The day the son of Punggol found himself homeless

January 27, 2013

Folks, I told you this would happen right? As you can all very well see for yourself – the results are plain a day.

I guess the dinosaur PAP high command are still trying to figure out what went wrong and how did they lose by such a big margin.

All I can say is the stakes have gone up so high now with WP winning this BE. I really cannot imagine the PAP doing the same things as if it’s business as usual.

If this isn’t a wake up call then I dont know what is.

Maybe the leaders in the PAP should take some time off, to seriously reflect long and hard on how it all went so terribly wrong despite rolling out all the big guns to support the son of Punggol – as for the little known Ah Lian who got elected. She’s nothing to shout about. And all this just makes you wonder. If it wasn’t even about the suitability and credentials of the candidates? What was it? Maybe the voters in Punggol (just like I suspect the vast majority of Singaporeans) are simply trying to send a clear and strong message to the PAP. Maybe the message is simply….we have had enough of you! Now pack your bags and kindly fuck off!

It will be interesting to read what blogoland will make out of this latest development. As for the nation destroying press – we already know how they are going to spin this.

Darkness 2013


“Last night I attended a timber association banquet. There were a few tables with Singaporeans. Most of them I know quite well. As the Singaporean community in Malaysia is quite tiny and small. When someone came up and told them that PM Lee said that the PAP was with Singaporeans – everyone burst out laughing.

I realized at that moment, the ground was no longer sweet. I realized then an invisible line might have been crossed. I realized then that things will never be the same again. I felt slightly sad. As it could have turned out very differently.

I believe what I was witnessing was a turning point. Just like maybe when the winds suddenly die down. And a hollow emptiness begins to fill out. Only for the winds to change direction very suddenly as a new season creeps in. I felt very sad then…… What a waste I said to myself again and again……we could have worked together……we could even have cooperated……shared a common vision together….but now all I see is a very broken thing, lying there all twisted and mangled and through it all the chorus of laughter filled that moment.

I shall never forget that evening. I saw it. I saw the winds change then and there. I saw it all.”

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