Why did ST lie about how many turned up on a rainy day?

February 17, 2013

A simple social experiment on a lazy Sunday afternoon: How many of you believe that only 1,000 or so people turned up in Hong Lim Park?

Allow me to dive in by calling a spade a spade – if a newspaper doesn’t even report the news. Then thinking folk will eventually ask where should they get their news from? This is both understandable and natural.

Now you know why the Internet is such a big headache for the custodians of power.

And if “journalist” in ST don’t even see the wisdom of conducting themselves professionally according to the norms of their trade.

Then it is really only a matter of time before thinking folk will demand to know – WHO does the “journalist” in ST really serve and what might their goal really be?

They certainly aren’t playing their role of supplying accurate and timely news to the general reading public who just want the news and nothing but the unadulterated news. So one more time please……. Cui Bono?

Darkness 2013


“If you read the ST regularly. You may very well end up nowhere in life. As lies, exaggerations, mythologies and hidden agendas do nothing whatsoever to render clear the fog of living. All they can do is confuse, confound and bewilder.

Living is after all a very serious business. Do you all agree gentlemen?

It doesn’t matter whether you are a graduate or just a diploma holder. We all need to plan. Rich or poor. Or even resourceful or just lack initiative like myself. But again we all need to plan.

If you plan your life around only lies and feel good nanobites then what can only happen is that you will take a wrong turn. Your wife and children will suffer. Because you were bovine, derelict and lacked the wisdom to rid lies from your life.

Remember the sum total of a man is not where he graduated from or how high up he is in the public or private sector or even whether he is considered the one who got away or a no hoper.

The defining difference between an effective person and someone who keeps going around in circles just lies in how they regularly make sense of the world.

So if you did not dedicate your life to drive out the merchant of lies in your life. You are really not so different from a soldier who finds his rifle jamming during an unexpected fire fight. You never bothered to clean it! So don’t blame the PAP. Don’t even blame Warren Fernandez. They didn’t do anything to you. You did it all to yourself! You threw a spanner into your own wheel of life!

That gentlemen if you must know is why wise people never believe completely what they read in the ST. They usually take it with a warehouse full of salt. Better still if you can avoid reading it completely. I assure you. If you can stop reading completely for one whole year. You find that you will suddenly see the world much clearer. Things will suddenly begin to make sense to you. And you will be better prepared mentally to craft really effective strategies to feed that grand plan to improve your lot.

This is only logical. As since you see the world for what it is and not what others want you to believe in – no one can manipulate you for their own designs. Since you have taken the trouble, yourself to ferret out the truth and to incorporate into your personal Plan B to improve the lot of your family. You can only succeed. As when the truth is with you. Even if you happen to fail – the apple will not fall too far from the tree.

But if you are a family man who casually believes that you can just flip the morning newspaper while you munch on your wantan mee, roti prata and Nasi Lemak. And you even believe all these lies, disinformation and biased reportage can never accumulate like bad cholesterol to clog up your brain and even railroad you subconsciously to do, think and say things which would never come out from your own brain if you are really a free man.

Then I think come 2030, when your boss just turns to you and say, “well I think we may have to let you go. As we don’t believe you are competitive any longer blah blah blah.”

Then who is to be blamed when you end up as just another 40 something PMET driving a taxi or guarding a condo? Who is to blame brother? Can anyone in this 1,000 men forum supply me an answer?

No one here? Just a while ago all of you were shouting at the top of your voice! Now no one wants to step forward?

Gentlemen do you now see why the brain is the most important organ in the human body and must always be protected. Always be ring fenced with the wonder weapon of the truth seeking mind – the mind that will go where no mind dares to go – gentlemen, please do not take this too hard…you see it is very simple really…..just as we do not regularly consume rat poison or weed killer so as to keep our body in tip top shape. Why then should you be destroying your brain and warping your world view by reading one of the world’s most useless newspapers?

I think it is fair to say. At the end of the day, we are all masters of our own destiny. I think it is fairer to say all of us should at least bear some responsibility for the well being of our family instead of pointing the finger elsewhere at either the government or the MSM.

As those things we can never change. But why don’t you change those things that can be changed such as that space in between your ears?”

Darkness 2013

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