If you love someone, at times, it is best to let them go – The Way of the Farmer

September 21, 2012

Exactly one year ago. My Alsation puppy Milo was severely mauled by a giant monitor lizard in my estate. Considering the seriousness of his wounds, the vet suggested that I put him down. Instead, I drove Milo to Telugu estate which is owned by my good buddy Prof Chee. Prof Chee stays in Tanah Merah very close to where I reside in Singapore. We have been good friends for years long before I decided to venture into commercial oil palm farming. He also happens to be an avid dog breeder so I knew that Milo would be in good hands – last night while passing through Telugu Estate, I dropped by at the Chee’s late in the evening. I was surprised that Mrs Chee was there too. As usually she rarely comes over from Singapore to Telugu Estate.

At the outer parameter gates of the estate bungalow, I called out Milo’s name in darkness and a mid sized Alsation came forward. I knew instinctively, it was my Milo – he could still remember many of the silent hand commands that I had once taught him as a puppy to buddy me when we hunt in ultra silent combat mode. 

The funny thing about dogs is they are alot like women – they never ever forget the good times. Never. The bond between master and animal is the same; it’s rooted in a mixture of sweet memories and nononsense LOVE that fills every cell in your body – a relationship based on a complete understanding of duty, devotion and trust. It is the same when a relationship between a man and a woman is built right the first time. Once QUALITY is built in, it can last forever – like the dog who sees his master as the wise two legged dog. When a woman knows that the man who she married can always keep his dick in his trousers and honor their covenant till he breathes his last – that woman will always protect her man; he doesn’t even have to be there; it’s automatic – in short, it is virtually impossible to separate them or even attempt to divide them without at least getting a decent mauling. Only someone with suicidal tendencies will try to get between a well trained guard dog and his master. Suicide.

The Chee’s being consumate epicurist treated me to a delightful supper. I especially enjoyed Mrs Chee famous Tau You Bak – I for my part brought along one of my best cellared wines to grace the table. And when Mrs Chee retired. Both of us sat in the verandah and polished off half a quart of Prof’s finest double malt aged whiskey as we talked through into the early morn.

Since it was already late. The Chee’s suggested that I stay overnight. In the morning after a hearty farmer’s breakfast Prof Chee asked me whether I would like to take Milo with me – his voice sounded strained and I knew instinctively that Milo had stepped into his heart. So I suggested that Milo should stay. After all, Milo is well settled here and he seems to get along perfectly with the rest of the pack. Besides Prof Chee tells me, he expects Milo to be the pack leader when he grows to full size in six months times. It makes no sense at all to be selfish about the matter.

As I prepared to leave Telugu Estate. Milo barked at me with one raised paw. As a puppy, this was his way of expressing that he wanted to sit beside me in the landcruiser. I ignored him. As this is the way one must break. Cleanly. Cruelly. Never looking at him even once. When I drove past the gates, Milo ran beside the Landcruiser and as I passed the last gate – he stopped. I stopped. I flashed a look at the rear view mirror and there he was barking with a raised paw. And as I drove on full speed across the laterite roads Milo eventually disappeared completely from sight and the ocean of green flooded over.

The moral of the story is you love someone – then it is very easy to put them first and to do the right thing to ensure their well being and happiness – in this case, the right thing to do is to let them go even if it hurts and never ever look back. Never.

Good bye Milo

Darkness 2012


“If you tell a woman in Singapore that you are as lovable as my trusted Alsatian. She will probably slap or try to poison you. But if this same woman spends time with you in your plantation. And if she follows you around with your trusted Alsatian – something will begin to stir in her. She will begin to shed all her assumptions that the world has forced fed her with the idea = that comparing a dog with a woman is somehow demeaning and derogatory. By the second day, she will make out that both farmer and dog are actually one – 1+1= 5 or maybe a 10 = when they hunt, each knows their role so well. Where one is weak the other will take up the slack. Where one is strong, the other covers the blindside. They never seem to get tangled up – its as if, they are two sides of the same coin. One unit. At first this woman will begin to confuse this as love. But as the days go by what she will begin to realize, there is a deep bond that simply goes beyond love. There is much much more to this mystery – at times she will see that farmer is hard on the dog. At other times he is firm. There is tenderness, but only for brief moments. By probably the fifth day, this woman would probably realize that there is something that she cannot fathom about this relationship between farmer and dog. But have no doubts, by the fifth day, even she would like nothing else but to be a dog beside the farmer. As this is how mother nature intended it. Women must always submit to men. And in return men take care of them. If women find this arbitrary then one can only conclude they are in the company of lesser men who they would do well never to follow. This is where love itself has to be practical – but before that is possible the man himself needs to be better in the areas where the woman is weak – if she poor is judging people, then be her eyes and ears. Advise her in the way you would train an assassin – don’t waste your time whisper sweet nothings into her ear. Plant a seed in her head, have you ever thought of taking over your bosses job? Don’t spend your time going to malls like rats looking for stimulation in a maze. Really talk to her – share with her the art of war. Ask her questions like how do you fear most in the office? Along with why? And fashion her to be a perfect imitation of her nemesis. As one day when you have successfully done all this and this woman now stands looking at you from the top of the mountain – when you call her name, she will come running to you.

As she knows that to complete her existence as a part of the human species – she needs you, her master to teach her the mysteries of the world.

When this woman’s mind has been opened to this new experiences. She can only awaken and play the role that nature intended for her – its really like a hand fitting a glove. And when you say to her then – you are as lovable as my trusted Alsation. She will probably want to be nothing except your dog.

So ladies please do not sent me death threats or say that you want to boycott whatever I write. I do not mean any disrespect at all. On the contrary, when I say this, its one of the highest compliments I can bestow on a woman.

However if I say that you are as lovable as a green frog who loves to fib – then that is really another matter that probably involves firearms and farmer standard issued buckshot.

So please ladies of the Siglap club for the very last time. There is really no need for me to issue an apology on this post – please ladies do not get your knickers crossed over a misunderstanding.”

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