Why AIMS smells of a very dead rat!

January 3, 2013

Sometimes to win a fight. You just need to pick one target. And keep on hitting it again and again.

To me there is only one question on the table. How long did the AIMS contract last with the users? What was the run out date?

Apparently we now know the AIMS contract lasted from 2003 to 2010. That’s a total of 8 years! For anyone who is familiar with IT contacts, bids and tenders. Nowhere in this whole wide world with possibly the exception of North Korea and Zimbawe will you ever find a two dollar paid up firm that doesn’t even have a screw driver in it’s inventory supplying a simple Simon software kit having an exclusive contract for such a long period of time. No where. Except maybe in Singapore. Mind you the figures transacted are not loose change either. Don’t believe me. Go and do the sums then. You will be shocked!

What really beggars the imagination is how the decision makers entered such a contract for such a long period of time. Without even bothering to go through the due diligence of considering whether there might be a better, cheaper and more efficient way to tabulate town council expenditure. I think the real question from all this is whether there has been a total failure of a duty of care to the taxpayers: why didn’t anyone in the PAP raise their hand up and ask, “is there a better, cheaper and less flabby way to do this without further burdening the tax payer?”

From this episode what we need to ask ourselves is what is any reasonable Singaporean and resident supposed to conclude for all this? Maybe the right way to structure this is, what other conclusions can they draw from this?

Does this mean when the PAP proclaims that we should all work faster and fasterer or better and betterest. Or that we shouldn’t all cultivate an entitlement outlook towards life – or even that we should be more prudent and long term in our approach – then what they are actually saying is these exhortations are really just for public consumption – as in reality none of those millionaire good for nothing MP’s seem to be very interested in walking the talk? To put it crudely, while they seem to embody the form. They don’t seem to embody the content. To put it in diplomatic terms – there seems to be one rule for the “elites” and another metric of ordinary cutter cutter. That smacks of double standards. That is why the more they try to defend the indefensible – the more they are going to haemoraghe credibility. As no right, sane and reasonable man can possibly accept their half baked explanations.

Gentlemen, if that is really the case. Why are we all working so hard? Maybe we should just all go into politics? I can’t think of a better way to get rich by doing absolutely fuck all – better than even selling bottled Himalayan air. Just set up a $2 shelf company and viola – the gravy train has pulled right up.”

Darkness 2013

“If they have the balls, they should sue the shit out of me. But people with no balls. I think will not sue. It is really as simple as that. Why do you think after living so many years all they have to show for is a two dollar company? That I think must really hurt enough for them to call up Davinder Singh.

Remember I am farmer – I have a right to call a spade a spade. If it is me. I would not want to earn this type of money. I will be too ashamed. As for me the real test of manhood is starting your own business as your own man. It doesn’t matter whether you are a taxi driver, char kuey teow vendor or even someone like me who turns the wheel of life from the providence of life – you will have my respect.

But if all you can do in life is milk the system like a free loader – then we really have to consider what type of people PAP r attracting into their ranks? As tell me what honorable man will even want to be associate with robots who know which side of the bread are buttered on. Now I understand what General Yeo meant When he said, we should learn from China how leaders are chosen.”

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