Plantation Cycling Tales – Part 5

January 26, 2013

The terrain has changed suddenly – it’s sandy around these parts. Drier and sparser than the road before. Grip is poor. I remind myself to slow down. I reckon, I must be close to the river mouth. Really close as I can make out seagulls.

This is the Malay heartland – I have come here to pay a visit to my old friend Haji Yusoff – I will need to the ask the headman to support me when I move my oil bunches through these secret roads in the plantation in June – this is the only hope I have against those greedy oil mill barons to get me a better price for my palm bunches. The support of the local community is vital, critical even to the success of this mission – I cannot fail.

Darkness 2013


“Most businessmen dont see a need for a philosophy – that’s why these super duper idiots regularly produce human misery on a grande and industrial scale. As without the right philosophy. A man can only set his eyes on the wrong things in life – and that can only cause human suffering instead of nourishing the human spirit.

Now if you are a Singaporean businessman and all you seem to do is take, take and take like a vampire from the local community – then I say, be very careful. As what you are doing is making it very difficult for the brother who comes after you – since you have so many destructive ideas in your head it is best you remain as just another taxi or train driver in Singapore. As even if you should somehow manage you find a way to turn the wheel of life abroad – I am sure, people like me will eventually knock on your door to tell you the facts of life!

This is why I believe the proprietor who runs the green frog is such a bad role model for Singaporean businessmen – as this frog speaks with a forked tongue – not only that, it is also a mentally challenged frog. As he cannot even seem to get a dish washer in Singapore for SGD$3,000!

Now how credible do you think such a person can come across to the local community? – this is precisely the sort of attitude that we should never encourage in our fraternity! As it is very destructive to good will and building long term relationship with the local community.

But with right philosophy even the humble Singaporean businessman can lay a solid foundation to go on to do very big things abroad. As since you can be counted to be fair and square and always on the level to keep your word and be consistent his business dealings – then it is only a matter of time before your sphere of influence and power will increase in the local community – the elders will eventually seek your counsel. This is the natural order of how any community perpetuates itself – it always gravitates towards trustworthy and straight as an arrow people. Never crooks and charlatans. Never! I can more or less bet my last dollar!

And one day should the opportunity to own land arise – the elders in the community will say, give it to that Singaporean, who lives on the hill – he is a man who knows our ways and respects them – he knows our ways, he is a teacher, a friend, a brother, a father –  he is one of us. We can grow with him. He will take care of us. But if we give it to others, they may cheat and rob us. In this very simple way, you would have made it easier for the brother who has to come after you.

Remember always – more and more Singaporeans may have to go abroad to turn the wheel of life as businessmen in the not so distant future. As the custodians of power plan round after round of steroids to boost growth by ramming up the population. We must sow the seeds of good will wisely on the fertile plains of the hearts and minds now. This is strategic. Without this one beach head, so many of our plans will be stuck in the pipeline. So many. Without this one card firmly on our back pocket, can anyone please share with me, how can we even aspire to do big things gentlemen? How lah? Do you all see why you need to start sowing these seeds of goodwill?”

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