There are threats, and there are threats. Part 2 – The Way of the farmer

September 22, 2012

Somewhere along a pavement just outside St Martin’s Art College in Convent Garden, London six months ago.

“I recognize you. I know who you are. My father….he  warned me about you.”

“Did he? How fortunate for you young lady.”

“You are the new gentlemen planter who lives on top of the hill. The one all the villagers call the devil. My father says you’re eyeing our lands. He says you’re evil as you have bought the others out.”

“Tell me young lady, do you really want to stand here in the middle of the pavement and talk about leperchauns and blood sucking monsters? Surely, you prefer to sit down over a cup of coffee and really find out whether I am the devil, as what they all say.”

“Give me one good reason why Mr Devil.”

“Maybe. Just maybe, after a cup of coffee you will see the world slightly differently…come my love…..let us walk together. is after all courtesy. I have after all travelled half way across the world just for this cup of coffee.”


Thoughts of a woman two minutes after encountering a man she noticed staring at her across the pavement in Convent Garden. London. .

The woman did not know. She had no idea. How could she possibly know. She realized. If I walk away from this stranger. I will never know. I may keep my pride. But really what’s the point of keeping something that is less than what I really desire, L-O-V-E.

I just want to LOVE and be LOVED. 

No! I am not going to do something as silly as walk away and pretend that I am somehow shocked by how rude he is to stare at me. 

No man has ever looked at me like that before.

What does he see I wonder. I must know. I must ask him. He will come to me. He must. This is destiny.

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