You can licky and suckee me for an ‘A.’

July 26, 2012

First it was sex for $, then sex for contracts, now sex for A’s. What next?

Is this the sign of the times? Should we all turn to the book of Apocalypse to try to make sense of where society is heading? What is really happening here? 

Why are  suddenly so prevalent these days that it’s even oozing right out of the wall paper and floorboards. Why can’t a man just enjoy his breakfast read without once having to read about tangled sheets tales in Singapore.

Might the Singapore obsession with sex have something to do with how for the last decade. We have all been so fixated with the whole idea of money and getting ahead that we are even prepared to do anything just to get a competitive edge over others.

It stands to reason doesn’t it – if a country is only fixated on GDP – then what can only happen is society will begin to monetize everything under the sun, including of course sex. As in a society where only money matters. Then everything has to be for sale.

I can understand if a sex is exchanged for money – after all its the oldest transaction known to man. And I am sure it fulfills a real and pressing need. I can even in certain cases understand, if sex is exchanged for contracts – as again indirectly money is involved.

But what I cannot understand is sex for good grades. I do not care about that lecturer – but what about this poor girl. Her life is ruined. She will always be known in professional circles as the one who opened her legs to get a good grades. How will she ever get a job once she finishes her pupilage? How will this girl even get married? – as since she can even spread her legs wide open for just grades. Then what else might she be prepared to spread her legs wide open for? Coming to think of it, what will sex in Singapore be exchanged for next?

I have absolutely no idea – but I have a feeling, nothing can ever shock me now. I’ve crossed a mythical line. An invisible line somewhere in my head.

Breathe it is another beautiful day. The world is not coming to an end.

Darkness 2012

“Sex is a very confusing thing – as even when you are just minding your own business and two people are just making out – it is very easy to confuse their sexual desires with yours. This could be one reason why sex is often used to lure the unsuspecting, foolish and vain – no man in my opinion has the sagacity and resolve to say no to sex – not even the best of us – as it is really like a tractor beam – it will grab you and draw you closer and closer to the nucleus of your fears and fascination. Everyman starts off under the false assumption, he can say ‘NO!” When a girl shakes her hips like a dancing cobra, the man will remind himself, “Hey, I am the guy who wears a white hat. I can say no to this.” When she shakes her hips twice – “maybe I can live with compromises, I am after all just human.” By the third time this girl shakes her hips. All reason has been replaced by carnal desires. This is the power of sex once it is weaponized.

How do I know this? Because unlike you people I have gone to ebay and bought myself a Mossad secret agent manual – you should get one, if you don’t want to find yourself entrapped. For a limited time only, it comes with a free mug and free sized T shirt. Anyway back to my point.

If you turn to page 148. There is a long section on sex – once you have finished reading it. You will have very little trouble in saying ‘no.’ You could even say, so complete will your transformation be, that no is the response you can produce under virtually any and every condition of sexual temptation – that is because now, you see sex in a completely different light.

You know it now, sex, that is. As not only a thing that can give pleasure. But also as a thing that is used as an instrument of war.

I think those who wish to live dangerously should at least learn more about how to do without getting themselves in hot soup – it sounds like common sense. But apparently, for some funny reason in Singapore, it isn’t very ‘common’ at all.

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