Lessons from my previous life – The importance of Plan B

January 24, 2013

If you are a professional, middle class and believe deeply in the idea of freedom. Then you have to seriously consider fleshing out a plan B before it is too late!

Look around you. Ask yourself what is happening? The way I see it change will come – unfortunately, I do not believe these changes will favor the natives in Singapore. Not at all.

As those super duper idiots really only know ONE way how to grow the economy. They do not seem to know any other way, except to put the whole population on round after round of steroids by indiscriminately bringing in ship loads more professionals from elsewhere to flood the local job market – already we are beginning to see that this strategy of engineering artificial growth can only lead to depressing wages along with constricting wages along and reducing the aperture for opportunities for natives. The way I see it no one really benefits from this stellar growth. It’s always been a chimera to me. So these days I don’t even know what the goal is even. I don’t understand. Maybe I am too stupid to understand. But I don’t understand. I want to understand. But I no loner understand. Makes no sense to me. I don’t even know any country in the whole wide world that does it that way in so short a time, in the staggering volume and with apparently so little forward planning.

But there is a bright side to this sad story – as globalization works both ways. ALWAYS remember this – the river flows both ways!

That simply means if professionals elsewhere can vote with their slippers to come over to Singapore to work. So can you! The world is your oyster.

Work on your plan B! Don’t procastinate. Do it today. Take charge of your life!

Darkness 2013


“When I look back at my life in Singapore. All I was really doing is existing. I wasn’t really living. Not in the true sense of the word. As all I seem to feel every day is the idea where I go out work and at the end of the month earn money only to feed it into a system that just gives me enough motivation to go out and do the same thing day after day. No guesses who is living off my sweat of my brow. These days, I still have plenty of challenges, but at least I am not in that vicious cycle any more. I have much more choices and most importantly control over my life, as now I don’t feel as if a vampire is sucking my blood all the time at every turn and opportunity – the future now is less uncertain even with the current depressed prices of oil palm. I have plenty of hope and faith in the future which I never ever had in Singapore.

I think if you are a professional, middle class and value freedom – you really cannot afford to be switched off, lazy and bovine – you really need to ask yourself what will happen when people who really only know one way to grow the economy have their way? How will it affect you and your family? Will you still be able to afford to keep your standard of living? I think these are fundamental questions that only you and you can ask and answer yourself.

All I can say is when I was in Singapore. There was this time when I went around telling people that life would get harder – no one believed me, except a community of gamers – now those same people keep calling me every week asking for lobang – I happen to think that is very sad. As now to do what I did then, is not only hard, but impossibly hard. If they launched their plan B, 3 or even 5 years ago – then I think they will all be sitting pretty today – this is what invariably happens when a family man just works, works and works without really bothering to do what he should rightly do as the head of the family – and press the pause the button and think about life seriously, to plan for the future – under those conditions, someone will just come along and tell him how to live, fuck and die – and he really has no one to blame for his predicament, except himself – as he was derellict, irresponsible and above all the opposite of wise not to see it all coming. This man has no one but himself to blame, if he finds his lot getting smaller and smaller as time goes by.

I knew that things would change. I knew that its not possible to bring in so many foreigners into a small island without at least creating intractable problems – the rising cost of living, the fact that these days young people have to be in debt for nearly forty years of their most productive lives, the stratospheric price of cars and the cut throat competition in schools – all these were very clear to me.

That was why, I really only had one goal from the onset of starting my business – to simply be my own man and to be beholden to no one. I think, looking back today, it hasn’t been a bad innings – as things are looking very good where I am standing. I am glad I made the decision to go for Plan B. Everyone in my opinion needs a Plan B. As only a bloody fool will trust governments these days.”

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