Why I will do everything possible for Barisan Nasional to win in 2013

January 25, 2013

“If a weak BN government is formed. It will require the help of businessmen to hold it together. These politicians will have a higher incentives to cooperate and seek common ground with businessmen.

But if the opposition wins. New players will come in. The status quo will change. And these new players will believe that they do not need the business community to hold on to power. They will feel righteous and justified to do what they like – as they believe the people have voted them into power. When that happens, the business community can only lose influence. As politicians will think they have a strong mandate to rule. And that is always dangerous.

All politicians. All political parties are the same. There are no good or bad politicians or policies – just perhaps very greedy and powerful people who need to be intelligently managed. That is the way I see it.

This morning due to the rains. I cancelled my planned cycling trip. Instead I joined the local Chinese chamber of commerce for bak kut teh with Dr Pang. He is the proprietor of Jarnatar Estate. I happen to know Dr Pang’s son back home in Singapore. He is in my cycling team. So we go back a long way.

As I chowed with the Tow Kays, one of them asked me whether it was a good idea that opposition comes into power.

I did not answer as I was afraid the question was a trap. But when dr pang nodded his head. I knew it was safe to speak my mind. It became clear to me this was a source of concern for them.

So I shared with them my view, why if the opposition comes into power there will be chaos. As the Fook Chow have bankrolled the opposition. So if they win, then there will certainly be a shift in the balance of power. As currently the influence of the Fook Chow is restricted to Sabah and Sarawak. But if the opposition wins in the North and the rice belts, then all the clans will do well to be mindful that their way of life will probably have to go through changes. The way of life of the Cantonese, teo chew, eng choon Hookkien and Hakka will all go through radical changes.

When one of them asked what will these changes be like?

I simply sipped my tea and remained silent. At that point one of the elders turned one of the tea cups upside down and placed a chopstick on it.

Everyone looked at me.

I ignored it. Pretended even that I did not know what this meant. It was the language of the old country – and it simply means – we are truly living in dangerous times. Before we parted company. I shared with the business leaders my plans to move my oil bunches through the plantation roads during the dry season in June. I told them that I appreciated their support. They simply nodded.

I realized this could mean anything and nothing at the same time. This is the way politics is conducted in the land of shifting sands.

Darkness 2013


“A government just like a man who has never tasted defeat will always be arrogant and righteous. That is why when I speak to a man. I always try to seek out his pain. I find the more pain and disappointment a man has been through. The more inclined he is to listen to others. As he is less confident. This is not such a bad thing. As defeat, hardship and pain can only teach a man humility. No man can grow without humility.

But when you have someone who has never experienced failure in the and they think that they are doing the electorate a favor by just living – then you will be trouble. As that is probably a government that doesn’t really believe it is worth listening to anyone. Such a government will do what it wants. If it wants to sue, it will sue. If it wants to hide information, it will hide brazenly and unashamedly. In short it is NEVER a good thing when people give a government strong support. As all they are doing is fashioning an arrogant government.

The ideal government is one that only wins by the skin of it’s teeth. There is so much that I need to do. I will have to project into the virtual and speak to the tribal leaders to make the necessary arrangements. I must move carefully and stealthily as I know my beliefs are likely to disturb many.

This cannot be helped. As to make an omelette a man must break eggs. A decision has been made – the die is cast.”

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