Wow..this Andrew Loh is really stupid to call that TNP journalist stupid!

August 8, 2012

I am harvesting today. So let’s dive straight in. A simple question: what wrong with this picture?

Exactly! The way I see it, the TNP journalist who Andrew Loh called stupid here: wow-this-guy-is-really-stupid is simply highlighting the obvious. I mean when I first came across the photo of Tao Li. I too remembered saying to myself: Hey she’s really fat man! How is an Olympic class swimmer who looks like a 200 metric ton Soviet tug boat supposed to cut through water aerodynamically?

To put it another way, the TNP journalist is merely calling a spade a spade. Nothing wrong about that. Besides we all know New Paper is just a freebie tabloid. Hardly from the same venerable stable as WSJ or the Herald Tribune, so how smart is it to expect the same rigorous standard of reportage from the New Paper?

Andrew Loh proceeds to berate the poor journalist like a sour old man by calling him stupid no less than 5 times – when infact the really stupid person is Andrew Loh himself as he failed to realize all that the journalist was doing was putting a light-hearted spin on a story a la tabloid fashion.

Nothing wrong about that. As for undertones about calling others fat – I really don’t think that is an issue. After all tax payers money is used to train and feed Tao Li – so doesn’t the public have a right to know why an Olympic swimmer representing Singapore looks more like an elephant than a sleek torpedo?

Please grow up Andrew and do try to control your temper.

 Darkness 2012


“The freedom to write is the freedom to write. Once we start putting restrictions on what people can write. Then it’s not so different from putting a police man or rabbi in your head. And that’s no good…no bloody good at all.”

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