Dream III

December 21, 2012

2011_Mercedes-Benz_CLS-Class_AMG__1The dream started off well. There was no sound. But it was in high definition Technicolor – the type where all the colors pop out and everything is sharp like cut glass. I was driving with the school teacher beside me. The road was silken smooth with just enough slaloms to keep things interesting. The gear shift was buttery smooth. The suspension hard the way I like it in a sporter to always feel the road. As for the power delivery – it was like an angel soaring to limitless heaven as the speedometer just keep going up and up. From time to time, I flashed a smile at the school teacher. We were so happy cruising along. There was no beginning or end. Just the road that layed ahead of us like some great highway that could always be counted to deliver a better tomorrow.

Suddenly smoke began to fill the cabin. I looked down at the gear stick – it was smoking. I braked hard and tried to smolder with the fire with my hands, but the smoke just got thicker while school teacher coughed. I tried to undo her belt, but it just felt like one piece metal – and this went on for a very long time, so long that I almost gave up. But before I passed out completely, I remember looking at the rear view mirror and there he was – the commanding man.

Just looking at me with that familiar act of detachment as if he and only he alone in the whole wide world knew that it would all come to this.

What does this mean?


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