum of all our fears along with darkest hopes. She is everything and much more. To be able to find beauty in such a terrible form may well be very unusual for most people – but not me. As when I see the cobra – at least I know where it is – this is really how it is when the knowing man comes face to face with the sum of all his fears and fascination. He can only bow before it.”

Captured in a thread in Phi Beta Kappa – This has been brought to you by the Brotherhood Press 2012.


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