The Day After The Son of Punggol was whipped

January 28, 2013

RSCN1544The inertia of the PAP to come to terms with what has happened in Punggol East is not surprising – as experience informs me, it’s neither unusual or strange for a firm or even a political outfit such as the PAP to carry on under a spell of denial for years before the truth finally deals them a mortal blow.  The larger the hegemony, the less realistic it is to prevailing groundswells as its arcane working and thinking practices can only respond to any setbacks by reinforcing failure.

To me,  this is not an indictment of PAP as it remains a truism of all hegemonies that has once prospered, thrived and subsequently declined into the garbage heap of history – a failure to come to terms with reality is a classic example of 101 bureaucratic inertia, or those in power simply not wanting to make the necessary and timely decision because they can’t seem to imagine, or have simply forgotten – what it takes to stay in power i.e to put people first and not feel good policies that seem to generate no discernable benefits to tax payers.

No doubt the defeat of Punggol may well have been merely an aberration – a one off event. But I’m fairly sure that there are other compelling reasons out there that may have contributed to the defeat of PAP.

I really don’t want to go into the specifics, except to say, these are really bread and butter concerns which we already know by heart. Besides the internet has already written tomes on the relentless cost of living, cut throat competition for jobs brought forth by a mindless policy of ramping growth by putting the population on round after round of steroids, the high price of COE’s etc etc.

Moving forward. The PAP needs to mobilize a younger generation of leaders to reach out to an already disillusioned electorate, especially the middle class who simply no longer believe that the PAP is a reliable purveyor of the good life – the mission for these younger generation parliamentarians has to be shaped on more realistic lines to the win the ground – either that, or reinforce failure.

Darkness 2013


“Gentlemen this is no longer theoretical. As it’s conceivable, when a political party has been in power for so long that it doesn’t even remember when the last time it stood out in the cold. Then much of its thinking that has always perpetuated it’s hegemony can only be part of the problem and never the solution – this is really quite normal. As thinking can very easily become encrusted with all sorts of old ideas, assumptions and beliefs that really should have been thrown out a long time ago – let me give you an illustration of old and bad thinking so that we are clear about what we are talking about –  during the By election campaigning for Punggol, when Ms Sylvia Lim spoke about the AIM issue. It triggered an almost immediate response from Coordinating Chairman of PAP Town Councils, Dr Teo Ho Pin,  who mentioned in his PAP Facebook, “I have already explained the circumstances behind the transaction.” And what did he do, he rattled off the SAME reasons again like a parrot – but what he failed to do was to answer the question satisfactorily – as the issue related to allegations of abuse of power, conflict of interest and what I can only describe as  lackadaisical internal procedures. So this is a prime of example of how old thinking has really conspired to fuck up PAP. We also say this again when Teo Chee Hean, attributed to the abysmal performance of the son of punggol to the by election effect – again you have to decide whether what you are witnessing is really words of wisdom or some remnant of old thinking that really adds nothing to make the PAP a nimble organization.

What needs to be done now is to separate the old blood in the PAP from the old – to perhaps even get young leaders like Chuan Jin to spearhead an new and bold initiative to regain lost ground  – to even go out there and make significant connections and report back their findings as to what is really wrong with the ground and make the necessary corrections to stay relevant – that is what smart people would do. Not put their heads in the sand like an ostrich.

My feel is it conceivable many of the elections tactics and strategies may no longer be effective any longer. During the Punggol elections the PAP pulled out all the goodies – not withstanding they lost hands down – what does that tell you? The middle class electorate are simply not buying the tried and tested sales pitch. As for that utter useless baby incentive scheme, it simply crashed and burned – and that simply means many of the challenges the average native may be facing on a day to day basis are simply serious enough to say to the PAP – please fuck off! We have had enough of your rubbish!

The longer they procrastinate, the faster they will go down the road to extinction! It’s as simple as that.

Unless PAP can reinvent itself as a party that doesn’t only move when the leader says go here or go there. And that leadership emerges from those whose minds are still soft and fluid – then I really believe, they are finished!

Some people may say that I am fashioning a mountain out of one by election – but I don’t nearly see it that way at all – as when one takes Punggol and Aljunied together, then one may well be Stalingrad and the other is Kursk – then again it could be nothing. But my point is what would a wise man when confronted with those sort of realities?

Do you now see the problem gentlemen? But what I do know is it doesn’t pay to reinforce failure any more – but look at them…’s unbelievable….truly unbelievable.”


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