Why so many don’t seem to be interested in flying the flag this National Day in Singapore

July 29, 2012

“Our 47th National Day is approaching. How to celebrate? What to celebrate?” 

This is a pithy summary of our times that I came across in Gintai’s blog.

And this should prompt many of us to ask, what has happened to the whole idea of taking pride in flying the flag on national day?

I guess, when one’s way of life gives way to a strange and alien landscape. It can only threaten. This can only heighten the sense of uncertainty. Uncertainty leads to fear and anxiety. And this can only corrode well being and water down what it means to be part of a tribe. 

It seems what my friend Patriot is trying so hard to say in his essay, is the question is not whether we can intergrate these foreigners into our fold. But rather might they integrate us instead into their way of life? 

But why has this happened? How did we reach here? Could it be our leaders have failed to empower us with the right software to win in this war of the hearts and minds? 

They don’t seem to be very proud of our way of life – some such as LKY and Prata man have even openly proclaimed on TV, “Singaporeans do not have a culture.” Has that left us all defenseless against this onslaught of perpetual foreigners?

Which ever way you choose to see it – IMHO, it is likely to subtract more than add. As when no one believes they have a culture that is worthy, let alone worth protecting, upholding and promoting – then how is possible for many of us to continue to see the need to nourish the idea of our nationhood? It is no accident that the receptacle of culture, identity and a sense of shared destiny has always resided in the idea of the motherland. As the symbol of the mother represents everything good, noble and worth dying for to protect – without the mother. A man has no roots. How is it possible for him to stand proud and hold his head up high?

And when so many are unable to be nourished by a deep spirited sense of belonging. How can they even be able to believe that our destinies are interconnected? That we are all in the same boat and that we all share the SAME aspirations and hopes. 

Wonder no more why – so many these days no longer see the flag as a symbol that represents a higher ideal. To many it is just a colorful piece of cloth. As increasingly it value is being hollowed out by the cult of chasing money. And so is it so unusual, for many of us not to hang out our flags? As it has become a meaningless thing?

This is what happens my friends, when the cult of chasing money becomes the central theme of nationhood. When everything is monetized and ascribed a value. After a while, we too will begin to see only value in things that others are willing to pay for – when that happens, then instead of the shared destiny of nationhood – it is everyman for himself. 

So now you all understand. Why it is not whether we can help these foreigner integrate into our way of life. Mini Lee is talking through his ass. He has lousy advisors who cannot think strategically. Rather how is it possible not to be subsumed into their way of life. IF we do not have a superior culture to these foreigners?

This is why culture and share identity has always been strategic and always important. You never ever find a serious man who will ever say, “we do not have a culture.” As they know only too well – to first build a building, it first needs a strong foundation. And this only be constructed not out of chasing short term goals of money. But something much more enduring and resilient. Our leaders are not wise when they throw away something so valuable and important. As if it is a piece of used tissue paper. Not wise at all.

The tragedy of this is it need not ever be like this. It could have been very different…..very different indeed.

I understand. I understand completely.

Darkness 2012

(This has been extracted from a thread somewhere in the abandoned sector of District 16 (which was previously known as the Singapore blogosphere) – transcript has been relayed by the deep space Niberium class refueling cruiser KDD Vanidium and her sister vessel KDD Titania Corpus Angelo II – Brought to you by the Interspacing Mercantile Guild.)

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