Food Prices are going up….err what is the government going to do?

July 30, 2012

A very simple question: to deal with the impending food prices likely to hit most Singaporeans and residents – what is the government planning to do?

Are they planning to slash GST for food in supermarkets? Nope. Are they planning to curb hawkers from ridding on this wave of food hikes to prevent them from raising their prices? Nope. Might they even be preparing a food security contingency plan? Nope. Not that I know of. As none of us have even seen a single AVA research team scouring for new sources of food supplies – we have all seen alot of Chinese, Indians, European and even Malaysians driving around in their 4XA and flying around in their helicopters. But yet to see a single AVA team.

Recently, Mini Lee decided to warn Singaporeans that the price of food is expected to go up. What is his solution? Nothing lah. He is just passing on information. Thanks for nothing lah.

As those of you who have been following my blog will probably already know that food prices are expected to spike in the latter half of this year. So this shouldn’t come as a rude surprise at all.

Darkness 2012


“If you really want to know why food prices go up. Be prepared to throw out all your old and dusty assumptions about classical supply and demand theorems. Sure drought and pestilence and weather shifts play a preponderant role in supply and demand. But in the larger scheme of things all these are relatively minor – as any farmer will probably tell you drought and pestilence has been around since man started to farm. There is no mystery there. Those risk have already been factored into the projected yeild along with price. Most people don’t realize this. But farmers do. So what else can account for these round of price hikes?

Well if Mini Lee says it has something to do with drought in the US. Then I’ve just probably say, OK lah. Believe what you want lah. But if you really want to know why food prices are really spiking.

Then watch this video. Today is the day you learn to punch a hole through the world’s version of reality and hopefully you will discover your own version of the truth.

Trust me, when you next walk into NTUC. You will see food in a completely different light. One that you just know has nothing whatsoever to do with drought and pestilence. And everything to do with manipulation. That unfortunately is the sad and brutal truth of why things cost more than what they should really cost.

Things are likely to get much worse. As these days a new generation of farmers have entered the agricultural scene. These men aren’t your pin stripped suited bean counters. They are rugged. Men who don’t mind flying in a helicopter with their feet dangling out. By now they are probably so used to life in the field – most of them have got used to sleeping in their Landcruisers along with carrying semi automatics and togging an Apple lap top at the same time. They have both the intelligence and experience to manipulate the price of commodities. And they all know this is the new El Derado.

I think it fair to assume, things will get much worse, before they get better…much worse…I am afraid. As for drought being the cause of price hikes…that is a fairytale.”

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