June 29, 2012

Today was a great harvest. I reckon it has to be a world record in the farming Olympics – 4.6 metric tons of palm oil fruit bunches per imperial hectare. Its got to be a world record. Now that I’ve reached this mythical point – I am neither happy or satisfied. I know this sounds rather spoilt. To be honest with you I am rather surprised at myself that I am not jumping up and down with joy. As not so long ago, this mythical figure of 4.6 tons was really the only thing I cared. Its one of those things that men like to obsess over. And they never ever shared it – like accumulating 10 million frequent flyer air miles or completing ten consecutive runs of the New York Marathon. It’s one of those things that a man usually obsesses and fantasize about privately.

The sun is setting. I’ve put a baby hog to roast. It should be about medium rare after my shower. The Pinot is breathing, its something that I’ve been saving up for – it’s just a small bottle, but it’s guaranteed to wish you had a neck as long as a giraffe to enjoy it. 

4.6 metric tons.


Darkness 2012


“Every evening before the sun sets. I start the generators. lower the steel shutters and electrify the perimeter fence. This has been my daily routine since I came here. I don’t think many people can do what I do. They may be able to take maybe two weeks of this. But by the third week, they will start to lose their nerve and their judgement will be affected. For me, it’s just another day in the office. Neither do they know what sort of risk I take every single day. If they know maybe they would wonder whether its really worth it – but I don’t see it in those terms of worth it or not. Not at all. You see a good harvest is a good harvest. Some people may say that since the risk is so high whatever you get out of it just isn’t worth it – it’s like pouring water into a kettle with a hole – but at least the effort you put into it endures – You see it’s a bit like forgetting to bring a book on a long flight, only to discover another book that someone has left behind and saying to yourself, I am stuck with this book – know this, not all books are easy going – not in the few first chapters at least – you either never get through the first few chapters and chuck it to oneside or just read mid way till you decide. This isn’t really going anywhere. But in mycase, the decision to commit to reading a book from cover to cover is really the most important thing – whether the storyline is engaging is really not the point here; the act of reading itself it’self is the most important thing – as sometimes the act of reading itself can answer something, some need or desire. As for the story, whether it ends happily or sadly is really not the point. This attitude is very hard to explain. I want to stop here right now, if you don’t mind.”

Extracted from a thread in Ekunaba very recently.

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