Wuffles Wu

June 18, 2012

If you have been following this and you do not know what is going on. Then you are either very inexperienced or naive or both.

Somethings do not require any elaboration.

Darkness 2012


“Justice is really not so different from the ma’am who lives in a plantation bungalow on a hill. The lady can always be counted to behave with dignity and is always consistent in words, deeds and thoughts. Everyone in the village looks up to her. She is really the living symbol of temperance and justice in a village. While no one ever bows to the farmer, as everyone considers him a hard disciplinarian and enforcer. But the lady is very different, she is the only one who everyone must stop work and bow before, as she is the living personification of equity. Understand this! The law is always masculine in the countryside, it is always a revolver with six bullets in the holster of the farmer – but justice and equity in the countryside is always feminine. She is really like Kuan Yi, Mother Teresa, Florence Nightingale and Joan of Arc all rolled into one nice package – as since she is the mistress of the landowner she can always be counted to intercede on the behalf on those who seek justice and equity. While the law is frequently implacable, inflexible and hard like granite. Justice and equity is always wearing a Laura Ashley dress – it is always spoken in the feminine context. In the olden days in the plantation, it was not unusual for the villagers to bring a baby born out of wedlock before the feet of the lady of the house. As only she can save this child and the disgraced mother from being ostracized by the villagers. The law cannot save her. As the law is very clear about such infractions. No else can save her except justice and equity. So even today, if you go to any plantation, it is not uncommon to see a line of women and men early in the morning waiting with flowers to petition the ma’am of the estate. But if the lady of the house does not know her role or the farmer has been derelict in educating his wife in the role she has to play – then she can only behave like the capricious sort and thinks, acts and says whenever she likes without regard to history, culture and social precedence – and when a woman is muddled, she blows hot and cold and leaves a trail of question marks wherever she goes. And that can only provoke everyone to wonder: why is it like this for this case? And like that for another case? When that happens, then I don’t think you can blame others if they eventually regard her like a cheap dancing girl. As this woman does not seem to know her role or for that matter even know where she fits in along with how she is expected to behave under certain social settings. Coming to think of it – if the farmer does not teach his wife how to behave in a plantation setting and she goes around as if she is in happy Singapore dancing in Zouk or having a gala time in Marina Sands in ladies night, then it is really only a matter of time bfr the villagers will regard her like a common whore. lie down and spread your legs. That is all she is good for. Or rather that is what they think she is good for. That is all she deserves.

When justice and equity give way to widespread suspicion and disbelief – then I think, the farmer has to take 100% of the blame – as he has really fucked it all up – that is why a wise farmer is always very attentive and careful of adhering to the social customs of country living. He knows how to jaga (tend and care) not only his wife, but also makes sure that everyone is respectful of her. As she is the symbol of justice and equity.”


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