How to REALLY serve your country?

January 2, 2013

“If you are young and you REALLY want to serve your country. Then begin by studying hard. As these days everyone already has a degree. So that’s really where the starting line is. If you don’t have degree. Then you’re not even in the race. So go and do yourself a favor first and get a degree.

Try to work and study at the same time. That’s to say, learn to take nothing free from others from the word go. Pay your own way through university. That’s really the gold standard of building a strong character. As there is nothing in life as sobering as earning your tuition and board and somewhere trying to fit studying in all this – to root the culture of how to be your own man early on in life.

You will find that as you grow older – you will need to rely more on your character that is why it is so important to lay a very strong foundation of how to be your own man early on in life – latter on in life, you will find that this will create a very stable platform for you to assert yourself, to say a resolute ‘No’ to others, to put your point across in such a manner where everyone in the room takes you seriously, to draw a line on the sand, to say fuck off, to go where no one dares to go. All these endeavors require character.

Understand this! People who cannot do this – do not lack education. They lack character!

Once you have managed to get your hands on that worthless piece of paper, don’t go back to Singapore just yet. The goal remember is to serve your country – that was the question you asked me right. But what if I said to you that you may have your degree but your character still needs fleshing out. Try to work for a few years in Europe. Learn to speak German and French fluently. Learn how to appreciate French women especially. One is good, two is better, if you want to put steriods on your education as an apprentice of the black arts to go where no mind dares to go!

As only a French woman can teach a man poise, style and how to be a considerate lover – along with cultivating a love for the finer things in life – opera, fine wine and the company of aristocratic ladies like those erudite bats who regularly only drink Darjeling in the Siglap read club. Go do something crazy splash out one month’s pay in the casino de Monte Carlo. Kiss a stranger in the morning in the balcony of the Hotel Du Paradis in Cannes. Get use and learn to enjoy an E class Mercedez in summer along the Pyrennes. Take up Polo. Cultivate at least twenty friends who have houses along Long Island. Learn to fake a Bostonian and Etonian accent, if all fails go for the Harrowian. And if possible finish it off with a bang in Africa or the Middle East – make it exciting. Then once you have accumulated that mass of knowledge, good will, style and reputation go back home and start your own business.

Remember reputation is very important. Grow that business in such a way where you become a captain in that industry. Then get everyone who is the same business as you to join a consortium. Make sure that you aspire to the top of this organization.

How you do it is immaterial, but you need to do this.

Then and only then do you talk to governments about creating a better society. Then they will have to listen to you. Because if they don’t, you can always engineer their downfall – there is nothing illegal about it, it can all be done above board. All on the level and the square.It’s really quite easy.

Governments need businesses. And if businesses don’t cooperate. There can be no such thing as Government. It is as simple as that. There is no right or wrong here. There is only something that can be traded for a corresponding advantage, that is all there is to it. The ultimate game called balance of power.

This is really the only way I know for anyone to serve his country in a meaningful way. The only reliable way that is. All other ways just sound really good. But in truth, they don’t work at all. It’s all just talk, talk and more talk.

That to me is really how the game is and has always been played – I learnt this from a serious man. Don’t tell anyone this!”

Darkness 2013


“If you really want to know the real reason why the palm oil market is going down when it should really be going up and up and away. Then it boils down to a couple of old men sitting around a poker table. Now when you look at it this way. Then you will realize that life is suddenly a very serious enterprise with very little room for error. As frequently we all believe that market forces rule when in fact they don’t nearly do so as much as the invisible hand of the serious men of this world. My God! Goodness gracious me! Think about it. What if it were really possible – that all this is the result of a couple of old men playing poker? You know gentlemen that thought is so frightening, but at the same time, it’s so logical as well. That is why I think the daughter of the one million hectare landowner is so important to all of us right now – and another thing Gentlemen, I don’t think, I am playing poker on the right table. So do you all see that door? Good. I walking right through it!” 

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