Did Gilbert Goh deliberately sabotage the HLP protest?

February 19, 2013

I have a feeling Gilbert Goh will be giving a speech in the Rajaratnam school not very long from now.

Darkness 2013


“The Internet brigade likes to believe that no one can read their plans and designs. What they don’t realize is even before they decide to do something like this. We already know about it.

No I do not believe Gilbert Goh is so stupid as to disregard the importance of coming across as politically correct! Frankly, I do not believe anyone who is organizing an event of this size and importance can possibly hold to the idea that they can even come across as xenophobic or bigoted without at least alienating the mainstream crowd.

That is why I believe very strongly Gilbert’s puppet masters deliberately instructed him to sabotage this event by writing an offensive xenophobic post.

I want to be clear here. This is not the first time Gilbert’s handlers have deployed the SAME strategy. Frankly, I think they should change it to make it more interesting for us. Besides it’s no fun playing a game when you can read the person ten miles away!

The goal in this case is very specific and clear to me. This is not something that is random or sporadic. It was a cold premeditated, calculated and deliberate act on the part of Gilbert’s handlers to create a very negative impression of the organizers of this white paper protest. The goal was to discredit, character assassinate and neutralize the capacity to influence and persuade. To even perhaps create suitable conditions where those who may have participated in this event may even be ‘rightly’ labelled as destructive, anti social and part of the lunatic fringe. This I believe was the rough outline of their mission.

But I glad to say they failed with flying colors. Two days before the HLP white paper protest. We had already begun to warn many in the internet secretly about Gilbert’s plan. We interdicted quietly.

So his plans really came out to nought. As for Gilbert’s handlers I think they still can’t figure out why it didn’t go to plan – all they know is when Gilbert came out with his xenophobic post, the whole of the Internet came down on him like a ton of bricks!

I am sure if you (the perceptive reader) spend your time connecting the dots. You too will realize who stands to benefit most out of this idea of labeling the white paper protectors as just a bunch of deranged and xenophobic mob. Firstly, level headed, intelligent and reasonable people will begin to dissociated themselves from the protestors of the white paper. They will want nothing to do with such an unhinged movement – I believe very strongly that was Gilbert’s goal, to create that negative impression – that was why his handlers got him to organize it and to even set fire to it. This is not the first time that Gilbert has come up with these sort of initiatives – a couple of years back ago, he also came out with a anti cyber bullying site which we boycotted.

Let us just say I know more than I would like to divulge for the time being. So I feel its best to stop here. Maybe what the Internet brigade should really do is find out, who is the one who keeps leaking out intelligence to us. My feel is simple, never get a sheep to do a foxes job…never. It never ends well.”

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