Are Singaporeans really expecting too much from the govt?

March 10, 2013

To me it is very strange to regularly hear others lamenting: how the vast majority of natives expect the government to do everything for them – this I feel misleads terribly. It may probably has something to do with over dosing on a regimen of what’s regularly served up by the mind bending propagandist ST. (I told you all, you’re what you eat. And if you can buy into that idea. Then you’re probably what you read as well)

In truth, no one expects the government to do everything – all they really expect is the barest minimum, that is: a level playing field in the workplace, the elemental right to dignity of labor i.e a wage that keeps up with the cost of living –  along with the promise for opportunities for upward mobility besides the corsetted elitist robot scholar system – in my farmer’s almanac when a government fails to deliver on these basic needs – then they fail on the basic and elementary. They don’t even get a ‘D’. Not in my book. They just fail outright!

Whether the government chooses to admit or not – in my opinion, all they have managed to accomplish under Mini Lee’s watch is to fashion a social Chernobyl of shattered dreams and the glorious life of the battery chicken for most in the middle classes. The last ten years will I am sure be considered as the “lost years.” The reasons are multifarious. As for the justifications – well go read the White paper and judge for yourself. To me it makes no sense.

If I had to boil it all down to one word as to why Singapore is so busted for the natives these days – it all boils down to an uncompetitive party political outfit that prioritized and chased the wrong set of goals i.e economic growth at all cost. They were just a bunch of dummies who placed profit before people without really bothering to scale the deleterious social, cultural and moral cost – and I really don’t believe that sort of error of judgement is reversible. The damage has already been done. And it’s serious.

I know they MAY be trying their best now to reverse the engines and slam the brakes – but my gut feel tells me whatever they have put in place for the last ten years has gathered so much momentum – that even if you pull on the levers of power, it would just keep on ploughing ahead like the Titanic 30 seconds before it struck the iceberg.

What most people don’t tell you is statecraft is a damn unforgiving game – it’s not so different from sudden death. Get it wrong and the after effects can last for generations – like how our abysmal baby birthrates can be traced all the way back to zoo keeping policies hatched during the seventies. My point is these residual effects will always play a preponderant role in shaping the future.

As for me, I personally do not believe the promise of the good life in Singapore for the middle class can be reasonably fulfilled any longer. Sure there exist winners – as there will always be stories of “I made it despite the incredible odds.” But for the vast majority of the middle class. I really don’t see how as a segment of society they can move upwards with so many ill conceived policies that are just hobbling upward mobility. All that the custodians of power can do now is try to sell the jaded middle class the idea that they should live within their means, which in call a spade a spade parlance simply means, suck it in and lump it lah.

Now if those are the set pieces of what it means to work, play and live in Singapore – then the prospects for the middle class has to be bleak.

I will speak plainly. As I only past through here once. The government fucked it all up! They have left the whole matter of the widening income gap to deteriorate to such a level where it’s doubtful that it can be sustainably rehabilitated. Neither have they insulated the middle class sufficiently from cut throat competition from the unmitigated influx of foreign PMET’s to allow the natives to retain a core in most professional vocations. As a result in certain fields, vocations and industries – foreigners have been able to create their own ethnic fiefdoms very much little India, China town or Micro Manila where they literally take over whole industries – much to the detriment of the natives who find themselves marginalized, displaced and in certain cases discriminated in their own country!

I am not even going to go into housing, cars, cost of living, healthcare et al. As I want to be brief – suffice to say, there are so many things that are broken and stressed in Singapore. All is not well.

My point is in life – you can’t just leave things to just rot for so long and hope that you can turn it all around in one stroke of the pen.

In my opinion Singapore is broken. For the natives at least. As for the rich and famous crowd it may well be the next Dubai, Monaco or Monte Carlo.

But tell me, if you’re a father – would you ask your children to put on his number four pick up a semi automatic and defend Monaco? No family man would ever do that. When I first came to work in Singapore. I loved the place, love the way things worked. I even told myself if there was ever a war. I wouldn’t have too much trouble persuading my rest of the voices in my head to defend this place I eventually came to call home. But these days its different, everyday I just see so many of my friends been pushed to the very edge that I don’t feel that’s right at all. I’ve never been in a place where a nation can eat and spit out it’s people like cashew nuts- and if that is the case, then Singapore is not so different from all the other places where it’s messed up. The only difference is you’re experiencing grief in a Disneyland setting – these days Singapore is just another global city and to be frank as far as global cities go – it offers a pretty crummy deal for the middle classes.

I’ve crossed a line in my head. I don’t want to blog socio politico any longer. I just want to make a decision and walk right through the door – the way I see it, there is really one thing left for the family man to do – migrate to another country where there is still a government that’s still sees the wisdom of putting people before profit. A place where money is still a means to an end and not sn end by itself.

I will have to speak to my wife. I need to sit her down and explain to her my Plan B. I don’t think she has even thought of this yet. We will need to make long range plans for our children – as all I see are dark clouds in the horizon and they are coming our way.

Darkness 2013


“Gentlemen, do you all remember the scene in Charles Dickens, Oliver Twist,  when the children at the orphanage, who only had paper gruel to eat, watched on transfixed at the rich people eating a big meal through a window? I wonder how did those children feel?

In my opinion that is what will increasingly happen in Singapore – the rich will grow richer. As for the poor they can only see their lot diminishing day by day. And when the gulf becomes too wide then what you will have is those who will have everything and those who can only look on helplessly by the side lines. You end up with class along with culture war. I want to be crystal clear. This is not a dystopian futuristic scene of Singapore. It’s already happening today.

Now can any family man in this forum tell me honestly – whether he likes his children to grow up in that sort of world?

There you have it Gentlemen. Now you all know what to do. The way I see it – they can go and find some other idiot to be their hamster running on a wheel that goes nowhere while the dangle plastic nuts before them – I ain’t going to allow my kids to grow up to play that shitty game. I want them to enjoy the thrill and exhiliration of gainfully working to own a car. I don’t want them to slave 40 years as a salaried man just to buy a pigeon hole in the sky. Or for that matter get squeezed by a vampire state that didn’t even bother to get their priorities and principles right from the word go – and go through life perpetually stressed just to feed a few delusional people who are sitting at the apex of the pyramid – I mean if I just sit back and allow everything to take it’s natural course – then what’s probably going to happen is my kids will just come to accept this hellish life as a normal, well adjusted and purpose driven life.

I really don’t think most people realize how perfectly sane, reasonable and even well educated people can get accustomed to living in a vampire state especially when they see everyone else doing so. I really don’t believe the good life just comes to you by default either – sure you got to work for it, break your balls even, pay the price – my point is in a vampire state you can do all that and still end in square one – that’s the main problem we have in Singapore today too many fucking rungs are missing in the ladder.

So if you happen to be a family man and you want the good life or a better tomorrow, then I say, you have to learn to connect the dots. And not simply surrender your consciousness to the mind bending propaganda machine. You have to protect and nourish that idea: you are the master of your destiny – and flesh out your own plan B separate from the whole idea of government – because if you leave it all to those stupid people and just go with the flow. I can more or less guarantee you, you’ll be so incredibly fucked!”

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