the school teacher and me

December 30, 2012

As a general rule. I don’t like my women dabbling in business. I much prefer them to be in their own world of endless trivia and useless diversions. But I think there should be exceptions…. I listened to her throughout dinner. I placed down my fork and knife. I listened precisely like an interrogator and I was captivated by what she had to share. She seems to understand what I am facing. She knows what the stakes are. Above all, she seems to be able to follow the endless twist and turns of the plot – strange then, that she should ask, whether I trust Max. I didn’t reply and when she asked again looking at me in mirror when she took off her earrings – I simply ran my tongue along her naked back.

Why does she need to know? Or maybe I am just paranoid.

What a strange question. The answer is I trust no one. Not even her. Max is finished. Even he knows, he’s finished. It is nothing personal, but at the current price of palm oil. He’s hemorrhaging millions every day! Besides, I don’t see what value he even brings our consortium. It makes for more sense to break up his holdings and sell them off to increase our liquidity. The last thing I need now is a hanger on.

She can sense my other reservations concerning Max. How does this simple woman know so much? She is just a bloody school teacher for god sake! Or maybe she is not. Has she been reading my papers secretly? Yes, she is right – if the Chinese have been stockpiling crude palm oil for the last six months. Then I need to know what the Arabs and the Indians have been doing for the last six months to get a clearer picture of what’s really happening. Getting it wrong can spell disaster. It may even set me back a whole year. Only Max knows. But he is not telling. Not at all. Why?

She seems to understand how important this is to me. She even senses my fears. She wants to be part of my business life. Maybe I should teach her? I understand. I understand completely. A bird after all must spread its wings and simply learn to fly. It’s the most natural thing for a woman to do.

I need her to find out what Max really knows about the Arabs.

Darkness 2013

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