The importance of cultivating daily calmness

June 19, 2012

Modern life does not encourage a calm state of mind. If you ask most people about their POV about cultivating daily calmness – they will probably say this is something, they would probably do during their retirement. This always seems odd to me, as they really need calmness NOW and not later on in life.

When daily calmness is practiced, it permeates the groundwater of our character and shows through our acts, deeds and thoughts to eventually become a way of life. As we nourish this idea of calmness daily – we will see the world much clearer and can respond much more effectively to the many challenges that come our way.

Darkness 2012


“There are many people out there in the world and even the Internet who are paid to rob you of the most precious thing in your life – calmness. They will sensationalize this or that story and if you are not mindful. You will be swept away like a leaf during a monsoon storm. When this happens again and again. At some point, even the best of us will lose the ability to remain calm. When there is no calmness in our daily life – then there can only be anxiety and turmoil – this creates perfect conditions for others to invade our minds without our knowledge.

That is why in Kendo and in business, the most deadly exponent is never the one who is the strongest or fastest or even the smartest. 

He is usually just the calmest. And because he can do this ONE thing CONSISTENTLY like a metronome day in and day out – it is very difficult for others to secure a decisive victory over him. If you come across such a fellow in the Kendo halls, it is best not to make eye contact and quietly do your thing in one corner. In the business world, do not lock horns with such a character either – even if you have reserves and he doesn’t – do not advance – it may be a bloody trap. Instead resort to diplomacy and strive for mutual co-existence. If that is not possible, then resort to politics to secure detente. But do not posture and never fight. If you r stupid enough to do that, then you will find yourself putting all your chips on one opportunity to finish this fellow off – if it goes well. All is fine. But if you read it wrong (and in all probability you will read it wrong. As whatever you know abt him or have heard abt him was probably planted by him!) then you will end up fighting a costly war of attrition. This is why, when ppl say, keep your friends close and your enemies closer – this does not mean you are gyming, golfing and karaokeing with him. That is not the variety of “CLOSER” these ancient strategist are referring too. It is the “closeness” where you use your inner calm to see through and beyond your enemy, as a friend. It is only when you can make this perceptive shift and regard your enemy as a kindred spirit that you can be truly closest to him. When you see your worthy adversary in this calming light. You will begin to ask, “why are you fighting him? Perhaps you and this fellow should try to find common ground and collaborate together? The ancients always say, the highest acme of war is to defeat your enemy without using one molecule of hardness – they don’t tell you how this is accomplished. As that knowledge is a top secret. But I can share this with you, what makes this possible is the skeleton key called daily calmness – this underscores the importance of cultivating daily calmness.

Please research and study this thoroughly. As it is very immature and a travesty of reason to fight when you can make peace and work with such a worthy adversary. Consider how much can be gained, IF you can share intelligence, resources and opportunities. 

For three thousands space years, we have been able to successfully consolidate our power and influence the affairs of the universe with the invisible hand. As only our tribe has mastered the craft of parlaying with the four houses calmly. Left to their their own devices, the four trading houses that make the four fingers of the Brotherhood will annihilate each other leaving only us, the thumb – as none of them have learnt this secret chapter of Warcraft. To them calmness is worthless. To us, it is everything and much more. If we can do this in the virtual, who is to say, it cannot be transplanted successfully in the real world?

Please consider this carefully, as I offer the road that leads to a happy place called peace. Please try to see reason. Set aside the burden of our ego; walk away from your trench lines that you have dug somewhere in your head; try to see us for who we really are and not who we must be to feed this senseless war – where we have even taken our enmity and blood thirst into the real world. That queer Prussian Von Clausewitz was spot on, war is the continuation of politics. Do you think I am blind brother? Do you think that I do not see how many of us are forming up into guilds. Each guild loyal only to themselves. In the way we did so in the game. But that was only a game – so what if you lose a few galaxies on a bad hair day? Hey, it’s no big, just ask the game master to flesh out another storyline to increase the real estate in the universe. The game goes on. But in the real world, oil palm only grows on a narrow longtitudal sliver of land. Two thirds of this landmass that makes palm oil cultivation commercially viable is in places where kids are playing with AK 47’s – the rest is in the hands of old money oligarchs and dead grip political hegemonies that are not going to be around in the next 10 to 20 years. What am I trying to say Brother? The vast majority of landmass for commercial farming is in the hands of incompetents. We don’t even make up one percentile of this trade in OER – how can we feed the world? When we are already fighting each other in this early stage in the game. The Guild to the North does not want the Guild who is in the South to prosper. The Guild to the South doesn’t want their lands to be encroached further by the Northern Guilds. So they don’t even share oil mills when they share the same railway track and the only distance that separates them is within sight of each other. How clever is that Brother?

Do you now see how senseless this all is? I think since you have flown all the way here to seek my advice. It may a good idea for the Northern and Southern guilds to take off a week and go to one of those island resorts where everyone is drinking color cocktails with those paper umbrellas, bring their wifes and children along as well – make it a family thing. In the evenings when the wifes are tending the kids to sleep. You should all talk to each other calmly. Set aside your prentensions and fantasies – no body is impressed by how smart you are; they only really care whether you treat them respectfully. Please get that superglued in your head. I don’t mind mediating providing both sides can buy into my house rules of how we are going to work through this issue. I only ask for one assurance, let us work this out calmly like businessmen – gentlemen, the child must grow up, the sleeper must awake. Perhaps it is time for us to consider the unspeakable, it may be time for us to pull the plug from the game? Either we do this now or it will destroy us all completely – you see there is a flaw that is programmed in this game. I have always suspected of this thing sinister in the program, seen it even once, as a wall of that grows like a tree dividing brother from brother – for many years I and others who know this terrible secret have tried in vain to find a cure for this disease we all call the thing sinister. We have reached the conclusion, this evil program has burrowed itself too deep into the substrate of the game to be removed surgically – wipe out an entire code and it will just mutate and replicate itself like a virus – since its isotropic, it even gets smarter every time some get wiped out – those that manage to survive climb higher and higher latching themselves to the upper reaches like moss that one finds in the upper reaches of the most desolate mountains. We cannot remove this source prograam as it is woven into our fabric of our world, it is there in the curellean skies lingering over Primus – always radiating like the sun in Oraluvian. It even runs in our virtual blood. We need to shut the game down brother. I cannot do this alone. As the game has created a class amongst us who only wish to perpetuate the game. Pulling the plug will not be so simple – I need to know whether you are with us or against us brotherhood.”

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