What is the effect of falling palm oil prices on the coming general elections – report 01,02,03

December 22, 2012

Please note this emergency report has been compiled by the ASDF. Due to FULL MEASURED RESPONSE mode currently imposed on this site and other sites in District 16 – this report is will be treated as CLASSIFIED. To read the full report, please log into either SLF 1 to 6 and use the enigma code to access page 1 to35 / appendix 3,4,5 is currently not avaliable – ASDF will require another 16 hours to prepare them. This report has been wholly sponsored by the Interspacing Mercantile Guild based in Primus Aldentes Prime.

Please note the Laanstrad will be opening an intellution channel to discuss this matter @ 0130 GMT 23-12-12 / Primus Time: 790300 onboard the Legation Starcruiser KDD Majestic which will be orbiting the Planet D’ni – a scheduled run of simulation using holographic vision tech will be used during presentation / pls note the Munich Gessenschaft Guilds will also be present under observer status.


Chapter1 to 6 / Multi Effects of Short Term Price Dips – Vollaraine2012 / Nacramanga

Chapter 7 to 9 / Holographic time on price dips simulated across ranges – Kadjal 2012

Chapter 10 to 12 / Mathematical Analysis of Simulated run – Darkness 2012 

Chapter 13 to 16 / Economic Impact Analysis based on Simulated run using Mordecai 16 – Harpoon /Scholarboy / Astroboy


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