Writing & Communion

July 25, 2012

One should never underestimate the power of the written word – granted you may well be in another time zone. Our lives may even resemble the moon and the sun. When I am awake, you’re a sleep. But that doesn’t mean we don’t share a connection beyond the dictionary meaning of friendship. You see it is really very simple. Perhaps you need to believe that I am separated from you in the way, you can look at me through bullet proof glass and nothing can ever go through this side or the other side to affect you; maybe that idea of separation is something that your mind needs to continue this relationship – but I am not so sure nothing can ever pass this way or that way. I am not even so sure that both of us are like desolate islands separate by vast continental shelfs. You in your shark infested island and mine God knows where. But I know we share a common country of thoughts, emotions and aspirations – as whenever one person writes from the the heart and another reads, then a sort of magic occurs where you can say, within the span of time, you’re reading and digesting this, then we are really connected. And if we can even share these things regularly, then it’s even possible that something here goes over there and vice versa share. But don’t push your mind to understand what I am saying now. I don’t want to scare you. Besides I am much older and I am supposed to be wiser, so let us just leave it there – because you brain is going to explode like a hand grenade, if you think too much abt this. Just go with the flow and take it one step at a time. Remember, you’re always in control and even if you aren’t maybe it makes sense for you to believe that you are. It’s a way of getting a handle on things. Only to answer your original question: what do I think is the furthest distance in the universe? Is it the distance between two distant stars. No! The furthest place between two points is when I am standing right before you and you cannot even see me. Correction: you refuse to see me, for reasons only known to yourself – and if you must know that is I the furthest point that separates two points or in this case two people.

Darkness 2012

Captured very recently from a thread in Phi Beta Kappa – The Brotherhood Press 2012

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