Six months ago. The day BEFORE farmer chanced on the daughter of the one million hectare landowner on the streets of London

September 27, 2012

The private investigation firm of Ashley & Crown otherwise known as “the tobacconist,” in polite circles was located just above a tudor styled snuff shop in Old Holborn Street, London. 

Mr Big Bully had used this same firm to secretly film a politician with a Mongolian beauty – and used it as a bargaining chip to get a land concession that made him a one million hectare landowner. On another occasion, He had even used the same firm to blackmail a politician with a busty chambermaid in the Savoy to secure land concessions in Madagascar – in summary, the unassuming P.I firm of Ashley & Crown was one of many of Mr Big Bully’s bag of dirty tricks that he used to fix his enemies.

That day as the lone motorcyclist with the faced helmet in a dark BMW parked across St. Martins where Chan Sim, the one and only love of Mr Big Bully had just walked in – it didn’t take him very long to make out that this same firm had also been contracted to shadow his one and only love in London. She was after all Mr Big Bully’s precious – money it seemed was no object either – the man traced out with a practiced eye a three man surveillance team. 

“The gorilla,” whose role was to flatten anyone who even remotely presented a threat. The man concluded was probably ex foreign legion. His Alsace brand of clove cigarettes gave him instantly away. “The minstrel,” whose role was to take photos of any suspicious characters – the man again had no trouble whatsoever making out with his concealed Minox camera secreted on the handle of his umbrella. And lastly, “the thinker,” who role whose role was to call in more muscle, if needed was, was harder to ferret out – but eventually even he emerged, as the man had no trouble whatsoever recognizing the discreetly concealed ear piece behind his oversized horn rimmed glasses. 

The three man team from the firm of Ashley & Crown moved like a well choreographed ballet troupe, so well that not even Chan Sim knew that she had been tailed. How could she possibly know. They were after all professionals – experts in the game of cat and mouse – who all preferred the cold war technique once used by M-15 known as the “diamond.” When the man saw all this – he was happiest. As he knew that whatever he was about to do with Chan Sim tomorrow will go right back to Mr Big Bully.

The trap had been set – with these thoughts, the BMW motorcycle sprung to life and the man headed towards Chinatown in London.

There was some unsettled business that he had to attend to.

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