A very serious question that the Singapore govt should try their best to answer – is Singapore broke?

June 12, 2012

It would not be completely wrong to say that most of the news we regularly come across in the internet is the fast fused variety – that’s to say, they tend to burn up fast and furious usually with a mischievious pop and most of us promptly forget all abt it. As we should rightly do with most things we find in the internet, the fast fuse is really only good for a laugh, some fun. As it’s usually light as a pastry and probably takes as much brain power to understand as tying up your shoelaces. But occasionally, the internet throws out a cracker, an intellectual atomic bomb that I call a slow burner – now this variety of material is very different. For one it rarely stays the same. You can even read it ten or twenty times (this I highly recommend, as if intelligent and serious men take the time and effort to write, the least I can do is give them the benefit of good light. I am not subversive. I am just fucking curious) you can even say that it will grow very much like a tree – as the effects of the slow burn usually has a lingering effect that can often last for weeks, months and even years. Not so long ago, I came across a such an article, a slow burner, a thought provoking essay by Kenneth Jeyaratnam’s Link. This was accompanied by Christopher Balding [Link] write up. Now if you really want my prognosis. I really don’t know whether these two gentlemen are right or wrong. I don’t even know whether their assumptions are correct. They are certainly orthodox in their analysis. No black arts of the math either. All I can say is the allegations made by these two men are daming (to say the least). Just to put it in perspective, if you take every single scandal that has unfolded in Singapore in the last 10 years and multiplied it even by a factor of a hundred. You wouldnt even be able to come any where close what these two gentlemen have written about the state of our economy and how that might even affect every Singaporean and resident.
I understand that Kenneth has written to Tony Tan (maybe he can really start earning his salary now. Or maybe not) and Eight ball Tharman Shamugaratnam (I personally do not expect very much from him. Look here. I am not trying to be offensive. I am merely calling a spade a spade. If WP or SDP did the same to me, they will get the same shovel) to seek answers to their questions.
I have a feeling this is not going to go away. I have feeling it will grow very slowly. And even take hold of many in the thinking classes.
I have the feeling the government may simply have to come clean this time or maybe just pretend not to hear the question. Either way, it seems they will be in a very tight spot.
Darkness 2012
“Certain things will just go away with time. You know that pimple that keeps growing and threatens to take over all the real estate on your face. Well 99 out of 100, it just goes away. That is the nature of things that are fast burning. They will disintegrate and just turn to dust and just disappear with time. And no one will even remember it. But some things do not just go away. These are what you call the slow burners. And the more intelligent and well read and travelled you are the more these things will gnaw away at you. Because what they do is, plant a thought or idea in your head. And because this idea is makes perfectly logical sense, that idea can only continue to disturb the thinking man. They may even take years to become big, but once the seed is planted, the journey has already begun in earnest – the slow burn is just one of those things. If you want to make Singapore a better place for yourself and your loved one’s then I don’t believe it pays to take this matter with a cinchai attitude. You can take the case of those two civil servants getting blow jobs on the side with a cinchai attitude. As whether they were satisfied with the head doesn’t have any bearing or impact on your existence. But this is an altogether different animal. The ramifications are far and wide on this slow burner. This is jugular as many of the allegations made go deep into the marrow of the well being of the nation – if it is true then I would say, we are certainly in big trouble. If not then Kenneth and Balding will get their points demolished, as it should be whenever people try to forward a straw man case. But I don’t think silence is an option here. Neither is pretending not to hear the question the solution either. You see this is a slow burn issue – that means it is like global warming or peak oil. Most people aren’t interested in it at first. Most of us like to believe there is an eclectic class of readers in blogosphere. Well let me tell banish a few of your illusions now! No such class of readers exist in Singapore or for that matter not anywhere, not nearly enough of them at least to make a dent in the beginning. But they can certainly start the ball rolling. As let me be very candid – this is a complicated subject and it is not so different like going through a mess of wires to figure out where things are supposed to fit before they can actually work. It takes brain power and mental dexterity. That is why most netizens prefer to marinate their brain in Xiaxue’s blog as she rants about silver hairbrushes and false eyelashes and how to make yourself look taller or more beautiful with photoshop. But a feature that is common in every slow burner is it does not go away – given enough time, interest will begin to build – a point will even come when more and more of the thinking classes will begin to get up to speed on the issues and some may even take the initiative to do their own research. Because I really cannot forsee anything worse to the thinking man as a puzzle that cannot be solved, it is really an enigma that keeps him awake right through the night -now the slow burner is the ultimate weapon of war. In warcraft there is no weapon system that even comes close to this. As what it does is it plants an idea in a man’s brain – and that idea can only germinate – and when enough of the serious men think the same way then what you’re going to get is really the tipping point when you will begin to see a swell somewhere in the landscape of the public consciousness. This wave will be just a bump at first, but it will get more pronounce with time….as I have a feeling this is not one of those things that will just simply go away.”

This entry was extracted from the mineral rich planet of Sardonyx – and relayed by the AEL space super carrier – KDD Ichiban III / brought to you by the Brotherhood Press 2012

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