Oil Palm Advisory – How of maximize yield on hilly terrain

September 25, 2012

Gentlemen let me dive in – land is expensive. And it’s likely to get more expensive as time goes by. Flat land especially commands the highest price as its the gold standard for planting oil palm. Hilly terrain on the otherhand is usually frowned upon and considered it’s poorer cousin. As yield from flat land out strips hilly land by a ratio of 3:1. With climate shift I can only forsee that we may even have to branch out into irrigation services – I ain’t kidding!

I have read many field reports and academic papers concerning the disadvantages of growing oil palm in hilly terrain. I disagree with many of these findings. I happen to think most of what is written is dated circa 1800’s. As in almost every single case hardly anyone has conducted any studies on irrigating oil palm on hilly terrain using modern irrigation methods e.g drip irrigation. 

My goal for this season is simple, to develop cheap and practical methods to increase yield on hilly terrain by irrigating palms – this I feel is key. As since hilly lands is significantly cheaper than flat lands – if it is possible to do this in a cost effective manner. Then this is where we should go in the near term.

This should be the medium term strategy for this season, especially in Africa and South America, where irrigation of palms on hilly terrain is unheard of. The rough outline of the strategy is as follows. Buy cheap hilly terrain that no one wants. Use technology to improve yield and this would definitely be able to generate a good return on investment without having to stick our necks out too far – we should all buy up as many hilly lands as possible. What others don’t want or see as worthless. We should pick up at fire sale prices. As with high tech computer controlled irrigation methods, I do not see any compelling reason why hilly lands cannot be as productive as flat lands. If the Isrealis can grow Jaffa oranges in the Sinai. I see no reason why oil palm cannot grow on even hills and mountains. Besides since no one wants to plant on hilly terrain. This should be one compelling reason why this is where we should go. IMHO it makes perfect business sense to buy into something that no one currently wants.

As once the technology we develop to grow oil palm on hilly terrain becomes commercially avaliable – and the methods are widely used and considered proven. I expect that the price of hilly lands will shoot up by at least 100%. When this is factored into the plantation appreciation cost – this makes perfect commercial sense. This is opportunity gentlemen. We must strike when the iron is hot. All our boats must sail in the same direction.

Darkness 2012

Pls also take a look at this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=59qg9yuMiYQ


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