Morning Tea with the daughter of the one million hectare landowner

January 3, 2013

pizap_com10_1315241619013251357194735609Deep down, I don’t believe it takes any special talent for anyone to step outside their own skin. We all have it in us—every man, woman, and child – rich and poor – stupid and clever—and with enough perseverance, every human being is capable of pulling it off….one simply must learn to shed the self in the way one takes off a shirt. That’s where it really all begins – just letting go. Letting it go completely in the way a river suddenly loses its vigor when it discovers the infinity of the sea. To just let the self be like a ball of camphor slowly giving itself off to the atmosphere – evaporating – disappearing. To even allow your muscles go so very limp till you feel your soul oozing out beneath your skin, and then shut your eyes.

That at least is how the daughter of the one million hectare landowner did it when she stepped right out of the pool and saw me standing before her that morning.

I could tell she was happiest that I was wearing the bush jacket she gave me. So very glad that she looked exactly like a woman who had just stepped right out of her skin just then when I walked towards her and kissed her hand so very affectionately.

I am glad she is in a good mood. She wants me take her out for the evening. That’s what I am here to do. I don’t have a minute to waste. 2013 is starting to look good as she walks to get dressed. I light another cigarette and lean right back into the chair.

Darkness 2013


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