Plantation Cycling Tales – All warfare is based on deception – Part 7

January 28, 2013

All warfare is based on deception. I did not come to this small farming village by chance. I am here on a mission – a very important mission to deceive.

It is not a matter of choice. With the current price of palm oil languishing at the bottom – I need to be able to turn the wheel of life. There is only one hindrance to finding a happy resolution. The greedy oil mill barons who I am currently forced to sell my fresh fruit bunches too. They too will feel the pinch soon as the price of palm oil drops further. Many believe further drops are impossible. I dont buy into their optimism.

I need to create the elaborate illusion that I am able to transport my fresh fruit bunches along with maybe 20 other plantations along the route to deny those oil mill barons any fruit to process. I will starve them of the one resource they need most to stay in business – palm fruit.

But to this I need to have the capability to move my fresh fruit bunches through the labyrinth of plantation roads.

I cannot fail.

I tell myself this as I am introduced to the oldest daughter of the farmer headman – she’s a woman in her late twenties, possibly even 30. There is an air of the city about her. Perhaps she’s visiting. I kiss her on the hand. I feel her pulling away ever so slightly, but my grip is tight. And soon she finds herself surrendering with a slight tremble. I look at her deeply….Yes…I say to myself….she needs to like me if I am to succeed in this mission.

She turns to her father and tells him that she’s going to make me some nourishing soup. As I have travelled so far and gone through so much hardship just to reach here – it is Chinese opera. The headman turns to me slightly embarrassed – as even he knows what serving a stranger soup means – I nod my head. The headman waves his hand at her – she sashays to the kitchen, before disappearing she turns back and flashes me a five chili smile.

I turn to the headman and tell him that to repay him for his uncommon hospitality and kindness – I would like to invite the whole village for a nine course dinner at my expense – I turn to the ancestral prayer table and take three joss sticks and pray to the God of War – I close my eyes and say to the stern faced God of war in my mind eyes, please let me be accurate….let my arrow find the mark….please.

When I open my eyes. I see the headman smiling at me with his wife – they looked hopeful that the stranger from the east would stay longer.

I smile back and tell myself my arrow is seems to be flying straight so far.

Darkness 2013

Darkness 2013

Darkness 2013

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