Why I will do everything possible for Barisan Nasional to win in 2013 – Part 2

January 25, 2013

Since the weather is against me. There is very little that I can do, except wait for the waters to recede. This morning after my morning breakfast with the leaders of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce. I decided to cycle to the Masjid. When I arrived the headman and the Imam invited me to join them beneath the Ficus tree for teh Tarik with a group of men.

In these parts the Muslims call me “uzta,” which means teacher. This reminds me that I must be mindful to hold my tongue, keep my views to myself and thread carefully. As the specter of the general elections hangs menacingly over every conversation these days. Emotions are running high. People it seems can make all sorts of promises these days. It is hard to tell whether they really mean it. Or maybe it is just all hot air.

Even the slightest and insignificant these days can be magnified to ridiculous proportions. I must be careful. I must read the terrain carefully before I decide to move. As many of the Malays are not happy with the current government. They prefer a change of government.

When one of the elders turn to me and ask me what I think. I simply say, “we must all remain very calm otherwise we too will be sucked into the chaos.” The men all nod their head in agreement.

From where I am sitting. My feel is it’s best to remain quiet and simply observe events unfold. To wait patiently like a hunter for the right time to strike.

The time is not right yet. I must be patient. I must be wise. I cannot fail. I need to come through as so many people are counting on me.

Suddenly I feel the crushing weight of responsibility on my shoulders – how uncomfortable it feels. I thought to myself.

Darkness 2013


“There are so many misconceptions about Malays. Many say they are lazy. Others say they are not motivated. The only reason why people continue to propagate these lies I believe is because all these people all have one thing in common – they don’t seem to have any close Malay friends. Hence these people are really not so different from those who speak about the things that they don’t fully understand. They are like children and cannot be taken seriously.

But if one takes the time and trouble to marinate into the kampung life. Where the adhan (call to prayer) marks the passage of the day. Or to read the Quran and Hadith – then with time, one can only come to respect the Malay mind. As although I am a Chinese and not even a Muslim. Even I find it difficult, if not impossible to deny the way of life of the Malay may well be superior to our vapid plastic existence. That is the truth and nothing but the truth.

Anyone who spends time with Muslims and cultivates their friendship will eventually come to realize this.

I have been told even American farm boys from Nebraska who are sent to the middle east eventually learn the word, “inshallah.” As even the Americans themselves have to come to accept that it is not what they can do any longer in Iraq or Afghanistan. But rather how best they can accept many of the changes that will simply have to come irrespective of what they think, say or believe. Under those circumstances, it is no wonder that these days even in the West, more and more people seem to be saying “inshallah.” Everyone from stock market analyst, business leaders to even the movers and shakers – as these days, it seems everything is up in the air. That is why these days, when a Muslim turns to me to ask me a serious question. I find myself having to use this phrase time and again. As it sums up the uncertain sign of our times very beautifully.

The education of a serious man is incomplete without a deep knowledge of Islam. To seek life changing knowledge seek it in the Quran and Hadith. Knowledge is power. And Islam is the mother of all knowledge – the knowledge to life – the knowledge how to get along with others and the knowledge of even how to depart this world to the the ikharat.”

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