Is the humanist award full of shit?

June 26, 2012

What is a humanist? Well I used to know. Or at least, I thought, I did. But now that Alex Au has been nominated for the humanist award. I am suddenly not so sure anymore. I know that these days it’s hip and cool to be seen supporting the gay lifestyle – not supporting it means you’re probably a bible stomping parochial and narrow minded red neck. 

Not that it bothers me a bit what others may think or even say about me – I have never been the sort to pander to what others consider socially acceptable – I am a simple man and I really don’t see the need to call a spade anything other than a spade – you see, I am terribly confused. Let me put it this way. I just really want to know what is a humanist? 

Consider this: how is it possible by any philosophy or logic for a man who doesn’t even feel the natural impulse to commune mind, body and spirit with another woman to be called a humanist? Or to even feel the natural instinct as a member of the human race to raise off springs or to even feel the natural tug to go through the chastening passage of husbandhood, fatherhood and brotherhood to even call himself a humanist?

What sort of humanist would that be? Let me put it another way, let us say, you only know how to play one chord on a guitar – what sort of musician are you? In the same way leading a purpose driven life embraces so many aspects of life, husbandhood, fatherhood and brotherhood as I have mentioned are really just the tip of the iceberg, there is much more before one can even claim to be a real humanist – this I suspect is completely lost to the panel who decided to award Alex Au this tag of humanist.

I hope by now all of you are internally persuaded why this award makes as much sense as Himalayan bottled air – it’s a con job. A cheap attempt to sanctify and legitimize the gay way of life to ease it like KY gel through to the mainstream. Its conceivable these people have an agenda to even promote the gay way of life as one that is superior to the heterosexual way of life. Please understand, I have nothing against gay people. Only why should they see fit to tear down many of the set pieces that straight couples consider to be jugular and important just so they can be treated normally in Singapore. Are these people who awarded Alex Au the humanist mantle suggesting these aspects the heterosexual way of life are meaningless and nihilistic? Are they perhaps saying to the man in the street who brings back the bacon for his family everyday that he is living a great lie. Are they suggesting that the vast majority of humans who have gone through the institution of marriage have all taken a wrong turn and they are none the wiser for it?

Why is there even a need to make people who may disagree with the gay way of life feel as if they are suffering from is the some character flaw? After all, if the militant gay movement can accept the contention, that it’s morally repugnant to impose ones view on another. Then why is it so difficult for them to understand that heterosexuals too have rights that they wish to forward from time to time. Surely it can’t be a one way street – I do not understand.

This I cannot accept. Now you all know why, I am a very confused man. Or maybe this is just a very confused award given out to even more confused people such as Alex Au.

As always I give you the facts, you decide for yourself.

Darkness 2012


“I think that the fundamental objection to the gay way of life and especially the novelty of gay marriages among most who oppose it has very little to do with mindless prejudice, old dusty assumptions about life or what the Bible has to say about two men playing doctor and nurse. The reason for widespread resistance against the gay lifestyle and the advent of gays marrying is instead premised on how straight couples regularly rely on the institution of marriage to discover what it means to nourish the idea of leading a purpose driven life – this aspect of heterosexual communion – I fear is completely lost to proponents of the gay lifestyle. Hence the gay lifestyle is not so much wrong as it remains doomed to failure at the point of it’s inception – it is really like the built in time bomb that once doomed the Titanic. The layman blames the iceberg. But those who are acquainted with metallurgy know that lousy steel played a preponderant role in the anatomy of failure. But let us assume for argument sake that gays one day will gain acceptance in our society, not that I believe they are marginalized in the first place as what Alex Au likes us all to believe. How can they be discriminated when Alex Au seems to getting more coverage than everybody put together in blogoland?

And that is not all, people like Alex Au are not weak or ineffectual either – let me give you a real life example: if you happen to be a someone who so much as disagrees with the gay way of life – then his clique will just label you as the lunatic fringe and pack you off to Coventry, where they hope you will be marooned in your digital shark infested island as you remain cut off from the rest of the blogging community. But to me, this has always been a very small price that I am more than willing to pay to speak my mind. That is why I set up my own network of readers. I don’t even allow rainbow sites such as Singaporedaily that regularly post skimpy pictures of naked women to aggregate what I write. This is a matter of principle and belief – only understand this! I am willing to pay the price for it! I suspect that could be one reason why I am getting nowhere in this forum. But I digress. Coming back to the point, if gayness goes mainstream and that day will in all probability come – it will not be those who oppose the gay life style that the gays should be concerned about as what will succeed to undo it will be its inevitable failure – gayness as a lifestyle cannot possibly work to produce anything close to the Tao of leading a purpose driven life – as its very ethos and raison runs against the natural order of things. This is not religion or the mumbo jumbo of hate for the sake of hate under the guise of preserving our precious way of life, it is about something much more fundamental and practical: workability. The militant gay will probably tell you that it’s perfectly natural to improvise with their body parts – as love can always be relied to find a way – so they are really not so different from a man who decides to use his washing machine as a concrete mixer – I dont doubt, it may work for a short period of time, but it can never deliver reliably. As it wasn’t designed for that function. When we understand the FORM that nature has blessed us with all with, then the FUNCTION is as clear as day. But if we try to do something with a form that it was not designed for. Then we will either end up in hospital or creating something that is really just a caricature of life – as there is no ying and yang to the gay way of life – no balance – no harmony – no sustainability – no scope for mental and spiritual growth – nothing. So how can something great come out from a polyglot of confused thoughts and ideas? Where is the basis to even suggest for one moment such a person is deserving of the tag humanist?

I don’t understand.

Now please don’t take offense to what I have just said. I am out numbered here by 1,000 to 1. I hope you will all be gentle with me. If I am wrong you should all try to reason with me and perhaps even try to rehabilitate me. Only please try to understand the practical necessity that is required to have this sort of conversation – just as one needs to crack an egg to make an omelette – there is no way in which we can have an intelligent conversation about this subject if I beat around the bush.

I am a farmer. And farmers don’t have time to beat around. They just go directly for the snatch. How well it goes down is really a story for another essay. So I hope that all of you homos will not stretch me out on a pelt rack. As I am just really terribly confused about this whole humanist award business. Really I am. Maybe the next humanist award will go to Andrew Loh? After all these days he seems to believe he is the keeper of the conscience of the internet – he says partisanship is passe now. But that wasn’t the tune he was singing a year back ago. Maybe he just knows which side of the bread is buttered? Only understand this clearly – I know a worthless thing when I see it. You can’t fool me. As I know what it means to live an organically balanced bullshit free life.

So I hope you will do me the courtesy of not trying to sell poison as a mother’s milk – now if you are under any delusion that I am alone in my views, why don’t you poll it and see how many people out there in blogoland agree with me – go on poll it! Just as them all, do you think that Alex Au deserves the humanist award! I dare you all.

But I’ve got a feeling that none of you will take up my challenge – as some times just to make life bearable, do we all not seek refuge in homily sugary lies? I suspect this may have something to do with with how beliefs and truths are not necessarily always the same thing, especially when it doesn’t favor us.”

This excerpt has been extracted from a thread in Ekunaba.

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