I am a very simple man. If I do not know something. I am not afraid to ask a question. Now when we open up our beloved daily rag and read about two people engaged in oral sex in a car park – what the fuck does it actually mean? I don’t seem to have any problems understanding the reportage: “two people were having sex in the car park…” As I know where the body parts are and roughly what is involved. But whenever I read an open ended sentence like, “so and so had oral sex with so and so in this or that car park,” that confuses me – first of all I don’t know which body parts are involved, is the man giving the woman oral sex or is it the other way round? Which body part is being orally stimulated is it some or all?

The reason why I am interested is not because I am a closet pervert – I just want to ascertain who is giving and taking and it’s a way to make sense of the issue (since I can determine who is really the guilty party) – if oral sex is given to the man by the woman, then I know the man is taking and the woman is giving. If it is the other way round, then its self explanatory. Of course both could also be taking and giving simultaneously, but since this it rather difficult to pull that caper off in the close confines of a car – we can more or less discount that.

Perhaps when journalist use the word oral sex next time, they should be specific in their reference as to who is giving and taking.

Just a thought.

Darkness 2012

“Look I am not trying to be vulgar or a ultra kaypoh. Every time I come to this corner of the internet. You all say I am trying to stir trouble up. But I am just really confused that is all – I mean does oral sex mean, she is giving him a blow job or is he muff diving? You see when I say this, half the people here pretend to have fainting spells. The other half clamp up and insist that they don’t know as anything beyond the missionary position – but that is really all I want to know. Now this may not seem important to some people here as I suspect most of the women in this forum are spinsters. So perhaps they have not acquainted with the finer intricacies of the power and politics of love making – but I am the man of the world – so I really do not see any thing wrong in asking for specific details about the location of the body parts and what exactly is involved when the term oral sex is used. Now that I know everyone here is just as confused as me, bye bye. Happy pengshan.”

Captured this morning in a thread in Phi Beta Kappa – The Brotherhood Press 2012

What was really lost when the seventeen year old said fuck you sir!

There are many takes on this subject in blogoland. My take is very unusual and if you find it offensive, please move on to the next excellent article elsewhere. Still here? OK, just bear in mind that I have already issued fair warning abt what I am going to write about this subject.

What’s my take? If we want to communicate effectively with officialdom and vice versa, then we should not confuse WHAT is said from HOW it said. My feel is most people have become so fixated by HOW it came across that they have really lost the plot entirely. Instead of focusing on WHY the kid and his colleagues felt that the public engagement session  held by DPM was a giant waste of time – most have become so fixated on the fuck word – that they have responded disproportionately by only focusing on whether it is appropriate for a kid to use such language on an elder member of the ruling party hegemony – this is very unfortunate, as substantively (contentwise at least), what the kid had to say abt the whole public engagement exercise which featured DPM was very insightful. I suspect the kid may even be speaking on behalf of other kids who have had to sit many a time in comatose inducing sessions with other PAP ministers and officials. Besides it is not every day that most of us get to read a critique from a firsthand account of a kid and what they really think about public engagement exercises. So this is really a very good opportunity for PAP to get honest and accurate feedback to better improve their lousy PR and communication skills. Let’s face it otherwise how can PAP or for that matter any other political outfit improve? The case for public feedback (or in this case kiddies feed back) is especially urgent for PAP is it is after all is the ONLY political party in Singapore that is allowed give talks to kids – please correct me if I am wrong. As till todate I have never ever seen an oppositional MP ever speaking to kids in a public forum before in Singapore. Please come back to me on this one. As I suspect, I am 100% spot on here – this I suspect has always been the preferred strategy of the as kids are easy peasy audiences and since they don’t ask pointed questions or have much in the way of life experience to even disagree meaningfully with officialdom – the PAP has always regarded the kiddies audience as a safe, reliable and cinchai lah platform to forward many of their ideas and policies without even so much as a morsel of public resistance.

Darkness 2012


“PAP need to learn how to speak to adults. They need to be comfortable with this whole idea to the extent of regularly engaging people who may even disagree robustly and strong headedly with them. In most civilized countries, kids are considered tabula rasa, so they are off limits to the political machinery – Obama is a special case, he is a black man in a white man’s shoes, so he is very much an exception to the general rule – so in most civilized countries, it is not socially acceptable for politicians to speak to kids all the time – it is taboo. Infact, if politicians try to do this regularly, the parents of these kids may even tell them – “please kindly leave my children alone!” Neither can most politicians in real and not Mickey Mouse democracies use this kiddies session as a convenient conduit to relay whatever they have to say to the nation. If they try to do this again the parents of these kiddies in those countries may say, “Is this your grandfather school? Why do my kids have to sit and listen to you instead of playing in the yard?” I am not kidding, this is how it is in Germany, America and even Korea. This may come as a rude shock to most Singaporeans. But the truth is in most functional democracies the vast majority of people do not aspire to be LKY. They much prefer to be Bill Gates or Lady gaga – and that may well account for why perfectly balanced and ordinary and decent law abiding folk simply don’t want politicians to get too close to their kids. But in Singapore when even kindergardens have the lightning bolt symbol of the PAP – we may not be able to discern where the line between personal space and officialdom should be drawn as it has been rubbed out by social conditions – that means things have always been free and easy for our politicians, so it comes as no surprise to me that PAP has developed this ritual of regularly speaking to kids. But that is bound to breed a sort of complacency in our politicians. As kids have zero life experience and their thumb drives are all empty – so what can anyone possibly get out of them that is meaningful? Worst still if you are a politician, how does that really sharpen and true your ability to engage others meaningfully at a deep spirited level? I think these are some of the jugular questions that modern 21st century politicians, citizens, parents, educators and netizens need to ask themselves, if they want to be maximize opportunities for face to face engagements. For example, I cannot speak to kids regularly. To run a virtual empire with 700 colonies, 350 protectorates and to keep a virtual economy and population humming – I have to speak to very serious men in the game regularly. Things are never smooth when you lock horns with adults. If they are smooth going then nothing is probably communicated – but that is what leadership is all about – it is not a highway as it is all about taking the high road. But if all politicians can do these days is speak to kids, where then is the basis for even an exhaustive and deep spirited dialogue? That I really don’t know. You really have to write in to PAP to answer that question. Maybe they will just write back and ask you, “What do you think?” Let us call a spade a spade, let us not beat around the bush – the only reason why our politicians regularly speak to kids is really motivated by expediency and their inability to venture out into the discomfort zone rather than a clearly defined goal to communicate or beacon out the murk to the general public. I want to be crystal clear in this – when you peruse through the history of the PAP. You will find that their politicians seem to be only able to talk to kids. They don’t seem very interested to talk to people who are even tax payers – now if you say, I want people to think that is why I ask them for their opinion – then I say, that is well a fine, if you are a father or teacher who has a personal relationship with a kid. But if you take that attitude in a forum that is supposed to provide directional inputs – then perhaps you shouldn’t be talking to kids at all in the first place! Maybe you should speak to a roomfull of serious men who regularly earn twice, thrice or even ten times more than you. Or may even have a nett income that puts you in the poor house. Or may even be so well educated that you really look like a kampung hero beside them – why don’t you go to those people and see how they will respond to you, if they ask you a serious question only to reply, “what would you do?” You should do that and I am very sure you will get a very colorful repetoire on how the four letter word can even be used to include your mother along with family dog. So the way I see it, if you are going to go through your political career by just trying to make full use of one sentence, “what do you think?” Then it is best if you just talk to kids all the time and avoid adults or the thinking folk completely – in which case the serious men of this world will all be wondering. Maybe if you like to speak to kids all the time instead of having a serious and meaning discussion, they should also treat you as a kid as well. This is why I think the PAP should get away from the bad habit of speaking to kids or using them as a convenient platform to broadcast information to the general public – that sort of strategy may have worked well in the past as means of dessiminating information, but since it can only make all politicians complacent, flabby and inept , it should be reviewed now – as emerging challenges that we face has really transformed the importance of communication from a optional thing to one that is strategic for the whole business of statecraft – so now you see why it beggars the imagination why the PAP has not scrapped this policy all together in this age. It is really incomprehensible. And I really do not have any sympathy for them if they find it uphill there. None whatsoever.”

It would not be completely wrong to say that most of the news we regularly come across in the internet is the fast fused variety – that’s to say, they tend to burn up fast and furious usually with a mischievious pop and most of us promptly forget all abt it. As we should rightly do with most things we find in the internet, the fast fuse is really only good for a laugh, some fun. As it’s usually light as a pastry and probably takes as much brain power to understand as tying up your shoelaces. But occasionally, the internet throws out a cracker, an intellectual atomic bomb that I call a slow burner – now this variety of material is very different. For one it rarely stays the same. You can even read it ten or twenty times (this I highly recommend, as if intelligent and serious men take the time and effort to write, the least I can do is give them the benefit of good light. I am not subversive. I am just fucking curious) you can even say that it will grow very much like a tree – as the effects of the slow burn usually has a lingering effect that can often last for weeks, months and even years. Not so long ago, I came across a such an article, a slow burner, a thought provoking essay by Kenneth Jeyaratnam’s Link. This was accompanied by Christopher Balding [Link] write up. Now if you really want my prognosis. I really don’t know whether these two gentlemen are right or wrong. I don’t even know whether their assumptions are correct. They are certainly orthodox in their analysis. No black arts of the math either. All I can say is the allegations made by these two men are daming (to say the least). Just to put it in perspective, if you take every single scandal that has unfolded in Singapore in the last 10 years and multiplied it even by a factor of a hundred. You wouldnt even be able to come any where close what these two gentlemen have written about the state of our economy and how that might even affect every Singaporean and resident.
I understand that Kenneth has written to Tony Tan (maybe he can really start earning his salary now. Or maybe not) and Eight ball Tharman Shamugaratnam (I personally do not expect very much from him. Look here. I am not trying to be offensive. I am merely calling a spade a spade. If WP or SDP did the same to me, they will get the same shovel) to seek answers to their questions.
I have a feeling this is not going to go away. I have feeling it will grow very slowly. And even take hold of many in the thinking classes.
I have the feeling the government may simply have to come clean this time or maybe just pretend not to hear the question. Either way, it seems they will be in a very tight spot.
Darkness 2012
“Certain things will just go away with time. You know that pimple that keeps growing and threatens to take over all the real estate on your face. Well 99 out of 100, it just goes away. That is the nature of things that are fast burning. They will disintegrate and just turn to dust and just disappear with time. And no one will even remember it. But some things do not just go away. These are what you call the slow burners. And the more intelligent and well read and travelled you are the more these things will gnaw away at you. Because what they do is, plant a thought or idea in your head. And because this idea is makes perfectly logical sense, that idea can only continue to disturb the thinking man. They may even take years to become big, but once the seed is planted, the journey has already begun in earnest – the slow burn is just one of those things. If you want to make Singapore a better place for yourself and your loved one’s then I don’t believe it pays to take this matter with a cinchai attitude. You can take the case of those two civil servants getting blow jobs on the side with a cinchai attitude. As whether they were satisfied with the head doesn’t have any bearing or impact on your existence. But this is an altogether different animal. The ramifications are far and wide on this slow burner. This is jugular as many of the allegations made go deep into the marrow of the well being of the nation – if it is true then I would say, we are certainly in big trouble. If not then Kenneth and Balding will get their points demolished, as it should be whenever people try to forward a straw man case. But I don’t think silence is an option here. Neither is pretending not to hear the question the solution either. You see this is a slow burn issue – that means it is like global warming or peak oil. Most people aren’t interested in it at first. Most of us like to believe there is an eclectic class of readers in blogosphere. Well let me tell banish a few of your illusions now! No such class of readers exist in Singapore or for that matter not anywhere, not nearly enough of them at least to make a dent in the beginning. But they can certainly start the ball rolling. As let me be very candid – this is a complicated subject and it is not so different like going through a mess of wires to figure out where things are supposed to fit before they can actually work. It takes brain power and mental dexterity. That is why most netizens prefer to marinate their brain in Xiaxue’s blog as she rants about silver hairbrushes and false eyelashes and how to make yourself look taller or more beautiful with photoshop. But a feature that is common in every slow burner is it does not go away – given enough time, interest will begin to build – a point will even come when more and more of the thinking classes will begin to get up to speed on the issues and some may even take the initiative to do their own research. Because I really cannot forsee anything worse to the thinking man as a puzzle that cannot be solved, it is really an enigma that keeps him awake right through the night -now the slow burner is the ultimate weapon of war. In warcraft there is no weapon system that even comes close to this. As what it does is it plants an idea in a man’s brain – and that idea can only germinate – and when enough of the serious men think the same way then what you’re going to get is really the tipping point when you will begin to see a swell somewhere in the landscape of the public consciousness. This wave will be just a bump at first, but it will get more pronounce with time….as I have a feeling this is not one of those things that will just simply go away.”

This entry was extracted from the mineral rich planet of Sardonyx – and relayed by the AEL space super carrier – KDD Ichiban III / brought to you by the Brotherhood Press 2012

Will reviving the kampong spirit be able to make Singapore a better place?

Sure it will. I can almost guarantee that it will have a positive effect 100%. For those who don’t know what the Kampung spirit is – it’s a homily sugary idea that harks all the way back to the good olde days. When folk didn’t really have much and so they had to leverage on this thing called “community” just to get by and turn the great wheel of life – the kampung spirit is a hard thing to pin down – for one it’s not something that you can just pick up or point too – it’s camaraderie, fellowship and you scratch my back and I do the same all rolled up into one nice package that really nourishes the whole idea of community and nourishes the idea of give and take along with working together despite having differences towards a goal – on a broader scale, the kampung spirit can be used to ensure that the divisions within a community can never outweight the things that continue to unite them – as the kampung spirit can serve as a touch stone to remind them what their role is alongside the whole idea of community and the broader relationship between a citizen and a state.

But I don’t believe one can just roll out the kampung spirit like sprucing up an old car and hoping that it can make it from Woodlands to Simei without belching black smoke sputtering only to burst into flames. As the whole idea of the Kampung spirit needs to be built on the solid foundation of our culture – but how is this possible when two successive leaders in the PAP had publicly stated there is no such thing as culture in Singapore?

Do you see the problem? As I am afraid to say, I see the problem only too clearly….and it is a very big problem.

Darkness 2012

“Don’t get me wrong. I am all for this idea of bringing back the Kampung spirit in Singapore. As I happen to know for a fact this is a very good thing – you see, I cannot possibly run my plantation, if I am not a leader in my community and I don’t know how to leverage on the kampung spirit. That’s simply impossible! But I am also mindful that one cannot just take and run with any idea even a very good idea such as this. First of all let me be very clear, the PAP has through the years systematically obliterated the idea that there is such a thing as a Singaporean culture or even identity. The reasons why I believe they did this was because they didn’t want xenophobia to run amok and make it difficult for new migrants. This I can fully understand. And even if they didn’t do that, it is really a subject that is so muddled that’s its really so confusing for the average man on the street. So tell me how do you propose to grow this Kampung spirit idea when the roots are just hanging in mid-air? You see this tree called the Kampung spirit isn’t like one of those exotic weeds that just grows with its roots hanging out like hair like one of those colorful flowers that can stick on the trunk of another tree like superglue – this regrettably is a type of tree that needs to sink deep roots. So what you need to do is prepare the ground first – I think that is your start point. You need to iron out the inconsistencies and the many contradictions that is currently floating around the public sphere – one way is by bringing out those two mothballed legends in their mind to perhaps retract the statements they made publicly – I am not trying to be difficult, but that is really how I see it. You cannot expect to make progress if you don’t see the importance of preparing the ground first. I am afraid the ground is just plain lousy as it has been poisoned by this irresponsible politicians – nothing can grow here! – as any kid can just wander the internet and it wouldn’t be too long before he comes across statements that can only confuse him. As there is really so much out there in the internet about politicians who keep harping on that there is no such thing as a Singaporean culture or identity. You really need to prepare the ground first.

Please try to understand – as much as we like to help you by supporting this great idea of rooting the Kampung Spirit in Singapore – I think you should first help us to help you by coming out with a clear statement that those earlier statements were mistakes or misconceived at least. You see we cannot be seen to be part of something that keeps failing and failing and failing. And I have to be very brutally honest with you – I don’t think it is possible to root this idea unless you first prepare the ground. You see mass amnesia or dementia is not going to happen very soon – besides you can’t obliterate the idea of culture whenever it suits you and bring it back again when you feel it can somehow augment or improve some of the things that you see is wrong with our society. That is not how clever and intelligent people approach this whole subject.  I am so sorry, we cannot help you. Please do not be angry or regard this as an insult or even an anti social response. But I really cannot see how it is possible to root this whole idea of the Kampung spirit, if you people don’t even bother to prepare the ground first. And by preparing ground, you just need to make sure whatever was once said BEFORE is simply squared with the PRESENT and what you may want to accomplish somewhere in the FUTURE – I think at some point, everyone needs to take responsibility for what comes out from their mouth – they need to learn the error of their ways – and at least reflect that words are not simply words, that perhaps these things can even shift and move mountains. The first thing you need to do is sack your entire cyber internet monitoring team – they are as the cantonese say, “moh kwai yon!” No bloody fucking use – all they are really doing is getting data on how many people click on X and Y and Z. What the fuck does that tell you? Hey, I just boosted by stat counter these few days – it has gone up by 700%! But what does this all mean? Well let me tell you, it means absolutely nothing – people are just clicking on their mouse that’s all. So first of all, you need to establish an internet outfit that can supply you guys with good and decent intelligence that you can use for your planning function – without this in place. I am so sorry, we cannot help you. Perhaps you will be luckier elsewhere. I am so sorry.”

Extracted from a thread in Phi Beta Kappa this morning – transmitted by the Vanadium Class deep space signal jammer vessel KDD Semangat II and KDD St Petersburg – The Brotherhood Press 2012.

Is the Sticker Girl case a test for the “new normal?”

The government is really in a bind. They really only have two choices before them – do they decide to throw out the old and say, let’s just give her a slap on the wrist in the name of art and run the risk of condoning street graffiti. Or do they come down hard. Holding on to that tired and tested tagline that has always worked in the past – a crime is a crime. And be pelted once again by the rotten tomatoes squad of the internet. 

What we have here may well be a very interesting social experiment – It seems either way they are done for. Don’t you think so? Maybe not. Perhaps there is another way……a way where justice can be done and more importantly seen to be done by all…..a way that may even reconnect and nourish the ties that binds citizenry and state……a way out of this sticky mess.

Darkness 2012


“You don’t know what to do, do you? I don’t blame you. Really I don’t. After all you have all invested so much money to build up an internet cyber force and they don’t seem to be able to deliver do they? Coming to think of it, you don’t even have the basic information to really plan what to do next – let alone figure out the bigger problem of how the hell you’re all going to get yourself out from this shit hole. What we have here is a very big problem. Don’t you think so?

Let me be perfectly frank with you. How many times are you people going to fuck it all up? Let me put it another way, how many times do you think you can run the risk of getting hammered in the internet before your reputation reaches a point where it’s beyond economic repair – you see no one is bullet proof – it’s not possible to get so many hits and still remain the same. At some point all those hits are just going to add up and take so much out of you that it makes far more sense to stop what you are doing and ask yourself whether you really have to skill sets to win in this game. Come, come there is nothing to be ashamed of – the internet after all is not a very easy thing to understand. It is very complex. Do you really believe it is just possible to look at a sheet of paper to figure out what X or Y or Z people are reading everyday and just come out with a definitive conclusion of how best to proceed? Don’t be childish, the only people who think it’s cut and dried are the same people who keep tripping up and their reputation is really in tatters and beyond rehabilitation in the internet already – they have as much credibility as a bald man trying to sell hair care products. My friend do you know what is insanity? Insanity is when you do something again and again and expect a different result knowing very well, it will only produce the SAME results – now tell me please. As I am very interested to know. How do you expect to play this game now?

Aha! Gentlemen you don’t know do you? You’re looking at his ticking time bomb and wondering to yourself: should I cut the green or blue wire? You wrap the jaws of the pliers around the green wire. Just before your hand muscles decide to squeeze, you stop, then you say to yourself – maybe this is not the one. You put your pliers down and maybe pick up another tool or maybe you don’t – maybe you just stop this time like a man who has no choice but to stop as he comes face to face with the sum of all his fears and fascination – all that you can really do now is look at this terrible thing as it ticks away. That my friends is the Reader’s digest condensed version of the problem that you face – it is right there in the palm of your hands. You really don’t know what to do – do you?

Don’t look at me – for all I care you can cut blue, yellow or even any color you like. You can all even blow yourself up sky-high like one of those rockets that just makes it up a couple of feet before they disintegrate into a ball of flames. You see. I am really ONLY interested to know is how are you going to get yourself out of this perfect shit hole. You are really in an impossible situation – so that has to be at least interesting enough for me to hang around to see how this will all end.”

An undistributed extraction intercepted by the deep space mineral cruiser KDD Minerva just off the Ursula Bilbao Azzure – The Brotherhood Press 2012.

Things are not what they appear to be. How do I know? Trust me, I just know. You could say, I know the internet like the lines in the palm of my hands, so I know when the game slips into dangerous territory. I’ve got nothing against people who try to engineer consent for whatever goal to serve whatever end. But I draw the line on using certain methods which I consider covert and underhanded. Even went to war with Wayang Party once and will not hesitate to go to war again – unfortunately these seems like one of those incidences.

But what riles me abt this is – the people who plan all this, actually believe people are stupid and can be easily manipulated like puppets.

It’s not my role to tell others what they should and shouldn’t do – but it may just be a good idea to hold back on the curiosity and avoid logging into the Facebook of Mr retired SPH editor to listen to more of his or her rants about how the press these days are going to the dogs – the last thing you really want to do to yourself is get painted.

If you know what I mean that is. Nonetheless this is a very interesting development that I will be tracking.

Darkness 2012

Understand this! I was here long before the internet was born. When it was just code – gibberish to you or for that matter anyone looking at this cascading waterfall of alphabets, syntax and numbers. As time went by I saw this format changing to roughly what we are very much accustomed too these days – but I was acutely aware of the before, during and after. Some people like to look at fishes in a glass bowl, others like to spend their time looking at pictures of naked women – I do that too. But I rather look at those same cascading alphabets, syntax and numbers that you can still find these days in the old neighborhood of the early internet – as if you still know how to open the many doors that the world has forgotten about then you really get to see really interesting stuff. now you have superhighways that everybody uses and only believes always existed – but we know these old roads very well. I know them very well. Go wherever I want to go- I can sense that you are struggling with this new idea that there may eve n be hidden passages in the internet like one of those old castles. But why not? After all, the internet is not just a continuous stream of consciousness like pissing. Might it actually be like our real physical world where the new is always built on the remnants of the old? You don’t know do you? If you know how to use some of these trapdoors that I regularly walk through – you can met all types of people and even talk to them. You would probably know whether the Arab Spring was really what it turned out to be – or maybe just another glitch in the political lifespan of another dictator. You could would certainly know whether next years Bersih will be bigger and meaner than this years. You know it is all there – in the internet that is. You don’t need Mossad or even the CIA or even Johnny English to tell you all this. You know where the game is going don’t you? – the next level that is. Surely you must know. Surely you must know that such knowledge would cost more than a glass of heineken and a bowl of peanuts – if you don’t and expect me to tell you everything – then that has to be an admirable sentiment don’t you think so? I hope you will not insult me by forwarding such an offer? You see I don’t care about your politics or even what your masters want to create or for that matter what end they want to accomplish here on earth. I simply don’t care – I only care about what you are prepared to pay me to walk through one of those doors – it may be time my friend to go back to your masters and tell them that there is no such thing as a free thing in the internet, they must be very mistaken, neither is it possible for you to accomplish this mission with the limited resources at your disposal. Really, no one is going to show you the way, I will make sure of that. You mean you didn’t know? I have some influence here. All I ask is so very little do not offer me loose change to show you something that has great value. I think this conversation is over. Nonetheless, if either you or your masters are serious. Please remember my door is always open. But please remember if you insult me again by expecting me show you all this for free – then I will have no choice but to take out my plasma gun and blow your head off. Now please don’t get angry – please don’t even take what I just said personally – it’s really just business with me, it’s never ever personal. Never!”

A secret conversation somewhere in the cargo bay of the Deep Space Tiberium class Starcruiser KDD Les Enfant Du Paradis – intercepted and relayed by the deep space mercy ship, KDD Temperance – The Brotherhood Press 2012







“I don’t know whether you have seen a cobra in the flesh before. But I can assure you, it is a majestic sight. I understand completely if some here are uncomfortable with the idea of trying to find beauty in reptiles. But paradoxically that is how it is in life – as a cobra is just not any reptile. It is the perfect killing machine. It’s form combines both hard and soft seamlessly as if it intuitively knows only this symmetry is capable of delivering a blow of finality. You will not find any waste in a cobra, everything about it is streamlined for one purpose: to kill. There is a purity of purpose. A completeness of will. An almost singlemindedness. As a student of warcraft one cannot be but humbled before the cobra – as she is the very expression of the sum of all our fears along with darkest hopes. She is everything and much more. To be able to find beauty in such a terrible form may well be very unusual for most people – but not me. As when I see the cobra – at least I know where it is – this is really how it is when the knowing man comes face to face with the sum of all his fears and fascination. He can only bow before it.”

Captured in a thread in Phi Beta Kappa – This has been brought to you by the Brotherhood Press 2012.


I am a very simple man. If I don’t understand something. I will usually ask a question. And one question has been bugging me about this shuttlecock Peter Lim and his mobile MILF gangbang squad. First of all, how did so many prostitutes end up in the computer and software industry in Singapore? You see, I don’t understand. I mean if a software cuts the grade, then why is it even necessary to offer the customer a quickie on the side as a incentive to sign off on the purchase order? Makes no sense to me – I mean it’s not as if these people are peddling bottled Himalayan air where they need to provide loads of incentives to convince their customers that what they are buying into is good and great – computers and software are as cut and dried as nuts and bolts – it’s really a quantitative decision to buy or not – so how could sex have featured as such a major consideration in the whole supply chain of sale and purchase? I really don’t understand. Unless of course this has through the years developed into a sort of trade ritual – where unless sex is offered, then the sale simply doesn’t go through at all – and if this is the case – then one can only ask, who else came before the likes of Peter Lim and Cecilia the Cobra? Did they set the standards for the current sleaze th are now seeing whenever we read about tangled sheets and big ticket IT purchases to govt orgs?

I wonder? If someone can enlighten me, I would be very happy.

Darkness 2012


“In agriculture. Women are taboo. Let’s face it. The plantation industry has not changed since the 1800’s. So when a woman suddenly appears trying to sell a range of tractors or farm equipment, everyone runs away and hopes that this woman will just go away or get eaten by tigers. This is not such a bad thing. That is why we only get rugged honory men in the form of two metric ton internal beauties who regularly come to us to sell us stuff. So we are very fortunate not to have the same problem as the IT business in Singapore. As it is still very much a man’s world as a planter. But that is also slowing changing – as these days, multinationals are getting very savvy at marketing. So they are sending out very well educated women into the field. Since most of us are cut off from the social world. Naturally we would all be very excited when these girls start appearing. After all it is only natural for a man to gravitate towards the finer things in life – and these girls are really like courtesans. They are very accomplished conversationalist and they even know how to make a man feel great about himself. There lies the danger gentlemen. That is why I believe certain industries should be barred from women. As when they are just around that is bound to confuse things. I don’t think the British were necessarily chauvinistic pigs when they upheld a social convention where women were strictly forbidden to take part in some social activities – a woman in the 1800’s couldn’t for example just barge into a Gentlemen’s smoking room. There were strict social conventions that made that quiet impossible. Neither was a woman allowed to speak or write freely about politics and power either. I think one reason why in the olden days, the serious men placed so much emphasis on the seggregation of sexes was because they knew that it would only confuse matters. Take the case of Singapore where the IT industry has become the Moulin Rouge with a dash of sex in the city – so one can only ask – how did a whole industry become like this? How did sex even get commoditized? What I cannot understand is why is this trend so prevalent in Singapore? Are you telling me, part of the product information is in this sales girls drawers? So really I cannot understand this at all.

Maybe the entire procurement process needs to be reviewed if it is pockmarked to such an extent where every corner there are cheebai and tits dangling to confuse decision makers? Maybe there should be a pre-qualification for vendors along with some vetting to ensure that people who deal with these big ticket purchases are not so confused that they have to riffle through other peoples drawers in car parks? I do not think many people really understand how disturbing this trend is – as when a purchase can turn on something as obiter as sex; then it could be said, whatever has been purchased is probably second or third best – and how might this serve the goal where the best product is supposed to win the day. As what this entire episode with Peter Lim reveals is this has been happening for a very long time – it is even conceivable this is happening right across the board with paper clips right up to really serious stuff that soldiers regularly point at the enemy to use in a battle – some needs to go back, perhaps 10 to 20 years – as rituals don’t just develop out of nothing – usually they are nourished by demand and that makes possible the whole idea of supply – now the question Gentlemen that we have to ask ourselves is which came first – the chicken or the egg? Do you now see how complicated this is. Gentlemen I am not a bloody fool. I know what is going on. Like I said earlier, rituals don’t just come from nowhere. Usually they serve a very useful function. That I suspect is why during our many dinners with the serious men – you will all find that during the second half of the evening. When the women are elsewhere talking about curtains, kids and how to bake cakes. That is only when the serious men begin to really talk shop. And that is really not such a bad ritual that we have in the plantation industry. As there is no such thing as business and pleasure. The concept does not exist. Not when it comes to missions where failure is not an option. So I know what is going on. I do.”

Captured very recently in a thread in Ekunaba – The Brotherhood Press 2012

With the price of COE’s going through the roof these days – many car vendors aren’t turning in stellar revenues for the sale of brand new cars. So what most of the them are doing is bumping up their car maintenance billings to make up the short fall in revenue. Eight ball Tharman was dead wrong when he proclaimed imperially that the price of COE’s will only affect a minority of Singaporeans – these days with every car vendor jumping on to the bandwagon to maximize their service center revenue, it looks like Singapore is going to be next most expensive city to just get your car in running shape.

So without delay let me share with you all – how I regularly cut down the cost of car maintenance in Singapore – let me begin by sharing with you that I do not recommend that you touch the car at all. I don’t myself and prefer to leave the job to professionals. To save at least 70% on your annual car maintenance which on average comes up to $2K per annum, which will probably be 3.5K and probably 4K and possibly 5K in the not too distant future – you really need to be snakey about the whole business. In short you have to think and behave like a well trained Mossad secret agent. First of all get a list of items to be changed every X miles – you need a very SPECIFIC list. A general list is no bloody good! This you can get for FREE in every service center that specializes in righting your car periodically. It is very important not only to know what to change at a specific interval. But also what parts should go into the car. This is why when you get a list of items that has to be changed, make sure you also get the part number. Without the part number it is no good. As there are really hundreds of different types of let’s say transmission filter etc. To confuse the matter some cars through their lifetime may even use a different variant of parts for their latter models, so getting the part number is mission critical (remember we all have our Mossad field agent hard hats on). Once you have the part number go to any shop that deals with motor parts and ask them to source the parts for you – with the part number in hand, they are happiest to serve you. As 99.9% of customers who walk into the parts shop really have no idea how to make life easy for the man who runs the part shop. But since you have the part number; that really allows them to zoom right in and source the parts in a jiffy.

You will find the cost is roughly 50%. That is because 99.9% of service centers regularly up their parts by at least 30% to even 70%.  Next get a freelance mechanic to fix it for you. There are many around who will gladly do the job for a reasonable fee.

Darkness 2012


“Women will never ever understand cars. And cars will never understand women. Those are the constants that you have to live with as a man. So if you don’t want to end up with cancer of the wallet, it is necessary to set aside some time to understand what’s underneath the bonnet of your car – three things are key in car maintenance, oil, filter and parts replacement. If all three are done at the right time – a car can theoretically run forever without even running the risk of 10% breakdown. Breakdowns are OK in Singapore. But if you are in the jungle and your car dies on you; that’s it. It’s game over. So car maintenance is something that every man should take seriously, just like cleaning firearms or for that matter making sure there are no snakes underneath your bed whenever you wake up in the morning.”



The short answer is because she doesn’t know Aikido. The same goes for that Uncle who tried to use his body to restraint that psycho. Again he doesn’t know Aikido. Neither does that kaypoh housewife in the black dress either – she definitely doesn’t know Aikido either. What about the bus driver? Ditto. What about the guy who took this video clip? He doesn’t know either.  No one in the bus knows Aikido!

This people all have no idea how incredibly lucky they are. As for this young man if he pulled off the same stun in a bus in downtown Kampala – I guarantee you, we can all put him into a nice NTUC plastic bag.

Darkness 2012





When news first broke out a couple of months ago that two civil servants were romping around with an IT sales girl – I felt sorry for those buggers. Believe it or not, I had this image in my mind that those two itchy monkeys were a couple of kwai kwai scholars who simply took a fall as they might not be street wise sort of folks. So I reckoned, if those blur fuck monkeys came across a highly accomplished assassin like Cecilia the IT cobra sale girl – they are toasted lah. I even remembered feeling really sorry for those two scholars often recounting to myself and others, “Just a couple of really innocent people who took ONE wrong turn in life.” Now it seems my initial conclusions about Peter Lim and his policeman gangbang buddy is completely wrong. Peter Lim is very far from jus another innocent blur sotong scholar that doesn’t know his dick from his doorknob – neither is he someone who has never fucked around before – Infact, he fucks around like a shuttlecock – even went to Paris – he is in fact a very accomplished serial closet fucker cum sexual exploiters of MILF’s.

Darkness 2012


“These days to screw around, everyman should at least have a decency to buy a Mossad secret agents manual from Ebay and read it from cover to cover. It only cost $19.99. Besides it comes with a free mug, so it’s the best investment you could possibly make when undertaking dangerous enterprises. I highly recommend this as the risk associated with screwing around these days has gone up. So if you are like that Cinchai happy go lucky Peter Lim Casanova and think that you can just behave like Erol Flynn and get a quick nookie in any car park in Singapore that has to be incredibly dumb. The only thing this two time loser did right was not to get a frequent user card from Hotel 81. This fellow has got style, he even knows how to go to Paris for a dirty weekend – but the rest of his game plan failed big time. His back door was completely open and worst of all, he didn’t even have an exit strategy. If it was me, I think things will be very different, very different indeed gentlemen. But my lips are sealed. As I may have just incriminated myself with this silly post. I meant to say….”

Extracted from a dedicated Brotherhood thread in Primus known as SLF 16 – the Brotherhood Press 2012

Never ever be an open book to others. I know that it’s considered hip these days to be highly transparent, forthright and approachable these days. Nonetheless, I am still a very big fan of holding back. And the reasons are very simple. Good news is not always good news. Especially when it’s FREE. Neither is sound advice ether. When it’s FREE also. At times going on and on like a broken just fades into background noise. Especially when it’s FREE. Even wisdom if repeated again and again ceases at some point to be wisdom as it’s obviousness can very often degenerate into clichés and platitudes when they are given out for FREE. If a man is NOT mindful of choosing the TIME and PLACE and AUDIENCE that his advice is intended for – then it’s no different from loosing your arrows into the sea – all you’re really doing is dissipating energy without a defined game plan and as time goes by – this man can only be considered a fool.

A man who wants to be valued is always sparing with his advice and tight as an oyster when it comes to specifics and details. Speak only when you advice is sought. Even then always hold back. And only give when the other side is prepared to pay your price.

Darkness 2012

“All interesting books have a great prologue – it doesn’t matter whether it is Hemmingway’s old man and the sea or something really childish like Snow White and the Seven dwarfs. A man should really only offer a prologue of his character. No more or less. Keep it short and sweet. He should not allow others to read him from cover to cover on the first sitting otherwise people will thinking he is a washing machine. As they are bound to ask, why is this man so open that he reads like an instructional manual for my new DVD player – in this prologue there is very little except the basic outline of the plot along with the briefest of character description. If the other side has a file on you. Better still, as they probably know by now – 90% of the things there have been strategically inserted by you to give them an impression you are really no one, so how can you possibly be a threat? But as people begin to speak to you. You should show your more complex side to those who are preceptive to pick it up – as after a while even they will begin to discover that you are not such a simple Simon book after all. It seems you can be described as worldly and knowledgeable. But you always seem to be holding back more than you know. There are also many twist and turns to your character. Your life is not as straightforward as it’s depicted in the prologue. There are plenty of gaps and open ended sentences that suggest you are someone who plays the game within the game. You seem to take risk. But since there is no pattern to suggest you are reckless it points to some form of warcraft. Most of these things I have mentioned will be lost to common folk. But to the serious men of this world. They might conclude that still waters runs deep. But when you realize another understands you so well because in all probability, he is probably living the same life as you. You must still hold back. IMHO there is much more to reading a fellow – the way he carries himself. The choice of words he uses to describe his objects of interest. The rhythm in the way we walks and talks – to the untrained eye. All these things are meaningless scrawls. To those who are trained to see a thing. Everyday things can speak like how a chapter tells about a turning point in the story. Even very simple things like your car keys can tell a tome about you. If you are the type who walks around with more than 5 keys you regularly use and 3 extra keys that you can figure out what door they are supposed to open. Then you are just like 99.9% of the population. But if you only have one key. Then a storyline begins to unfurl. Maybe it’s a rental? Perhaps he has more a stable of cars? My point here is to illustrate how even very small everyday things we may choose to carry with us can actually reveal so much about who we really are. That is why when so much of ourselves is already screaming to the world as to who we really are – it is best to keep silent and even when you speak it short. Again as I said you are really just holding back.

As under those conditions that I have mentioned. The more you hold back the more your esteem can only increase in the eyes of others and less common will your words appear to be. To know when to speak at length and to be short and brief is one of the greatest discipline that every man should research and study. Nothing can be accomplished without discipline.”

Extracted from the Way of the Farmer – this series has been brought to you by the Brotherhood Press 2012


“Many people like to say the internet is full of shit. That is because they are not so different from diners who really only know how to dine on shit. If we have absolutely no trouble in imagining that a landmass or continent may be filled with all types of species of animals and plants that we may not have discovered yet. Then why is it so difficult to imagine that when we speak about the internet, it is not only about TOC or Wayang Party, but it is actually such a big geography that it is impossible to squeeze into ones head – the internet is a very big place! But that doesn’t mean there is nothing there. You know what very recently Bersih v.3 came and went – now the BN did not expect more than maybe 10,000 people to turn out in the streets. They were very cock sure. But nearly 250,000 people turned up. So they were really unprepared for that sort of turn out – so I am not surprised that some people tell me it was pretty violent. What do you expect when you end up with wrong intelligence – if they really wanted to know that piece of information – all they have to do is go to the right place in the internet to ask -there are plenty of people out there who just want to talk, talk and talk. But I am definitely not one of them. If you want to know more – I would have to turn on the meter and you can ask me any question you want. Even if I don’t know the answer – I am sure, I can source it out from the internet for you. “

Captured very recently in a thread in Ekunaba.

Read any man or woman’s book entitled, this is the story of my life. And the chances are the first half comes under the chapter, “the things I’ve picked up.” The other half is under the chapter, “putting down the things.” As life if you take the trouble to think abt is really divided into two distinct parts – it is not so different from a tree – in the first half of a tree’s life – they are really just preoccupied about putting as much space between the main stalk and ground – they all want to grow bigger and taller. And if nourished and tended well, most of them do. But in the second half of a tree’s life you will begin to notice they all begin to slow down and eventually stop growing completely – as in the second half of their life, all they are really doing is giving back their vigor, luster and fertility back to mothernature. And it is the same with a man and woman – when you are young and beautiful. All you’re really doing is picking up things. As you grow older and realize that you’re not as self confident in the looks dept as you used to be. All you are really doing is putting down this thing called beauty and youth – that means somewhere in your heart and mind. You’ve already made peace with the idea that you’re never going to be as fit as when you were in your teens or that you can use your good looks to get your way any longer – now if you don’t know that you have to put down these things – then what’s going to happen is that you’re going to get terribly confused about the whole business of life. That’s why when we look around – we see people doing really stupid things. Things that are completely out of synch with where they are in the journey of life. These people behave as if they need to put down nothing. Worse of all they actually believe the things they once picked up belongs to them – so they never see the need to put these things down. As a result these confused folk usually end up making a bloody spectacle of themselves by showcasing how silly and childish they are. They cling to power when they should have long given it up; they covet things that are well beyond their age and time like children who don’t seem to know when it’s time to grow up; they always set the wrong expectations for themselves and set themselves up for the fall. Some even fuck around with younger girls hoping somehow to recapture the moment of their youth.

These people are all suffering from an acute condition – where they either don’t know they have to put things down or they simply haven’t given the matter much thought. 

That is how dangerous it is when a man or woman doesn’t know – the things they once picked up must be put down. It is only when we make a conscious effort to pay close attention to WHEN it is time for us to put a thing down that we can all begin to do it gracefully. In the way a man suddenly realizes if he wants to continue reading the newspaper in the train to work every morning – he may have to get use to the idea of using reading glasses. Putting down a thing – can even be superimposed on the canvas of power and politics – where the nascent of the Arab spring is really only about the sad story of how leaders who never see the time or necessity to put things down will simply be forced to bow out.  

Putting down a thing is NOT surrendering – it is not capitulation of the self, in the way a man says “Ok, it’s downhill from now all the way.” Putting down a thing is to know when and how you should go with the flow – to be able to ride that moment in time like a crescent wave. As it is really the man who really knows when it is time for him to put a thing down – that he will know intuitively WHAT to pick up next to turn the wheel of life in the age and time that he finds himself in, in the journey of life. 

Darkness 2012

“In every part of the journey in life. You have to set aside what you once picked up. The apprentice in Kendo will learn how to set aside the wooden sword for the real katana – when he makes this transition, it is with a presence of mind that he walking into another threshold of consciousness where he will learn this time an entirely different skill set that he would not have seen in the lower levels – in this new level, he will not be able to rely on superior physical strength or vigor. But has to learn instead the higher levels of warcraft to defeat his younger and faster opponent – he may rely on experience or on cunningness, but if he doesn’t know how to relinquish and unlearn what he has gathered from practicing with the wooden sword – then it is very unlikely that he will thrive at this new level that he suddenly finds himself in – to carry another thing. You must put down what you are already carrying. Just as a cup that is filled cannot filled any longer. A mind that is cluttered with old thoughts can never be filled with new thoughts. So in this new level where you suddenly find yourself having to train with a real sword – you will begin to discover new things. And this is really how life is as well. The longer you live the more you realize that as you reach a certain way point in life – it is time to put this and that down – only to pick up another thing. But to do all this, a man need not try to remember too many new things. He should first learn how to UNLEARN many of the things that he has uploaded in his mind. This I think is more important that picking up and putting down things. Much more important.”

This has been extracted from the way of the farmer – this popular series has been proudly brought to you by the Brotherhood Press 2012 

It would mislead to say outright that Graffiti is art and not plain and simple vandalism. And the sticker girl should just be let off with a slap on the wrist. My take is Graffiti can both be art and vandalism at the same time. The matter is nowhere near cut and dried or black and white. Rather it’s shades of grey. If we let graffiti go on, nasty and stupid stuff can only get plastered everywhere and that will just spoil it for most people. Not to mention someone has to clean up the mess left by these street artist who think that certain stretches of the pavement and walls belong to their grandfather’s to do whatever they like with.

Ban graffiti completely, and beautiful Art, beautiful voices, and beautiful minds are denied a voice to express themselves. I say let Graffiti go on, ONLY let it go on in only approved and designated areas  where it doesn’t intrude into the lives of others – the government needs to establish clear rules for how this new game is played. I can more or less flesh out the outline of this game – the artist needs to register what they want to put up in a public place. The stickers need to be approved by this committee, artist should only use approved type adhesives and materials that do not leave a mark on the surface. Or stick it on an important signage like SLOW DOWN etc. And the art work needs to be cleaned up after a specific period of time by the artist. May well be your grandfather road, but you still need to clean up the mess you created. I don’t really know how much the imposition of rules and regulation will take away from the illicit thrill of the graffiti artist – as so much of this street culture is really driven by whole psychology that makes up any underground movement. As  graffiti isn’t just about putting colorful pictures, it’s really all about the illicit thrill of sneaking out and doing something illegal and coming back and feeling the pride that you pulled off such a stunt. Graffitti can be art. Only it needs to be done in the right way.

Darkness 2012


I find it impossible to start writing a book without having in a title in mind. As I have a habit of losing my focus whenever I start a project without having a title in mind – this title isn’t just a summary of what I want to do or even how I may go about accomplishing the task. Rather it’s a story within the story. A sort of mental handle that allows me to take stock of what I am doing along with perhaps auditing whether my actions are consistent with my goals. You can even say this title in my mind defines much of my attitude before, during and after work – it’s a way of reminding me what I want out of this project and even what I am prepared to do to accomplish this mission. As when I find myself straying off course, it’s not unusual for me to reflect on the wider ramifications of the title and how my work may relate to the set pieces that make up this title – this way I never stray too far off the mark. As the goal is always crystal clear. And this simply means the outcome of the work can only be immeasurably closer to what I have conceived in my mind. I’m convinced that all of us would perform much better, if we had a title in mind whenever we choose to do something significant. It matters little whether it is spring cleaning a room where clothes and delivery pizza go and die. Or even starting a business or enterprise or just looking for that special person in our to share of lives with – having a title in mind keeps one focused like a compass – from time to time, one always needs to check off one’s heading against the bearings to make sure we are still on the right track, it’s the only way I know how to make sense of the journey in life.

Darkness 2012

Extracted from the e-book: The Way of the Farmer – this highly popular series has been proudly brought to you by the Brotherhood Press 2012


There are so many versions of desafinado – and one reason for this is because there is a tremendous amount of room for improvisation in the Jazz genre. But this one played in double quick time of 145 beats per minute cuts it perfectly for me.

It doesn’t take alot to make my day – finding little gems like these can just as well be a slice of heaven for me.


Darkness 2012


“When you find the one you have been waiting for all your life – it is very easy to recognize it, as it will be very different from what is in your mind – usually it’s much better than what you could have possibly imagined. Much much better. That is why when you come face to face with this thing that is the source of your fear and fascination – you should just go with the flow – not fidget nervously or start stammering like an idiot, but cucumber cool and just observe it. Somewhere in your mind, you should switch to behave like a well trained Mossad field agent and simply look on. I find this much safer personally – never be shy about it. Other people will say it is rude to stare. But you are not doing that – all you’re really doing is immersing yourself in the moment. In the way a man savors a rare cellared claret – he is really just savouring the moment and wishing that you he had a neck as long as a giraffe to enjoy more of this wonderful ambrosia. You see it’s a heady mix, one part destiny with a dash of serendipity so it really only comes around two or three times in a man’s lifetime. An amatuer will just let the moment past, fumble and fuck it all up. The knowing man. A man of all seasons will simply watch this beautiful thing as if it has always belonged to him return – he knows this instinctively that is how it is, he is lau chaui abt the whole business so he just knows how he’s really a moth circling a naked flame – fear and fascination – poison and medicine – perdition and salvation all marvelously distilled in the moment – that’s why he is not shy about it when he reaches out to be part of this thing. Other men will not understand this. As they aren’t in the moment. As the knowing man is not an ordinary man. He’s has cultivated the art of seeing this thing as if it is the only thing in this world – a splash of color in a sea of green like a wild orchid set against a tropic jungle. Such things can only allow the knowing man to hold one grain of sand and stop time all together – it is as if only this thing and this man exist and all else is simply a blur of sound and color – but this moment is sharp, it is complete and in full technicolor. So the knowing man will not do a thing, except to take it all in. He will not be like the others. They are really just still trying to impress this thing by talking too much and showing off as best they can – but a man of all seasons understands these things perfectly. He has gone through the steps a thousand times in his head. So he can really only embody that perfect balance of purposeness and listness that one associates with the knowing. You could even say he has trained his mind, body and spirit for just this one appointment in time and space. Those who have never ever known this before will never understand. Never. It’s impossible. As only great things come to those who know how to see a thing for how it is supposed to be seen and truly appreciated. By then this knowing man is no longer a just a man – he has become the mythical lover.- is.”

Think back. In the moments of our youth all of us can remember how our parents probably tried to nudge us subtlely to be engineers, doctors, lawyers, architects and every conceivable lot that was better than their cookie cutter life – that’s understandable, even a road sweeper doesn’t want his son to end up like him, not in Sg at least given the crummy pay. Sweden or Denmark is another story.

In a nutshell most of us harbor great expectations for our children – we want them all to have the best possible start in life  – we want them never to miss out on the chances that once came our way only to fumbled it up. As we all know how one wrong turn can very often lead to lost years. But there lies the danger of even the best intentions my brothers and sisters – as by projecting many of our OWN hopes and aspirations on our children – we are inadvertently creating a recipe for unhappiness for them. As when we even do set up such lofty expectations for how they should live their life – we have also DEFINE for them what is success and failure along with imparting to them many of our notions of what is success and failure along with the FEAR that accompanies falling short of the mark. But understand that their lives will be radically different from our in so many ways that they recipe of success that worked for us. May produce more harm than good. Instead of empowering them, we may even disable them from discovering new opportunities to carve out their own story of success in their age – and the reason for this is because the world that our children have to live, work and play in will be a very different one from what it is today – how those changes may pan out is anyone’s guess. And I am not even going to try to take that elephant on, as there are so many possible permutations of how Singapore would be when our children grow up. Even today we part of this change that is coursing through not only the political landscape globally but also coloring trade and commerce – the Arab Spring, the woes that Europe faces today with the multi headed hydra of basket ball Greece and possibly Italy and Spain in the near term, the crazy weather that even we have grown to accept as a way of life – all this point to one reality. CHANGE will be the defining theme of the next chapter of the Singapore story. We may not be conscious of the chastening passage of change as it courses through our life’s – as change is creeps like fingernails – you don’t really realize it’s time to clip them, till you can dig out the gunk from your ears with the nail from your little finger. 

My friends change is shifting imperceptibly through us like a hyper dermic needle without even us realizing that it’s taking us like an escalator to another plane of existence. In this brave new world in which our children would have to turn the wheel of life by progressing through each stage of life – as a toddler, teen, graduate, salaryman part secret benefactor of Hotel 81, husband, father and grandfather – they will have to face NEW set of challenges. They may even have to redefine their conception of what it means to successful. As the Greeks are currently learning how best to live in a regimen of austerity measures today. Not only will these transformational changes be limited to the sphere of trade and commerce. Even the social landscape in Singapore will be very different from what it is today – the pavements that we walk along by these days may be highways for gereatics who can only move around in motorized wheelchairs – the future equivalent of PRC Ferrari kill Taxi Uncle may well be a first generation PRC oldie that ploughs his illegally swooped up wheelchair heartlander – as for the ECP and PIE for all we know, they would be turned into canals as Malaysia has turned into Absurdistan and they are no longer interested in selling us water any longer. Even the way we play and relax will change – librarians in the NLB may well have to carry taser guns – as patrons don’t seem very interested to wake up when they hear them shouting, No sleeping in the library. Unless of course they threaten to toast them. As for the SPH building in Tao Payoh, it will turned into an art museum to showcase the avant garde art with a barbed repartee political bent – one exhibit  held at half past three that proves popular with the youths of that period is “happy times.” A live performance that pokes fun at how it was to live circa 2012 in Singapore.” The audience laugh rapturously as the contrast with their own times is so different that the diorama of life that is depicted in this matinee – another age – another time – another life. Where values and conceptions are so different that they may even be summed up in chalk and cheese terms, black and white, oil and water. A brave new world.

That my friends would be the age that our children would have to live in – and that to the perceptive reader is the scenery of your twilight years as a grand father. A very different Singapore. Almost like another country.

Darkness 2012 


Guildsmen and Darkness during an early Kendo session in District 5 in a plantation in Southern Cameroon – captured by an auto and relayed to com-sat by the Vanidor Deep Space freighter KDD Nebraska – The Brotherhood Press 2012.

“We are in a time warp. The plantation way of life has not changed that much from the 1800’s when white planters were the Shahib and the natives were just dust beneath their feet. Other industries may have zoomed beyond this idea. But in plantations things have remain relatively unchanged, there is still today an aristocracy amongst men very much in the way baboons have to give way to a tiger.

But back in Singapore. They are all in the gulf stream of the chastening passage of change. They progressing while we are still stuck in time somewhere in the 1800’s.

So I understand why many of you no longer see there as home but rather where you are. But what happens Gentlemen when enterprises that move out from Singapore forget where is home – then they will never see the need to send back money and when that happens Singaporeans will probably be an extinct species by then. That is why I think it is very important for all of us to carry a portable idea of home with us wherever we go. And this we can do whenever we seek out another Singaporean or maybe Malaysian PR who has worked in Singapore before whenever we go to foreign countries. We should mix more with these people. As these people may well be folk cut from the same cloth as us. Let us be perfectly frank ordinary men do not beat a path to Nowhereville to find their fortune – Hey! There are easier ways to turn the wheel of life. So this people are in it for the thrill of the chase. It is a vampire thing my brothers. Either you see it or smell it or you don’t – either you know for what it is or you simply don’t. That is the feeling when two Singaporeans met by chance on the long road to Kampala in the dry season. They are like to stray cats eyeballing each other suspiciously – each wondering to himself, “what is he doing here so far off the map?” Soon you get to exchanging cards, he invites you to his African version of Laksa with Gambara sauce – it hits home the first time, one spoonful of this man’s Laksa with Gambara and he is right back there in Joo Chiat wondering whether No 34 or 32 is the real Singaporean laksa. It is in these people that you come across that you will find the idea of home and sanctuary in faraway lands. There are really your little sliver of Singapore when you are faraway from home. They are your community. So you must aspire to be like the leaders of this community. It is only through this way that one is able to nourish the ties that connect us all to your loved ones back at home.”



Personally I cannot see how he can stay on as the chief editor. I have been blogging for an awfully long time on the social political scene in Singapore. And never before in this whole period of ten years have I seen the Straits Times hemorrhage so much credibility, good will and even respectability within such a short period of time.


I am not suggesting for one moment under Han Fook Kwang ST came across as fairer and squarer then what it is today – but at least, it seemed to me and others I have spoken too in the last week to be less full frontal in tearing the opposition to shreds.

What’s different today is the ST seems to consistently paving the road to the dodo hall of fame as each successive day passes by. First it was the ST’s brazen below the belt manner in which they tried unsuccessfully to smear the opposition and even undermine their credibility obliquely. Then it was their mind numbing charity drive that involved giving out free newspapers to the poor!!!!!!! And the list really goes on like the preachy attitude ST has been adopting about creating a more caring and inclusive society. That to me and I suspect 99.9% of netizens comes across as rich and hypocritical.


I mean taking a look at this photo and the caption below – what after all is a reasonable man supposed to conclude?

To exacerbate matters Fernandez seems to have as much PR and damage control skills as a garden gnome – when allegations surfaced that the press coverage was less than fair and truthful after the elections in Hougang. Warren responded in exactly the way a garden gnome would respond by reading from a prepared cue card that was probably taken out circa 1970 – his response was such a massive disconnection from what the public perceived from the press coverage, that it simply didn’t gel or even make sense and that I believe really spiked the anger counter in the internet in the ST.


I don’t know any journalist who work in the ST. But I never thought that I would ever feel sorry for them. It’s hard to be motivated and to even believe in what you do, when so much shit seems to stick on all the right places in such a short period of time – but try to keep your chin up.


As I don’t think Warren Fernandez is the right man – I much prefer Han Fook Kwang. He may not be angel, but at least, when he was around, the anger meter against the ST was manageable. But these days when you look around the internet, coffee shop and even the offices – the tagline seems to be, “Warren tak boleh pakai lah.” (I will try to compile a vid and post it on YouTube when I next go back to Singapore for a fertilizer convention – I will also be speaking there, so I will bring up the subject as well informally to interview some people abt what they think about the recent Hougang press coverage.)


Like I said, if you are journalist keep your spirits up and hang tight. I have a feeling it will get much worse before it levels out.


Fuck you lah!


Darkness 2012





“Everyone needs to feel good about what they are doing to do a good job. If I am manufacturing cluster bombs or plastic anti personnel mines that maim eleven year old Abdul and Fatimah in Afghanistan, I don’t think, I will be very happy even if I happen to making tons of money. There was this time, when I worked in this tobacco company. HR even splayed out a fast track program for me to be in senior management within three years in Virginia. They said the part fitted me like a glove. I was working on some machine to expand the size of leaves – I have always been interested in agriculture and food, so I found the whole idea of working with leaves and getting to know how they were grown etc really fascinating. On top of all that I was working on this super duper high tech machine that used liquid nitrogen to freeze dry the tobacco leaves before they were feed into the production line. Then one day my next door neighbor was hospitalized for lung cancer. I felt really crummy as the brand of cigarettes he smoked probably came from my factory. So after a while, that ate into me like slow acting poison and gradually I just lost interest. One day I just decided to go home after lunch. The following day I never even reported to work. Till today, I still have one months salary waiting for me haven’t even picked it up. My point is jobs like that should carry the surgeon’s general warning – it’s hazardous to your well being. I guess it can’t be so different as a young journalist in Singapore. What’s sad is many of them probably signed up not because they want to make more money or get by cheating the system like I did – journalism is an awfully tough profession no matter how you splice it, it’s all about working to a tight schedule, that’s one of the hardest ways I know to turn the wheel of life – and most of them put in a 70 hour week. So why would anyone in their right mind even want to do that? Maybe they have this idea that they can somehow make the world a better and fairer place. That idea may seem naive, but when you are young that’s how your mind works. Then as they start working. They begin to discover everything is not what it seems. There’s always a dissonance between what they have in their brain and reality. Things don’t square off nicely with their aspirations. There are suddenly plenty of lacunae, chiaroscuro, darkened interiors that are so big they even swallow up light and worst of all they aren’t really doing what they always dreamt of doing – as to be a young journalist in Singapore whatever they write doesn’t make to print without first have to go through the censors. Because when you work for a press that is an appendage of the party political oligarchy whatever you produce will invariably have to go through a form of sovietization. As the goal is to keep the political hegemony in power at every cost and opportunity. And this process is justified through a process known as nation building. Sooner or later all of them learn to express themselves in the approved corseted manner – again that is bound to affect a person’s mental well being no matter how optimistic or motivated they may be. As when someone thoughts are filtered and sieved for correctness – that’s really a form of appropriation of one’s individuality – and I know how this feels like, By this time, they all know how the system works. Most of them probably tell themselves, this is only temporarily. I am sure a teaching job will come along. I’ll jump ship then. By then another year goes by. And soon the things they own will begin dictating harsh terms to them – you can’t leave this job now! Hey, you have bills to pay. Besides your skill sets aren’t transferrable unless you want to downgrade to a copywriter for an ad agency. So to keep their sanity, these young journalist have to mentally cut off a chunk of their consciousness the way a bereaved lover stores away all the letters and photos of her dead lover in shoe box and slides it underneath the bed. She says to herself while wiping off the tears. I am not strong enough to deal with this now. But I’ll take it out one day – only one day never really comes and another year goes by – suddenly they aren’t so young anymore – by then they know how the game is really played along with the intrigues. They know it only too well by then to realize it doesn’t pay to rock the boat. But what did you ladies expect? The individual has given way to the generic. So to get by, they cut off another chunk of their being. This time perhaps they try to believe in the idea that there is actually this fairytale called nation building. It’s like a Da Vinci code moment to some of them. They begin to make out invisible lines of power intersect with matters of state and so on and so forth. And some do end up believing. Because this is how it is in life Ladies. If everyone in this thread believes in green Martians. Then it makes perfect sense to debate how many Martians can fit on a pin head. Similarly if enough journalist believe that what they are doing is nourishing statecraft and preserving our way of life – then they will be righteous and even justified to do whatever it takes to perpetuate the status quo ante. As time goes by this notion morphs into a fait accompli. The truth has nothing whatsoever to do with how a person might effect such a perceptive shift. Faith is all that is required.

For the dearly unfortunate who cannot make this leap of faith. They have to cut again. Maybe even a part of their heart and soul along with probably their dreams of what it means to be a journalist. So these people are really just getting by, by cannibalizing themselves to remain whole as best they can while deep inside they die tiny slices of death. Some may find resolution in the idea that all bloggers are feral and nasty, so it’s best to just shut them out from the mind. Others may take a more practical approach and say, this puts food on the table. And as I mentioned earlier on – there are those who have already made that perceptive shift that allows them to be so righteous – they even seen themselves as vanguards of the truth. The psychology isn’t so different from those failed writers who can’t sell their books as no one finds them interesting. But this doesn’t prevent them from fabricating the necessary lie that serves the purpose of removing and sanitizing every trace of their failure. Instead they take comfort in the conceit that society isn’t ready for their enlightened message. Humanity it seems needs another 1,000 of evolution to even begin understanding the prologue.

I think the greatest tragedy has to befall the truest of the true of journalist – as at some point in a man’s life when he is forced to seek a compromise with his core values and beliefs to do the unspeakable – one has no choice but to betray oneself. To make up for unimaginable loss, they too start developing their version of the necessary lie – you know in the way defense scientist often convince themselves they are actually saving mankind by developing a skeleton key to herald a new era of peace – as the weapons they conceive will end all wars – tabula rasa. But let us call a spade a spade. The necessary lie is a prosthetic that just allows one to get by – a very crumbly way to get by. Don’t you ladies think so? As surely it lacks the requisite quality of endurance and sustainability – so as time goes by, something will have to die again. And maybe this time, it’s something that they probably spent their youths feeling really proud about – the worst part is when that thing dies so does a part of them. I don’t think anyone deserves that at all. Do you? As you only have one life and if one cannot even find happiness and purpose in a job to edify you and others from time to time – then what is the bloody point of even waking up every morning and going to work. What is the point of it all? The saddest part is by then there are no more questions or even answers any longer – all that remains is the terror of the unending litany that stretches before these young journalist you are probably not so young then, like a long road that just goes on and on. A road that is even seems to have the finality that it shall never end at all. Never. You see one reason why if you look at most of my social political essays stretching all the way back to ten year ago – I’ve always looked upon them with sort of sweet and sour sadness that simply says, ‘you deserve better.’ So if you happen to be a Malaysian and you’re thinking about making a life as a hack in Singapore. You really need to know what you are really getting yourself into. It is not my place to tell people how they should live their lifes – all I can really do is recommend and no more, but I think in this case I have every right as a fellow human being to say to some of you who have come to me for advise ‘you deserve better.’

This has been extracted from a thread very recently from Ekunaba – intercepted and rebounded by the Tiberian Class Deep Space Battlecruiser KDD Altapo II – The Brotherhood Press 2012.

I have plenty of guard dogs in my estate. But only one is allowed to guard me when I am in the land of Nod. I did not buy Dracula (his original name believe it or not was Johnny). I relieved him from a batty Dutch lady who had no business owning such a fine animal. She used to torture this poor animal by dressing him up in baby clothes and feeding him human food and treating him as a member of the family. Naturally Dracula became confused and slightly crazy, so he became a dysfunctional and even dangerous dog. Since I passed this Dutch woman’s house everyday as it is very near the plantation – I used to stop and go up to the fence and pat him on the head. One day when I saw this ridicolous woman trying in vain to control this dog as it lunged towards a couple of kids – I said to myself, enough is enough, so I whistled and Dracula jumped into my landcruiser and we drove happily away into the sunset. It has been a full year since Dracula joined the dog community in my estate with Sparta, Milo, Max and Heindrich. And I’ve had to slowly reintroduce Dracula to who he is really meant to be, a professional guard dog. This has not been easy, as Dracula came to us with loads of bad habits. He used to run around and destroy everything whenever he didn’t get his way and whine like a baby. But since the rest of the pack are all serious bad ass professional guard dogs. They hammered the shit out of Dracula. Today Dracula is a trusted member of my security team – he specializes as the radar of the pack and can pick up footsteps in the jungle as far as two kilometers away. The rest of the pack use Dracula as a pathfinder because of his keen sense of hearing during their nightly search and destroy missions. Since Heindrich, my lead dog still considers Dracula an apprentice, he is never allowed to join the pack beyond a certain point in the estate. Neither do the rest of the pack allow him to use his weapons of mass destruction either – his canines – as they still believe Dracula hasn’t cut his teeth yet – after his night patrol with the pack, Dracula is allowed to come into the villa. Even then he is not allowed to slouch around on the carpet. As the leader of pack Heindrich is very particular about what a dog should do and not do. Dracula’s stance is always combat mode whenever he is in the house – so he has to stand to attention for hours on end even when I am sound asleep. As for that Dutch lady, she still comes around from time to time with a pudgy policeman. But since Dracula keeps barking at her as if he wants to kill her – it is very difficult for anyone to believe this is really her dog.

This is how it is meant to be. We are now one happy family.

Darkness 2012