Why I like to dress up a woman

December 29, 2012

question-markWhen I look at a woman who is decked head to toe with everything that just came right out of my wallet. I say to myself with an intensely satisfying rush- “I own all of you!” As I derive an almost opium aired high that simply comes from just looking at her as she struts up and down like a peacock. I would even go so far as to prescribe this as a cure to those who suffer from a chronic inferiority complex. I even feel it’s worth mentioning – this has to rank as one of the most unalloyed and edifying manly moments for a man. To feel that he owns a woman. To believe that he can. The temerity! Yes. Goodness. I never knew money could ever give me such a rush. I thought it was just good to buy more power tools. A man owns a woman. Owns like he would a prized racehorse or rare exotic breed of bird.

I realize that some people feel it is wrong for a man to hold to this attitude. They feel its old fashioned. I feel its necessary to tell u i dont really don’t care what they think or even feel that harboring these view is somehow demeaning to a woman. Not at all.

You see I stand quite apart from other men – when it comes the darker side of womanhood. Infact, I belong to one of those men who even look up with admiration to a woman if she tells me the real reason why she loves me has everything to do with my money and nothing else. I even admire the purity of such a woman’s cold intent. It is so brazen and vulgar isn’t it? Yet I admire it. For what else can it be, except womanhood itself. You see. Or maybe you don’t. Let me explain. A woman really only knows her worth, if she knows how to make the man pay for it. Its really as simple as that.

Here what you have isn’t just something that you come across everyday in a blog. For a man, it is a profound moment of awakening. For a woman, it may well be your destiny. The path that u were meant to always walk.

A woman really only knows her worth, if she is able to make the man pay for it!

As I don’t think I ever want to go out with a woman who doesn’t even feel the need to aspire to the finer things in life. Or is so indifferent to money that she probably doesn’t even give a damn about it. Or doesn’t even feel the need to crave the feel of silk between her legs from time to time along with other diversions of that corresponding nature.

My point is every woman is naturally hard wired to be materialistic, mercenary and self serving. That is the natural state of a perfectly well balanced female. If she isn’t like that, that means she’s hiding her nature. She’s repressing it. She’s holding all of in like a hand grenade waiting to explode.

That is why I believe it is wholly unnatural for a woman not to be herself – neither is it healthy for men to continue to delude themselves that there can be any other type of female except the one and only existing type who will always aspire to be what she was always meant to be – this is why I believe when a woman goes out with a man it is perfectly natural for her to be cold and calculating about it – how successful will this man be? Will he be able to take care of me? Or will he just be staying with his parents till the day he dies? Every woman should also be discerning and even demanding of what she decides to call her own. As a general rule, I do not like sloppy women. Not at all. I like women who insist on equality even less. Don’t even talk to them. Neither do I like women who prefer to speak indifferently about money. I feel that these women are not realistic or worldly. Worst of all, they deny their womanhood absolutely.

I like all my women to be slightly demanding of the good life from their men as this points to a confident and well adjusted attitude where I know such a woman will always be looking out for her welfare first – if a woman looks out for herself first. 99% of her problems will melt away like lemon drops. This I can respect. What I don’t and cannot respect – are women who will just love a man unconditionally – to me this has to be one of the dumbest things for any self respecting woman to do. As I really cannot think of a better way to demotivate a man – just tell him, I will love you even if you are penniless – guess what, he will end up penniless lah!

Neither am I really fond of women who keep on telling me that they are simple and not materialistic – in my view that is just another way of saying, I don’t really care for the finer things in life – and that to me is just another of imposing limits on oneself –  if I were to go out with a woman who doesn’t care about clothes, fine craftsmanship or even quality – to this woman a dress will only be a dress and nothing more – a watch will only be to tell the time and the story starts and ends there – and a handbag is just a duffel bag to put stuff in.

If I were to buy a French couture dress for this woman – this woman probably wouldn’t appreciate the number of man hours that went to selecting the material and sewing together. She probably wouldn’t even know how to begin to even enjoy this dress. She wouldn’t even be able to feel how it can merge and become one with her body to bring out her sexuality, sophistication and femininity. It would just be a dead thing to this indifferent woman. But give a woman who can appreciate and insist on the finer things in life from her man and the same dress and she will probably strutting around as if you have just given her a pair of wings. See the difference.

Give a woman a finely crafted hand made Swiss watch and she will wear it as if only she can stop time itself and no one else. As she wears a very rare and coveted thing. See the difference.

That is why I strongly believe it’s perfectly normal and healthy for women to be slightly materialistic and even demanding of the good life. I have never ever faulted a woman from demanding a slice of the good life from her man. Never. As that is really another for them to say, I will always aspire to live life to the fullest. To enjoy the most exciting men. To taste forbidden fruit. To go where no woman dares to go, except her. As when a woman insist on all this – all she is really saying to her man is….. I am worth it! You will never find another one like me. That I think has to be one of the sexiest things around – a woman who truly knows her worth and even knows how to foreclose on it.

I find that as I grow older, it is so easy to make a women happy. I wonder to myself when I was younger why didn’t I just spend more time making money and talking less, had I done that I think I would have been much more successful with women.

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