Why I will do everything possible for Barisan Nasional to win in 2013 – Part 3

January 25, 2013


I had about two hours to burn before commencing my expedition to cover the plantation roads by bicycle. This gave me just enough time to project into the virtual – I have to find out how organized the opposition are in weaponizing the internet.

On board the flag starcruiser KDD Les Enfants du Paradis there is a secret room – it is called, “The Beginning.”

This machine allows me to project into the gulf stream of the internet highway – I strap myself into the seat and power it up. The technicians give me the thumbs up. I enter the seven digit code. It hums to life and soon a bluish halo begins to curl around me. The light changes in the room. Everything is suddenly so unstable that even the program for the room begins to slowly unravel. The room begins to fragment, first things get dark. As the program struggles to keep up. Then the tones and hues begin to merge into a fuzzy greenness – suddenly, I see the cascading codes unfurling before me. I can even touch them – there are thousands of lines all around me like being in the center of a billion meteors. I am now in the highway. Soon the machine will power up. A red light blinks in the console. Shortly an alarm sounds. The whole room begins to shake violently, even my chair begins to feel as if it’s going to snap off at any moment. More lights begin to blink on the console. Now an alarm sounds….abort….abort….abort. I ignore it and signal to the technician to power up to full. He raises hus hands – then suddenly the lines disappear and faces and voices and words appear very slowly.

I listen. I listen. I listen.

I understand….I understand absolutely and completely.

I do not have much time. So much needs to done. I’ve seen enough. The machine slowly powers down – everything returns to normal again.

I send a message to the others – I want a meeting. I wait in the pantry and spent the rest of the time staring out of the porthole at the orange gas planet of Biblao Ismuth Ja. I make myself two super energy snacks to power up my batteries. In this world, I am only 30% human. The remainder of my body is cybernetics – I wait for the others to arrive as I look out at the Orange planet.


It will be a very long day. As I wait for the others to dock on board les enfant, I comfort myself that I am in space – here a day fortunately doesn’t last that long.

Darkness 2013

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