I will give up social political blogging for good IF…..

August 29, 2012

Mini Lee said recently in the National Day Rally, he is worried that the image of Singapore will be tarnished internationally by xenophobia and hate speech. He is presumably appealing to our sense of collective identity.

But anyone with two brain cells to spare will probably be able to testify without too much difficulty, that Singaporeans are probably the most giving and tolerant people on the face of this planet. In the past, Singaporeans have always openly welcome foreigners. Unlike other countries where foreigners are frequently singled out for villification and ridicule – in other countries, even developed countries they were even beaten up and even discriminated – but what happens when the population is suddenly put on steriods without any prior consultation with the electorate? What happens when it is rammed up till the cultural DNA of the natives are threatened?

Tell me, why don’t you go to Munich, Bangalore, Milan or any other global city in the world and conduct your own research as to whether the natives over there will even allow their policymakers to do the things that PAP politicians did when they signed off on their happy-go-lucky master plan to ram up the population ten years ago?

To be perfectly frank with all of you. I cannot think of ANY other global city in any part of the world where the population is willing to accept this terrible price of chasing GDP growth at every turn and opportunity.

If some of you think that I am talking rot – then please go and ask your friends who live elsewhere in other global cities – Go! Do yourself a favor and please go and solicit their feedback: “what do you think will happen, if your government rams up the population by 40% of foreigners and they compete for jobs, housing, cars, schooling and opportunities with natves?”

Go on I dare you all.

If ANYONE can even supply me one example of a global city where the native population is even prepared to accept what the PAP has done in Singapore.

I Darkness will undertake to give up social political blogging for good – I am not kidding, I will just pack it all up and go back to either writing sappy love stories or churning oil palm related videos. I sumpah!

This is a serious not a bull shit offer. I am dead serious – I am not asking for ten examples, just ONE will do. I think when we all see the problem of run away immigration in this renewed perspective and scale – then it’s really petulant of Mini Lee to even suggest that Singaporeans and residents have not been patient enough. IMHO, they have been too patient and forgiving to the point of surrendering their elemental rights. Maybe Mini Lee should first accept responsibility for the actions of the PAP. Instead of trying to use heart tugging sugary narratives designed by spin doctors to elide the cogent and promote only the feel good factor. Come, come, come surely even he didn’t expect everyone to fall for it – did he? After all we are supposed to have a conversation aren’t we? And if we cannot even agree on what was rightly or wrongly done in the past – then how are we even supposed to work towards common ground to stand united to face the emerging challenges of the times –  in my book, one simply has to ask, what sort of bullshit conversation would that be?

Wonder no more why no one seems to be very interested to talk to him or his sidekick the Media Literacy Council.

As farmers would often say, you will simply have to reap what you once sowed. What is my motivation? Well its very simple really. I only have one life – only come by through this timeline once – and I am simply calling a spade a spade. Nothing more or less. No sugary narratives, no heart tugging mini series stories, no violin repetoire. No salt or sugar. Just the naked truth as I see it.

No I don’t think the image of Singaporeans has been tarnished at all. If anything the perverse effect of all this may well be a renewed respect for those who are willing to stand up and simply speak the truth.

Darkness 2012

P.S: don’t say I never gave you an opportunity to fix me up right and proper. Here it is. If you are man enough that is. (what do you say Mr Liao, how do you like the tone now in this blog?)

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