National dialogue on population a waste of time?

October 12, 2012

The question is very simple. It is not whether bringing in more foreigners will create more jobs for natives. But what type of jobs exactly is created? Are these even good jobs that nourishes the whole idea of dignity of labor and can even edify those who choose to work in these firms? Or is a job from hell?

The question is not whether SME’s and firms such as the lying and cheating green frog outlet (that I and all my friends have boycotted and will continue to do so) can continue to grow their businesses without access to cheap labor. It is simply what type of jobs do these employers regular create?

Again, the question is not even whether Singapore can survive or sink in the future, if we don’t open our doors to foreigners. But simply what type of jobs will be create if we allow foreigners to flood the job market without even so much as a minimum criteria?

What type of jobs are regularly created? Do these jobs add or subtract from the whole idea of quality of life? Do they make people happier or sadder? Do they provision for personal And spiritual growth? Do these jobs even allow the average native worker to spend more quality time with their loved ones? Or is it a fucked up 13 hour dehumanizing hell kitchen shit job that is on offer for 3K per month dish washer?

Once this question is answered then and only then will a real conversation begin. As it is, it is just giant waste of time and energy. Wonder no more, why no one seems to be particular interested in having a conversation.

Darkness 2012


“If you are stupid enough believe that good for nothing CEO who runs the green frog outlet, then you also have to consider the theoretical possibility that in countries where migrant workers are strictly controlled – everyone is either eating on banana leaf or disposal paper plates and plastic cutlery. But if you go to Paris, London and Vancouver, do you see diners eating on the floor? Do Parisians eat on banana leaf? Do you see Canadians eating on only paper plates? What about America. If you go to a sushi bar. Do you see a sign that says, bring your own plates and cutlery.

So please don’t begin a conversation by insulting my intelligence. If you do that. I am just going to get up and walk through the door. I am warning you! Do you hear me!

So tell me now one more time please – what have we learnt so far? We can all surmise that in these countries where access to cheap and nasty labor is strictly control – businesses have ALL without a single exception managed to solve this problem successfully. So why is it this cannot be done in Singapore?

Tell me does this argument even make sense? I think it is time to take a closer look at many of these SME’s who claim that a labor crunch will hurt their businesses. If their goal is simply to keep cost down to compete. Then they should really relocate elsewhere. After all do you see me writing to the National Parks to request for a palm oil concession? Do you see anyone growing Cocoa or rubber in Bukit Timah? No! the reason why you don’t regular see that is because land is very expensive in Singapore. That simply means for a commercial farming business to succeed, it must be able to manage this sort of constrains intelligently by leveraging on inter continental factors. That simply means if you want to grow oil palm – as a firm you simply have to go abroad. But even then as the CEO. You can never run away from managing your constrains and bottlenecks wisely. As if you have some money, you can go to either Malaysia or Indonesia to grow oil palm. If you have less, then you can only go to slightly more dangerous places such as Africa and South America. If you have no money, then you have no other choice but to go deep into uncharted Africa far from where the Gambezi runs. There is still free land there. I made my fortune there. So dont let anyone tell you there is no such thing as free land. But you will probably also have to get used to people pointing guns at you regularly. My point is as a businessman. You’re always managing the bottlenecks and constrains to stay ahead of the competition. That is all you do when you are a businessman – if you’re not doing that, then in my book, that isn’t business at all!

But if all the Singapore government can do is to supply the narcotic of cheap labor to keep firms in business – then it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that in the long run none of these firms will ever be able to compete internationally. As what they are inadvertently doing is creating perfect conditions for lousy firms and not winners to flourish. As once a firm does not need to manage bottlenecks and constrains intelligently i.e labor cost. Then in my book, they aren’t really doing business in the first place – that is to say, if ANY firm cannot sustain it’s business process without access to cheap and nasty labor, then you have to ask yourself – how can they even compete internationally – all you’re really doing is creating the illusion that you’re growing businesses. But in reality, the only thing that is created is a whole lot of flabby industries that shouldn’t even be in business in the first place.

Do you all see where I am coming from? Or do I have to drag out the person who started this thread? You see my friends, the goal to me is not ONLY about creating jobs and the increasing the aperture for opportunities. This is what the PAP likes to keep insisting. If we are to be thorough and exhaustive, then the equation for job creation should also ensure ONLY quality jobs are created. And not the hell kitchen variety that only that shitty good for nothing CEO of the green frog seems to be regularly churning out. As to be perfectly honest with all of you. I really don’t see the point of creating jobs for the sake of creating jobs – that cannot be an end by itself – it is simply a means to and end – that means there has to be something more to this simplistic equation besides the whole subject of how many jobs do foreigners create? We need to go one step deeper and ask further: what type of jobs do these firms created? Are they good jobs where people can enjoy the whole idea of dignity of labor. Or are they jobs that simply grind down the human spirit and further dehumanize people.

I think this is one question that is seldom asked and should be asked. But don’t hold your breathe as if you ask a half or quart man this question – the chances are, he will just run away somewhere for another conversation that he much prefers – and that is a real problem.”

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