The 6.9 million red herring

January 31, 2013

RSCN1544“In my mind whether it is 6.9, 7 or even 20 million, it’s really just a red herring – as what you need to understand is simply this – what we are essentially doing is trying to supply a perfect answer to a hypothetical question.

To put it another way, this is an endeavor that is going to unfold somewhere in the distant future. To be precise seventeen years from today!

So there is really no point in trying to beacon out the murk that far. Not unless you have fantastic ESP skills or you happen to be either related to Nostradamus or Warren Buffet.

Besides no one who is familiar with long range planning ever does that – only crack brained planners who suffer from the seven habits of highly ineffective people indulge in such nonsensical pastimes – as in seventeen years from now, the political, economic, cultural and technological landscape can very well change and render all the current assumptions obselete.

For me – there has really ONLY been ONE question on the blogoland table ALL along – only one persistent question that every blogger has been asking for the last 6 to 7 years – stretching back all the way to the very inception of this questionable plan to grow the economy by bringing in more foreigners and it is simply this:  

Is it possible to grow the economy by respecting the right of the natives to enjoy a higher standard of living? Or do natives have to once again see their lot getting smaller and smaller with round after round of population tweaks.

That is all there is to it.

That is the ONLY question that the government of the day should dedicate themselves to supplying an answer too, as soon as possible.

The rest is really a stab in the dark. Whi is to say what is the sweet spot – could well be 8, 10 or even 15 million. Life is not so simple. You hold me by the nose, I just follow you like an idiot. This is the oldest con job in the world. And I am not going to dignify it playing: how many angles can we get to fit on a pin head. You’ve got to be kidding me! Besides, that is not how intelligent people go about the serious business of planning for the future.”

Darkness 2013


By 2030. The only thing that is certain is that life will be very different from today. For all we know, a meteorite may have slammed into the Western hemisphere and the whole of Europe is an apocalyptic mess.

As for Singapore it could well end up like the Maldives. Underneath the waterline. I am not kidding. Anything can happen. As for the PAP. Judging from the way their planners are all crossed eyed and can’t even shoot a barn door at point blank range.

They could very well end up in the garbage heap of history – again I am not kidding. As seventeen years is a very long time and who to say, they may very well end up like the KMT or the LDP of Japan. So why even split hairs about what will happen in the future. Besides let’s me wise, population is after all about demographics and demographics is ultimately about race relations – so don’t for one moment believe that immigration is completely unavoidable, if we want to maintain the status quo for racial cohesion.

For me it makes far more sense to get the right philosophy today for the future, if the goal to pass smoothly without grief from the realm of theory to reality. Then wordsmithing the right philosophy for the future is jugular. As when you think long and hard about it, that is really the most efficient way to share your vision with your stakeholders – the only way to ensure that they will always have a clear line of sight as to how and why the goal must be achieved – this is what wise people always do.

Time and again we see firms, political parties and even individuals losing their focus and going under. As time and again they either departed or strayed inadvertently from the same philosophy that once made people cheer them with, “you are the best!”

That is the reason why the founding fathers of America laid down the bill of rights. That was why men shed blood for magna carta. That was also why Nixon flew to Peking to drink tea with Mao. All these people are really only codifying a philosophy as to how they want to grow economically, spiritually and personally. That is all there is to it. Everything emanates from living, working and playing by this philosophy – it’s like a tap root of a tree. Like the magical beauty of a seed – everything from how tall the tree will grow, how might it yield under a given set of weather conditions, right down to it’s leaf structure is already programed in this philosophical helix known as the seed.

Get the wrong philosophy in life and I can more or less guarantee you 100% you will end up reaping lousy harvest. Get the right philosophy into your life as a businessman, manager, policeman, politician, taxi driver and that it can only produce long term benefits. And even should you past on, that philosophy will still continue to instruct and direct others to strive for that noble goal.

That is why in the planters life. When one planters mets another for the very first- it is not uncommon for the conversation to begin where one will ask the other quite directly, “what is your goal?” – “how do you see yourself going about the business of accomplishing your goal?”

This is fundamentally a very agricultural way of seeing the world. And people. As a planter sees the world differently from corporate people or even people who work in some cubicle in a skyscraper. In the planters world – it is not how good your ideas are. Rather it how much you respect others way of life when you put your ideas into action that really matters. It is not how much money you managed to make this year. As it remains the sobering case of did everyone in your community share in the good times. Here we can see that the community plays a preponderant role in the Planter’s world view.

So for me. Harmony in the community is very important. It is a very big KPI to me. Bigger than even profit, at times. But to the planter it makes perfect business IQ to put the community first and foremost.

As without the community how can he even gainfully turn the wheel of life?

Let me give you a real life example. The price of palm oil has plummeted. Because of this, many plantation owners have passed these price dips down stream. That means the farmhands, harvesters, pickers, lorry drivers and mill operators all get less.

That is how plantation life is.

But my philosophy says that is wrong. As I can easily suffer a 10% or even 60% drop in profit without making a dent on my lifestyle. But if Ahmad or Muthu takes even a 10% drop in salary that could well mean that his kids will have to forgo that weekly durian ice cream in the pasar malam every Sunday. Or maybe baby will get condense milk instead of the proper nutrition. And if this happens, it is not so different from sickness befalling a branch in the tree. When this happens the family structure will be stressed and this will affect the well being of the community.

So this year I told the headman that I will keep to the old rate for one calendar year. But that means I will not have the resources to up keep my roads this year. Harvesting will be tougher. So in effect what I am doing is subsidizing my workers. It is welfare. In the country side this makes perfect sense.

As when the good times roll in. I will ask that this old rate stay for one calendar year. We shake on it. And it’s done. This is how politics is conducted in the world of the planter.

It all starts and ends with the philosophy.

To me this is everything and much more. That is why when you are young. You should write down your goal, laminate it and carry it in your wallet. And from time to time look at it and ask yourself always – is what I am saying, doing and thinking in accordance with my philosophy in life. Don’t just live your life just because you saw someone in TV. Because if you don’t have a solid philosophy in your life early on – you will definitely end up fat, bald and the worst thing is no one wants to fuck you!

But with the right philosophy, trust me, even if you are besieged, you will fight on. As you have gone through all this a thousand times in your head.

In the planters mind, there is no other way for man to live a purpose driven life. It is inconceivable for a planter to believe that a man can just wake up every morning go to work etc etc without a philosophy.

As that is the surest way to play the extinction game.”


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