Do you think, I am stupid? Are you telling me people are happy in Singapore?

July 24, 2012

Writer Dan Buettner explores four places in the world that have been identified as the happiest in the world (I wonder how did he derive at his assumptions), in the National Geographic book Thrive: Finding Happiness the Blue Zone Way. Denmark, Singapore, Mexico and San Luis Obispo, Read more at
What do I think about Mr Buettner’s research – to put it simply, I happen to think, it’s a crock of shit. Correction: I know it is a crock of you know what! 
Besides who the hell really takes these happiness surveys seriously. For one I happen to know many of these writers are given perks and in some cases even paid to write the crap they write. My point is ther is always a vested interested. If you can’t ferret it out, it just means, you’re not drilling deep enough.
The last time I read one of these dodgy happiness surveys, Geneva was considered a fun and happening place – not that I realized it when I found myself walking around empty streets in Geneva wondering to myself whether a bubonic plague had hit the city – so that just to show you that many of these writers are really just talking through their poop chute.
Perhaps Mr Buettner should spend some time working, living and playing in Singapore (if he can afford it that is) instead of coming up with shitty write up’s like this. As if none of us have ever travelled the world and seen the other side of the coin.
I have just sent a terse letter to the chief editor of National Geographic and will be coordinating with the Explorers Club Internationale to send in a protest letter.
Please I am not trying to be malicious or evil. All I want to do is to tell it the way I see it – to simply call a spade a spade. There is nothing subversive about what I am doing – but there are simply too many lies in the internet it seems even from the likes of National Geographic.
Darkness 2012

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