June 18, 2012

We all know the saying, honesty is the best policy. But how can it possibly be the best policy all the time? I don’t disagree it’s definitely the best policy for those who we love and know very well such as family and close friends. But to apply it generally is NOT a very good idea. As it can really only work to reward the honest man IF everyone is playing the game honestly. But we all know honesty is like flying saucers and big foot. Everyone knows these things don’t exist. But nonetheless, we all want to believe…. Truth is governments are not honest. Neither are businesses. They are all corrupt in their own way – as power corrupts – it corrodes away the good – the issue is whether they are completely or partially corrupt, that is all. If you believe they are honest and you should be honest, then my advise to you is don’t ever go into business – as you will probably run it into the ground and end up running a charitable organization instead of an enterprise.

Darkness 2012


“The rich will always be treated differently from those who are powerless and poor. If you do not have eyes to see this in Singapore and elsewhere. Then you are blind and probably stupid. If you have eyes, you will be able to seek out this contrivance in the way a man sees a thing for what it is and never what others want him to see it.”

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