The great Singaporean baby blues

January 22, 2013

When we are hopeful and not afraid to face the future. We will always strive to have children. That is really the nature of humans. When we strive to have children, we give younger couples who see us living the sweet family Life the confidence to do the same – and in this simple way we thrive and prosper and multiply.

But when young people have to slave nearly forty years of their best life’s just to pay off an artificially created debt for a pigeon hole in the sky. And on top of that fork out a fortune just to own a car. Then it is very hard to be hopeful. As life can only seem to be very difficult, uncertain and the opposite of hopeful. When young couples see how older couples stress incessantly over their kids grades along with trying to live in an age when the cost of living seems to keep going up while incomes continue to nose dive – it sends shivers down the spines of young couples. They see. They think and they begin to make calculations.

When hope is extinguished. People no longer believe they can shape their destiny any longer. They believe that this is really their lot. Their karma. Gradually they lose faith in the whole idea that each generation will be better than the last – better prospects, better work opportunities, better everything.

As it is so difficult to just keep ones standard of living these days. Soon cars will only be for the rich. What if my child comes out less than perfect. What if he needs a wheel chair. What if i need a car.

So many what if’s xaa-. And that can only mean they will eventually feel that they no longer own enough of themselves to even go through the million dollar +++ experiment of raising a family.

Only the rich can afford to play that game.

That like all things in the land of the fee that should never be confused with the ‘free.’

When that happens. Young couples will just fuck for fun. As what else can the hopeless do, except live for the moment.

Darkness 2013


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